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  1. So some indie film makers are releasing a new movie based on Jason, but Gun can't release content that has already been announced and created. How the hell does that work?
  2. Jason is way too easy to stun anyway. Sorry you had to endure the 1% chance of him actually not being a little bitch for once.
  3. Can't, but should. It does not specifically state that it is online only. It's been brought up many times, but it's just another issue that Gun ignores.
  4. For the love of fucks sake, Gun. The second the lawsuit comes to light its "even if the lawsuit is settled tomorrow we are not creating further content" now months later with the whole situation still in limbo it's "Gun wants to create new content". Seems to me that they are still turning their backs on the game but have switched their stance to just jerking us off and telling us what we want to hear.
  5. Exactly. I don't understand the speculation about new content. The only thing stopping new content is Gun. The second they discovered an excuse to abandon the game that's exactly what they did and they never looked back. Has @GunMedia_Ben or @wes addressed any of these discussions? No, they don't give a shit. I'm sure they're happy as hell to be rid of this game. They're now hiding behind their new project. And when that game comes out, I hope you all will do what I will and pull a Gun Media: turn your backs and not give a shit.
  6. I definitely would not pay for something they had told us they were going to give us for free. And I agree with @Ghostboy20. They can package and sell a new edition of the game with new merch, but they can't release content they already announced and had started development on?
  7. Played in one lobby for about 2.5 hours last night, no one found anything.
  8. Had a game like that last night. Spawned as Jason, the whole time they were saying "Jason is trash, this guy sucks as Jason, etc". They surrounded me so of course I start slashing to thin the herd. A couple get pissed and start calling me slasher, of course. Funny thing is, the way they were taunting me and the way they were playing they made it so obvious who had the pocket knives and who didn't. I knew exactly who to slash and who to grab. Only slash killed one or two and Tommy. 2 escaped in a car. Funny thing is, most of them spent the whole match surrounding me, teabagging and just trying to make me tunnel that they didn't complete any objectives (save for the two that weren't fucking around and escaped in the car). After the match some of them started to talk shit on each other for not working the objectives.
  9. Well, I would feel good getting it from bots, so I guess I'll just have to live with being a show off.
  10. Wouldn't it be more brag worthy if I got it in MP? Maybe it's an achievement that I just want to get and have been at about 80% forever now. And no, it's not game breaking. Neither is half the shit they "fix" that people didn't even know were existing issues. But if you want to be like the devs and say it's not priority because it isn't game breaking, when they are just going to fix other shit that also isn't game breaking, then go right ahead.
  11. Unfortunately this issue is still being ignored and there seems to be no sign of resolve. Too many other things in the game to break, I guess.
  12. So are kills in offline bots not counting towards PhD in murder still being ignored? I know it isn't a game breaking bug, but it's kinda bullshit when each patch introduces more game breaking bugs to fix. Nothing else will ever get done. Make a mess, clean it up while making another mess, clean it up while making another mess, clean it up while...... You get the idea.
  13. Definitely Uber. SPC was fun for a bit, but after I completed them all I didn't find much reason to go back. I didn't get all of the challenges and might go back to get them some day, but some of them are frustrating and emotes are worthless and not any reason for me to try and get them. However, if resources weren't wasted on making those 30 new emotes, maybe right now we would have SPC and Uber....
  14. The devs have been very adamant that they are turning their backs on any new content and they don't seem to care if the lawsuit results in them being able to release new content. Their stance has been "we are done".
  15. Sorry if this is rehashing something discussed in another thread. Is it still possible for the devs to add new features to the game? The one I'm specifically thinking of is an end of the round stat screen that could say who completed what, who was the most useful, useless, did the most damage to Jason.... things of that nature. I've seen it brought up before and thought it would add something refreshing to the game. That is just an example, I'm sure there are other things like that to add to the game to keep things exciting, but is that considered content? I'm trying to apply some out of the box thinking of ways to keep the game fresh and add new things outside of what the lawsuit prohibits. Is this possible? What are some other features you would like to see?
  16. Emotes are stupid and were a huge waste of resources that could have been focused on developing other content that will never see the light of day now. But on the bright side, I have seen a drastic decrease in the usage of emotes. As in I don't see them hardly at all anymore.
  17. That's what I thought but I didn't want to commit someone to something they didn't say. Thanks for the confirmation.
  18. I'm going to watch Jason X while holding my controller and pretending I'm playing the Grendel map. Whilst softly weeping alone in my room.
  19. I'd say if anything I would be most curious about what they were planning for retro Jason. I don't remember who it was, but someone teased that they had pretty exciting plans for him and it really piqued my interest.
  20. I'm on the fence, actually. I know I would be upset knowing what could have been but what will never be. On the other hand, I really want to know how close everyone was with their speculation. However, if the devs don't say what they were planning, maybe they are holding on to the hope that they still might be able to release whatever it was.
  21. Since it seems uncertain whether or not we'll ever see future dlc for the game would you prefer to know what the devs were planning on bringing to the game or do you feel you're better off not knowing?
  22. I found a Pamela tape last night, then in the next round I spawned right outside of a window, climbed in and found another tape in the first drawer I opened.
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