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  1. so when a player walks threw window,or can morph you from the outside door to exact spot you are in cabin is that a glitch to?i was just playing and it happened in same game.If you say its a glitch then, i know Jason has abilties in game,but some of the ones i seen are little beyond the game.
  2. I know,thats because the other artwork i had to use was not that good.
  3. Nevermind i said anything. Ill just stop playing, And Mr. Know it all, you do some research before you decide what i can say and cant say!! Get your facts rite,i never accused anyone!! And don't worry i wont be back again, thank buddy for the help. What a Frickin Joke!
  4. im not throwing accusations. Maybe you should post a list of known glitches so people playing know.Thats why i dont join these forums. To many Know it alls that are all of a sudden Game Wizards.
  5. your kidding rite? And i got another one. While guy was Jason nobody could use A button to pick up shoot or fix anything. Is that a glitch to. i show you video of me trying to fix fusebox and pick up flairgun and i cant.,I dont mean to be a sceptic,I'll tell you what,when i find what looks like hack being used ill just post video with profile and you guys determine what is and what isn't.But when my A buttom just stops working and its same guy everytime playing Jason when it happens,its a hack.
  6. Take a look at this guy, i call him Batman. He rides around game on baseball bat and you can't kill him. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7aQ-XX04M1bS2xIamU2NGV0ajQ so you can hit morph,shift, and stalk buttons together and this is what happens. I need to reprogram my xbox 360 buttons then. it never works for me like that and im at level 44. I have seen some good hacks,there is one where you have 2 different radar huds and you can morph rite to councelor. or you can watch jasons everymove and see where he looks and goes and avoid him easily.
  7. DarkRicochet117,ill get some videos of it happening and post.
  8. i think a lot of people use this hack. and you have a big advantage with it.I won't say the name but it gives players a big advantage. and its undetected by the game. you can morph to exact location of any councelor or any item in game. it shows exact location. They need to find a way to block it,or detect it. i had some videos and phone crashed and lost them.But trust me,when player makes jason morph to me in exact spot its shady. Nobody is that good. i see vhs effect, but what im saying is thewre is no cooldown period. it happens 3 or 4 times in a row and you cant get away. Ill get video and post it.
  9. I got on last night i'll link. And there when you see vhs screen it should not be almost back to back if im correct.rite! Its like there is immediate refill of jasons morph ability. You can hack game by adding macro keys to keyboard,and when you hit a buttom you get immediate responce without having to keep pushing btton.
  10. Just a few i made i have about 15 or so. I make these for Kodi, Emby and Plex.
  11. I wonder if you dev's ae going to look into the hack that allows people to morph directly to a councelor,and the morph where they can do it 3 or 4 times in a matter of seconds. Its killing the game and my interest in playing it. When you can kill all 8 players in 5 minutes thats no fun. I Have a video's of guys using this when i'm attacked by Jason and it Sucks cause you can not get away. And nobody is that good,and Jason can not recover that fast. You Can not morph 4 or 5 times in a 10 second span! So can you guys fix, or you willing to ban people than use it if can be proven. I got plenty of video's of it being done! Please fix this problem.
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