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  1. This would be extremely useful as Jason, I've had this problem as well and it would be a welcome addition to the game in my opinion. Also Jason needs any buff at the moment so in the games current state I think this would work very nicely.
  2. He will get a kill pack, pitchfork kills for Savini were filmed in the mocap studio.
  3. I just thought if an idea where there would be a clothing pack that could give a nod to other horror movies, for example you could dress up as Michael Myers or Chucky of Freddy Kreuger etc.
  4. I love this idea, it's probably one of the most requested ideas. So many people want it so I think it's bound to be a feature. I really want the speargun in this game too but I think that's unlikely.
  5. I feel it's fair, I think it's a cool and realistic mechanic and Jason needs everything he can get at the moment.
  6. I agree, I hate when players as tommy escape right after spawning when they see the option. More xp for helping teammates and fighting Jason and possibly less xp for escaping would be a good fit for the game.
  7. It's way too hard to level up in this game, I've been playing since day 1 and I'm only level 88. My friends like this game but never feel inclined to play because it will take 350+ hours to get the new items, and that's with no hosts leaving or getting kicked. It takes roughly 10 games to level up once! And every round takes 15-20 minutes to complete. It feels unfair.
  8. I like this a lot, would be a fun way to make this game to scary too and Jason more of a threat
  9. Yoooooo, I like the idea for the kid Jason idea. They could implement this and then everyone gets what they want.
  10. Umm... Alright i guess it would be neat. Pretty random idea tho
  11. I've been playing this game since day 1 and I'm only a level 87, I want to try out the new stuff but can't. All my friends like the game but don't want to play it because it will take 300+ hours to unlock the new stuff. Could they make it so maybe you keep the xp and cp you got in a match if you get kicked? Or maybe another double xp? When it was doubled it felt very fair and felt good to play knowing I was getting a decent amount of xp.
  12. It's not really our decision i don't think, Fox was added to immortalized her after she died because she loved the series so much, we should leave her as she is because we don't want mess with her character that she likes so much.
  13. I think a really cool weapon idea in this game could be a bow and arrow or a crossbow. There's several kills in the friday the 13th movies where arrows are shot or used to kill, and some of my favorite kills are done by these types of weapons. Maybe if you guys want kid Jason/ teen Jason or whatever, this could be a way to balance him. Or.... Maybe it could be an environmental kill with a crossbow or just an arrow itself? At the archery range?
  14. You could just get points for hanging up the bodies, or maybe there could be a new map where your the final counselors at the end of the movie, and so bodies are strung up and placed in different houses and outside, the houses are torn up and have blood stains, broken furniture etc.
  15. There could be some easy tunes for a few kills in this game, two kills that would be made much more brutal are the boom box kill and the water pump kill. For the water pump kill I think if blood seeped out of the end along with the water more and more, and on the third slam there's a lot of blood coming out. Also for the boom box kill, I think when Jason slams the counselor against the table, it should start playing music which abruptly ends when Jason smashes it over the counselor a head.
  16. I think you should only be able to perform the window kill when the window is closed, similar to the door kill which can only be done if the door isn't destroyed.
  17. He's not, but how tf did he teleport in part 8? He literally did, multiple times, and there's no excuse
  18. Yeah, it's come to the point where I avoid the host until last whenever I'm Jason just in case they leave.
  19. That idea is great for the 20-30 minute cool down if you are a host who leaves mid game. Especially because if they actually have to go because of something in real life them they can come back when they are done and it would be like they were never punished, but if they just leave if they get killed or aren't Jason, then they will be punished.
  20. Also would stop counselors from hopping through windows continuously! I'm 100% for this btw.
  21. I think the weapon swaps could eventually happen as pretty much every fan of the game is asking for it, but I doubt the Jason customization will go any rather than skins.
  22. There's los of car trolls in is game, I'm so sick and tired of counsels driving off without you even when your right there waiting for the car to start. Or when they just drive around and don't escape or let you out... but the worst, when they drive around searching for counselors to run over.
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