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  1. A price drop would probably even bring in a few more players. I seriously don't understand why this game is still 40 dollars lol.
  2. Depends on the situation. If i see a bunch of people at the car the first person I get is getting head punched. If it's early in the game and I catch someone then I'll use nice ones like the kick one.
  3. Boats are a death sentences. The water eats your stamina, nullify weapons and pocket knives. I'll only take the boat if the car is started and Jason is trying to catch those there AND he's a Jason that's slow in the water. Or if it's at the beginning of the match and Jason barely has any abilities. The propeller is ridiculously hard to find, so when it comes to the newer maps like Jarvis House and Pinehurst the cops are more favorable. But then again it's QP so chances are someone has the fuse and is too scared of the traps and won't even drop it. So Jason's guarding the phone, there's a 2 seater and the boat is a death sentence. At this point if any of my friends spawn as Tommy, I would rather kill Jason or die trying than fix an objective. If any of my friends are alive then we survive the night by saving each other everytime Jason grabs. And just in case he slashes we all run thick skin and Medic. I think the problem with people preferring to kill Jason over doing an objective is the traps. Since I run thick skin and Medic they aren't much a problem for me but they don't just function to notify Jason they do a lot of damage as well and this paired with the fact med sprays are harder to find deters people from fixing thing opting to kill Jason because they don't trap the shack, often.
  4. Used to use my dads a cop. I always play deborah or aj so i was the one fixing the phone anyway. Currently I just play Tiffany and carry parts to where they need to be. Try to even fix it if I know Jason is preoccupied.
  5. I really hope the pjs at least come. I understand that Jason X was incomplete but the clothes looked pretty done, right?
  6. Uber Jason I can understand cause he wasn't completely polished. They might not want to put in anything that was half done. But, there was the counselor pj dlc. All outfits are done and Tiffany is even wearing one in the SP challenges. They should at least release those.
  7. I really hate Jason Teamers. They make it so obvious. The game becomes unfun when you're trying so hard but there are people deliberately sabotaging you.
  8. Uber Jason/ Grendel it would have been a refreshing change of scenery. I love the single player challenges but I would have preferred the other.
  9. I play with friends alot and I use then alot whenever waiting for the cops with them or anything that requires people to wait. Boring to just stand there. And no reason to go actively looking for Jason. Just stay in a cabin in the middle of both exits and dance.
  10. I really wish they would just show us some stuff. Even if not all of it. Even if I know we won't get it, it still makes me excited/happy to see it.
  11. I'd like to know. Just to see the stuff they made. I like alot of their concepts and outfits. And I wanted to know what type of items would spawn on the Grendel.
  12. My favorite match - just me and my friend. He had died and came back as Tommy. The Jason was part 3 and we were both limping, we would die in one slash. I had the sweater and the cops was too far for us to run to without dying. Jason's mask was still on but we were gonna die anyways so I hit him one last time and used the sweater right after and his mask fell off and he got stunned with the sweater. I hit him again and he goes to his knees. I scream for my friend to press X and he limps over and gets it just before Jason gets back up and we killed him. I was screaming the whole time. Our other friends were spectating and were screaming at us when the game ended as well. Another one was when I was 1 v 1ing Jason and a manged to fix the car while being chased (was Deborah) and got him confused to think I was in a cabin and that was enough time for me to get the car started. I juked him in the car and escaped. I really wish I had these recorded they were so good.
  13. I've also seen Jason Rage Mode through the door but it does not actually break the door.
  14. The only thing I'm mad about is AJ being with Mitch and not Adam. Smh.
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