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  1. Only Chad... dancing on a flipped car, drenched in blood and on his last leg of health while Jason walks by. This match was so hilarious.
  2. Got the invite, thanks! The Steam chapter is pretty small. I've seen one or two people playing the game since I joined but have not had matches with either.
  3. I voted for Jarvis. Not because it's new, but because 4 is my favorite movie. The detail in the houses is pretty impressive and the music for J4 with a thunderstorm is the icing on the cake. I feel immersed in the match.
  4. I am interested in joining the Employment Agency on Steam. Can someone tell me how to do so? Name's AXIANT. Thanks
  5. I reached out to SidAlpha for coverage of the issue, however, other than what he read about the situation in the video (screenshots), the opinions are his own. I made no comments regarding anything about the game itself or anything else. Only that the devs were not responding to my request for refund and that what was promised to me specifically initially back in November 2015 never got delivered. I'm guessing Randy knew this video was coming before it was posted by SidAlpha since SidAlpha talked to Ben about the overall situation in Discord. As I said before, I'm happy with my resolution.
  6. Haha, I never did that. But, I guess I won't now. Playing Jason is stressful, though.
  7. No, I don't know Bob Odenkirk personally. I was just kidding.
  8. Good news everyone! Randy and I have come to an agreement and I have gotten a refund. I'm satisfied and am still a backer, just not at $500. Thanks, Randy, for taking the time to address the concerns of me and everyone else.
  9. Well not quite. I know what was promised to me when I backed for $500 and have proof of the conversations. The other 19 people may have never asked. Maybe the other 19 are happy with this. But I know and have shared what it was SUPPOSED to be. I have a legit reason to be refunded in this situation.
  10. Randy totally ignored my request for a refund, if you didn't notice. He seems to think that this substitution will be good enough to fulfill what was promised. He's wrong.
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