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  1. Where and how can I change it? I thought it has to do with the router I use. I even opened all ports manually and still same thing.
  2. This seems to be a european issue dude. Read my previous posts for more information
  3. It seems to work best at our night time which is American prime evening hours. Also I noticed that when it keeps searching for over a minute I close the whole game and restart it to do the same thing. Seems to work best so far. Because once it says “checking for room” it’s likely to not find anything if it doesn’t connect within seconds. So closing the app and restarting to try again seems to work best. I’ve been lucky to find a lobby like that in under 5 minutes a few times today.
  4. Let me guess @ScorpionX you are in Europe right? I have the same problems. I’m in Germany. Everyone I know of with these issues is located in the EU and most likely has a NAT type 2. Shifty already mansioned the problem in this same post/thread couple pages back so the devs know about this problem already and can hopefully fix it. Like I said... same shit here dude. I couldn’t play all day yesterday and then in the evening it worked perfectly and I would find a lobby within seconds... now again I’ve been trying to find a lobby for about an hour with no success. The other problem about joining your friends I have too. It seems to work while they are in the lobby screen but not once their game is actually running. It’s so weird.
  5. Why wouldn’t you? I mean if u all get into a party and search you will all get into the same lobby
  6. I’ve been trying to get into a match for almost 15 minutes now and did not succeed. Took me like 10 mins before to find one a few hours ago. Update: i have been trying to find me another game for over 45 mins now and it won’t find one.
  7. @ShiftySamuraiYa dude. I’m experiencing exactly what u stated above. I got a nat type 2 and I’m in Europe
  8. Has anyone else noticed that as the sweater girl you can’t do the stun hit anymore? It won’t let you swing at Jason after the sweater has been used. That makes it really harder in random lobbies. Happened to me 4 times so far. Anyone else aware of this?
  9. I totally can not believe you really say that man. It's so different to my experience as someone who played from launch almost every day that it's making me think you're playing a different game. The phone box is Jason's most crucial weakness. And he's been generally weak lfor the last couple of months anyway so it would totally kill Jason to take the phone traps out of the game. I don't know what level you are on and much you play but how is Jason supposed to not have every match end within 4-7 minutes depending on counselor experience and perks with 7-8 people escaping easily? Please tell me how? 2 players with only 1 med spray each won't have a problem going through 2-3 traps at all. I play Vanessa lately using the thick skinned perk and I can step into 2 traps in a row without making her limp. So with 1 med spray I could take on 4 traps by myself if others defend me from Jason grabbing or slashing me. So how can you say it's nearly impossible to get through them? Do you only play in quick play? Because just yesterday I was playing a private game with a good group of coordinated experienced players all level 130-150 yesterday and in most cases Jason would get like 3-5 counselors each match as long as he didn't end up being the prey in the end and get killed. If u play with a group of 7 people who are all using their mics and actually work together Jason has a reallyhard time but with your rules he doesn't stand a chance at all. The cops would get called within like 1-2 minutes into every game which would reduce the time Jason has to kill folks to 3,5-5 mins total, or say 5-7 minutes, if you want to add the first 1-2 minutes it would take people to get the fuse to the phone box and make the call. Don't forget tho that his shift and stalk ability are not available so early in a match. So in fact he would have like 5 minutes to kill everyone and probably not ever even reach rage . That's totally unfair. Jason is weak anyhow ( haven't played today's patch yet) and yet you are saying it's unfair that he has a protection which to me more seems like a notification service that something is going on there and Jason should better go and take a look? The traps are his only resource while he is guarding some other location or chasing someone. So you want Jason to have no way or choice to protect what can lead into his worst situation? Having all counselors run for the cops together a few mins into the game, not giving him any chance? Do you seriously prefer that? Do you ever play Jason? I totally cannot understand what your saying dude so please give me your thought on this. I really can't figure out any arguements for what u have said. And I really tried dude. It just won't work at all and make every game last only a couple of minutes.
  10. Dude how can u say that without having actually played the update. That’s pretty shit bull
  11. It will work again after Jason performed a grab kill on any fellow counselor. It’s a bug where it won’t let us use the sweater but like I said it will work again after Jason performed another grab kill. I’ve had multiple matches where this fixed it. I have no idea why or under what circumstances this accurs tho
  12. Funny thing is for me whenever invite people or the join through beeing one of my friends it worksjust fine. Just never ever people join when I get put in a quick playlobby as host
  13. I’ll try that as soon as I get home.i so hope this willsolve the issue
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