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  1. There should be a way we could vote for a jason buff or something. Devs make the game but they don't have to deal with what happens in game and how stupid it feels to play Jason at the moment.
  2. I'm fine with Jason, I've had very little games where I haven't gotten a flawless, but counselors are super op right now regardless of my skill with Jason. If you disagree you're deep in denial and probably one of the people who abuse stuff like the backwards hit and the fient.
  3. I guess you don't get the point of Jason. He is supposed to be the one People have to use special tactics not to get hit, not the other way around. HE should not be getting bullied whatsoever, it's a 1v7. HE is supposed to be the one making the moves to hit the counselors not the other way around. These combat tactics shouldn't be in the game or they should be nerfed. Period.
  4. Okay, am I the only one that thinks the grab nerf was totally unneeded? It's so easy to get away from Jason, it's honestly brainless at this point. I escape every game because I literally have to be inside of Jason for him to grab me. It's also extremely underwhelming to play him now, I will shift into someone and grab right in front of them and it won't grab them. It feels really underpowered for his best ability. I suggest that we rebuff his grab because it's ridiculous bad. I also think that the amount of pocket knives that spawn with the newest virtual cabin patch is absolutely absurd. I got pocket knifed 9 times in one game and my friend had 2 more making that 11. That is wayyy too many. I fell like the devs forgot about the roots to their own game! This game is supposed to be hard and ugly as a counselor. You have to be a team but also only do things for yourself. Survival isn't supposed to be pretty when there's a psycho murderer chasing you. Now it's way too easy. The amount of ranged weapons around the map that spawn at campsites are ridiculous. There is always a pocket knife, a shotgun, and a med spray at every camp. Wasn't it supposed to be hard to find these things? The Game practically hands things to you now. Where is the difficulty in the game. You were supposed to be lucky to survive. If the devs keep going down this road they are going to destroy the main character of the game. This game isn't about A.J. Jason or Eric Lachappa, it's about Jason. They are making the person the game is about terrible and it's honestly not fun at all.
  5. That helps differentiate the people who want to play Jason and people who don't, so that's actually pretty cool.
  6. Yes I know this, but I don't have enough people who want to play custom games and the new offline bots is months away. It's just not fun when I can only play the shittier half of the game at all times. The algorithm of being jason is all broken and having a preference literally doesn't matter.
  7. Can we please make it so you can choose to only play Jason or something. I didn't pay $40 to play Jason once a day (if I'm lucky). I feel cheated, I really don't like playing counselor but its all i ever get chosen as. My friend who has prefer counselor on got Jason 4 times yesterday before I even got him once and ive had prefer Jason on ever since I bought the game. I think there needs to be an option to play him or not, I know plenty of people who hate and love playing jason and I think it would be fair for everyone.
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