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  1. I’m bored with the game to be frank. I’ll still pop it in to play a few games on the weekends, but I don’t try nearly as hard as I did half a year ago and my gameplay is suffering because of it. I was Jason two rounds in a row recently. Got one person in the first, two in the second and got killed by a squeeker. Some adult in the lobby kept trying to anger me with insults but he failed miserably. I just flat out didn’t care. Congratulated the kid for a job well done, played a few more games with the group and then called it a night. It isn’t just me either. Everybody that I normally play with are burned out. Right now our group interest is mostly with World War Z.
  2. I didn’t demand anything. Funny how me expressing my opinion is automatically viewed as something that I am “forcing” onto you. Again, you’re playing the victim card. Saying that we can’t “come together” on any subject is a laugh when you can’t even handle one single sentence you disagree with without posting a multi paragraph diatribe and then whining about how I am forcing you to think in a way you don’t want to. Well, I accept the fact that you have absolutely no interest in equal rights. I’m still going to speak out for them anyways.
  3. Oh fuck you. I am not. Stop claiming to be the one being victimized here. Oh yes, me sharing my views is SOOO threatening to you. Why don’t you crawl back into your echo chamber/safe space already if you can’t deal.
  4. Nurses don’t wear skirts and haven’t for decades, they wear exactly what she was wearing. My wife, who is a nurse, doesn’t wear skirts to work. Yes, she disobeyed the rules but that doesn’t mean that the rules themselves aren’t sexist. They deserve to be protested. People like you would just prefer for people (in this case, women) to shut up and eat other people’s shit, I guess.
  5. Everybody has rights, but that wasn’t what I am saying. I’m a guy too, but I am also aware that women get sexually harassed and discriminated against a thousand times more than we do. Just yesterday, a women got denied a world record because she didn’t wear a skirt for fuck’s sakes. If you think that you are being discriminated against or propositioned just as equally as any woman then you are so in fucking denial that you’re insane.
  6. Ever hear of Gamergate? There are people online that take harassment of female gamers to an entirely different level. As men, we have the ability to laugh it off because it doesn’t happen nearly as routinely as it does for the opposite sex. It’s an example of male entitlement. Yes, muting players is an option, but it shouldn’t ever have to come to that. They really should be banned.
  7. I’ve seen them drive off, but they drive slower than an elderly grandmother. If they do update the bots, I hope they get rid off all of them spawning with both crackers and knives. It doesn’t make them harder to kill, just more annoying.
  8. Over a year ago, I was playing in the middle of the night when I heard some parent bust into a kid’s room and begin shouting at the kid for playing video games when he should be in bed. It was hysterical!
  9. It’s true, and honestly a bit of a cheat. It defeats the purpose of the walkies. You can just mute the people that annoy you.
  10. Trapping the outside of the shack is about the only thing a Jason can do at that point. It effectively becomes a stalemate as to which side wants the kill the most. Jason going into the shack is basically instant death. Counselors leaving the shack with multiple traps outside the door with Jason ready to slash isn’t instant death, but it ain’t easy.
  11. Destroy and trap the Tommy power box first and you don’t have to worry about it. It’s actually pretty funny when the most experienced person in the lobby commits suicide by Jason and you know that they’re not going to come back.
  12. I don’t like these ideas one bit. People that whine about having to wait until the next match can go find another lobby. They should NOT be catered to. It sucks to die at the beginning of the match but we have all been there and soldiered on so it is difficult to feel sorry for those that don’t have the patience. Besides, if you die early you can still learn a lot about strategy by being forced to spectate the remaining players. If you don’t then you likely won’t live any longer the next time you’re up against Jason... no matter how many times you are allowed to respawn. Every game has a life cycle. F13 isn’t “dead” but it has certainly passed its peak popularity. Nothing less than new content would bring up the player base at this point and radically altering the rulebook would only serve to alienate the majority of the dedicated, hardcore player base that it still has.
  13. I’ll help others if I can, but if I’m honest, helping others is what gets me killed the most. By lone wolfing it I wind up surviving far more often than not, but ultimately it gets boring fast to play that way.
  14. People will accuse you for being trash no matter what you do. I won a round by defending the shack just this morning. Placed two traps in front of the door and waited just inside. Tommy tanked a trap and I began slashing. Another player shot me and sweater girl got in to grab it and Tommy got inside and used his spray. From that point I just guarded the door to keep them from coming out. Waited to the left side of the door and managed to nail Tommy a couple more times until he limped (was Part 3 so it didn’t take much). Sweater girl came out to try to protect him but none of their attempts to knock my mask off connected. Tommy fell soon after and sweater girl immediately after that. Even though I suspect that they were only medium level players it was a very fulfilling match (although I let a Chad escape by himself in a car). But yes, defending the shack is definitely a legit tactic. I wonder if these same people bitch about goalies in soccer or hockey games.
  15. I think there should be a skill check based upon composure for acquiring the sweater. If you watch Part 2, Ginny didn’t simply put the sweater on, she knelt down and fixed her hair to look more like mother. That takes longer to do than a quick in/out. Anyways, composure should play more of a role in impersonating her. Not every female counselor should be equally able to pull it off.
  16. The best countermeasure to roofers if you can’t get up there yourself is to simply not confront them. If you don’t talk to them or even come into view you can basically “bore” them to come down. There isn’t any entertainment value for them if they can’t taunt you. Later in the game you can tell when they come down from an extremely long distance away using sense. And when they finally drop to the ground the few that I’ve gotten in this way aren’t nearly as good at playing the game properly as they are at glitching.
  17. That still doesn’t help much when he is gunning right for you. As Steve said, you don’t know a lot of times until you try to hit him. I now always assume that it won’t work and run away until I’m safe enough to have 5 seconds to spare and fix it.
  18. I think I’ve become accustomed to all kinds of jackassery by now. The only thing that truly bothers me right now is when the controls don’t behave the way they should. Working hard to catch somebody only to not have the grab promps pop up even though there is plenty of room to initiate the kill. Grabs that go through people. Things like that.
  19. There has been quite a few times like that, generally when trying to go out a window. Like when you press X to jump out you either pick something up off the ground or open a drawer or crawl under the bed next to it. The bed is the worst because it is always an instant death. At least with the others there is a chance that he’ll go for the slash instead of a grab. Also, most times when he crashes the car and I get out my weapon won’t work. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even try to fix it by spamming the buttons until I’m safe behind a wall.
  20. It would be very out of character for Frankenstein’s Monster to go on a murderous rampage unless the developers went to great length to develop a story behind the rationale. Werewolves or vampires, on the other hand, would be far easier to accept. Plus, they would have the cool option to be able to “turn” the players.
  21. I run those same perks as well. I prefer to run Jason around inside houses as long as possible and only jump out windows as a last resort to replenish stamina. I don’t like to use windows at all mainly because I can’t usually tell if Jason morphed outside or is stalking me inside the window. I usually will try to make a break for the next cabin if I can.
  22. Which is exactly what I said. But all you said was to carry traps post rage before. Most of the time if I don’t survive the night it is because I got grabbed, not because I ran out of spray (unless it is one of those rare rounds when I didn’t find any before somebody else grabbed them).
  23. I don’t know. That may work for you, but to me using traps sounds like something that needs to be preemptively done pre rage. That way you can lead him on a path from trap to trap. I’ve done that. Doing it post rage when he is on your scent I just don’t think there is enough time to set one before he busts the door down, and if there is then chances are he heard it set. And as for knives, I didn’t know you could use weapons to block, mainly because it’s so easy to simply move out of the way most of the time. Also, most Jasons by the time they find me post rage (I’m often the last survivor) have depleted their knives. They maybe have two left, tops, but usually none, and I’ll likely be carrying 4 sprays.
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