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  1. With the last patch and server drop has this game become a free for all? First few weeks it ran so smooth, then it seems it’s now starting to be exploited, huge weapons, jerky flash Kazaam moving, Jason knee knock every hit, boats on land, cops already on map cop car stuck somewhere, cars running in like 5 seconds, is their any system left in place to stop these guys on PC or is this what’s really going on? Last night 6 matches all bad, quit each lobby back at home screen, found a friend who seemed to be getting into good lobbies, after pairing a party it worked a little better. are people seriously just looking around on the web for ways to corrupt the game? Grrrr. Maybe it’s time to move from steam back to Xbox...
  2. i just noticed this update but don't see patch notes, what has changed? I see you have tested the car, that is awesome, ive been waiting for that for ages. notice anything else? wonder if public patch notes will be posted soon
  3. Of course yes I know changes aren't being made so no point to reply with that A better alternative would have been a "roll all" unlimited spots and sort by class, you could then go through and click to select each one and roll all again, however, perk rolling is stupid IMO Counselors should probably have just started with all perks, and they should have increased with level with no draw backs on any of them, just more experience more percentage, or more use per game more percentage, etc
  4. I’ve played this since release, in fact my Xbox could be most of the times referred to as a Friday the 13th and No Mans Sky box, my PS4 is a “the forest” box. i never felt let down by the concept, in fact I think it stood out as a shining star at how great multiplayer games can be and retain their simplicity and not turn into “battle royal” games. The idea is absolutely brilliant. as said a million times player base is a problem, particularly on non Xbox systems (I have a 4 versions) Xbox makes it easier to form private groups, the others are terrible at this with the switch being the worst (however the switch from the little ive played has a better player base, yes some are young, but they aren’t annoying twits like many of the other mainstream console kids) The other thing is of course the bugs, a lot are taken care of, some aren’t important (like pinehurst fireworks or Jason’s hand not meeting the neck dead on) their were others that are game breaking, one good example was the unlimited window jumps with no ground fall (fixed) the other is the knife car destroy (maybe 50 percent better). one thing I would have love to have seen is 4K HDR, but I won’t complain, 90 percent of the gamers out there today are happy with every remake of call of duty or fortnite, or whatever else that gets the most attention. maybe I’m just old as hell, but does everyone else think these games are just repetitive and uninteresting? It’s almost as bad as the 2019 vs 2020 NFL or WWE, what difference does it really make, the game is basically the same. I will say the three games I mentioned earlier (the forest, Friday the 13th, and no mans sky- after all the additions) are the 3 greatest games in the last 10 or 20 years, I can’t remember really just enjoying the hell out of a game as much as I did those three since the first Metroid Prime on the GameCube, or all the Silent Hill games (or most of them), Diablo III was really good too but complexity of gear was annoying. I love doom and doom eternal but let’s face it, if you didn’t grow up with controllers with 20 buttons and complex combinations they are just too damn hard and wear you out
  5. I find with more play that Part 6 is just extremely stun resistant and Part 4 can be knocked out every time. Part 6 is not just extremely stun resistant but also very hard to hit to help a friend loose even if it does not stun Jason. Since Jason grip is basically a death sentence you should be able to release your friends from his grasp easier on this Jason. Jason has plenty of ways to get around this by throwing knives and using his weapon or just trying to maneuver out of the way and go in for a quick kill. Rage has already put an end to Jason bullying and many welcome early hits so they can bash through everything shortly into the game I know these forums are usually more Jason biased but that’s just my opinion.
  6. This is a good post, it puts those stupid percentages with the x/10 stats in sync personally I think they all should have just had a number or a scale of 1-10 to make it easier but yet some things aren’t in stats like damage taken. it would have been nice to see the counselors full stats on a scale of 1 to 10 say bugzy would just have a higher resistance to damage than Vanessa or Tiffany, then perks could be like +1 damage -1 and so forth, something legendary would be +3 or 4 at most and they could just drop the “extra purple perk” and get rid of poor grey perks all together. The 10 scale would just make the game more simplistic in nature which it is really good at doing, some games are WAY to complex with 1000’s of different types of armor and weapons etc and it being a mess of a menu to change them out. this would have been my design since it’s too ambiguous as is, for instance does Vanessa get a stamina boost is she’s already a 10? Some of these are so unnoticeable you can’t really tell if the perk is broken or not, others make a big difference.
  7. These people who quit when accidentally get run over by the car drive me nuts, rule number 1 if the car is backing up I can’t see you, rule number 2 if I’m backing away from Jason into a crap spot this means I’m probably looking for a good way around him, rule 3 don’t stand in the middle of the headlights! i backup to go off course then gun it to get around Jason, if you are standing in front of the car when I’m backing up you may very well get accidentally hit! don’t rage quit I’m the one who loses the damn points for it, and if you would stop for 10 seconds before quitting you would be able to clearly see it was an accident.
  8. Not all are but it seem some players have figured out that certain Jason’s, or weapons are bugged or they are doing something, bc when 4 people close up all start getting whacks on him and the weapon just goes through his body something is up lol someone the other day mentioned that it might be a Jason or weapon choice, as pig splitter Jason one Jason seriously got knocked out by me (always flat backed) every swing, we were testing new things out, but part 6 with a machete the other day could not be hit. Don’t know if it’s player tricking the system or just a Jason bug
  9. Oh AshTray900 - steam and xbox AshTray700 - ps4 btw my friends son next door gets PAID to play rocket league, he’s like 16, have we gone mad as a society! Seriously, it was bad enough when athletes were all that were sucking up people’s attention and money. Now it’s people playing a damn video game! how about we consider scientific discovery and technological innovation things worth dumping lots of money into. Idiocracy, was a movie in the early 2000s and now is considered to be a prophecy by many folks, you should watch it! Sad but funny
  10. I agree, I’m 40, we played NES as kids, we had fun with each other, no days many of the younger folks, and some of the people from my generation have embraced the fact that playing games is supposed to be some die hard competition, like it’s something that you achieved in life, hell its why gamerscores, badges, trophies, etc even exist. Games are supposed to be fun, you wouldn’t talk to your friend next to you that he was a stupid idiot because he missed the platform and died and required Mario to give him a few more lives. all of these comments like “get gud” or you just don’t know how to play right or complaining about the way you play (like slashing) which is a completely legit tactic regardless if counselors hate it. Then they want to flip cars with knives and bounce onto the packanack roof and be like ohhhh look at me I’m so smart when some other idiot told them how to do it by figuring it out accidentally. i tell you what happened, we got removed from one another, now I fully support the modern digital age, but it comes with its flaws, one being we are completely anonymous, this shows how we really are, you know kind of like how a man treats a cat can determine his character in seconds (I say cats because dogs are part of the acceptable companions for guys) I totally feel you, we cannot live in a peaceful world online, which is a sad state of our existence, like how many Facebook groups have you seen not be toxic. Perfect example is a group for no mans sky the game, this is not a PvP game and it’s mostly a niche game and everyone was almost always friendly, well some jackass placed a permanent marker where some of us build (one who is 13) and basically said suck my d#$& by changing a couple letters and I posted it and asked how to report this person and get it removed, instantly a group of what I would have considered all decent people turned into rotten trolls over it. Ok this wasn’t something said in passing it was permanent and anytime someone walked past it they got that message to pop up on their screen and it was in a location everyone needs access to. i don’t know what to tell you, but it does suck and I completely understand, even grown adults are treating kids like shit in game just because they have a high pitched voice, not because of a bad attitude a lot of times, now what are we teaching our children about the fun of video games if we treat them like that. i hope I die before I need a nursing home because I’ll probably sit in my own shit for days because the two nurses are arguing over call of duty 2060... ☹️
  11. So what’s the deal as to why sometimes 30 swings on Jason with audible taps just swing though some Jason’s?
  12. I disagree with the QP mode being best, I mean competitive play maybe but how much can you play this until that gets old, then you get up with all your buddies including who will be Jason too, it’s more fun to play casual to me, I would have stopped playing years ago if it weren’t for the social aspect, but to each his own. you gotta be laughing and carrying on for me to have fun. But I’m from a generation where we sat on the floor and played on NES with two controllers and not the newer generation that seems to take gaming more seriously other than just friends having fun together maybe just my age showing lol
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