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  1. I was really looking forward to this double xp event I hope they extend it when the problem is "fixed"
  2. I'm on PS4 also when I search for a lobby it just put me in a lobby by myself and no one joins :/ I hope this gets fixed asap or they atleast extend the 2X xp
  3. I wonder if double xp is activated yet since the dlc dropped early?
  4. Dude chill you will have it in a few hours it's not the end of the world ?
  5. Was in the middle of a game and got kicked because the game had an update anyone know what it's for?
  6. Anyone know what time the content and double xp drop next Friday?
  7. My friend just told me that f13 only reaches around 3,500 players at its peak I hope this isn't true because I just started playing this awesome game I don't want it to be dead! ?
  8. I'm new to this game (only lvl 12) is there any tips you guys can give me to lvl faster? My goal is lvl 44 so I can get part 4 jason but I'm no where near that lol.
  9. Wait I didn't know this they lowered the number of items that drop? No wonder almost every drawer I open has nothing in it :/
  10. It looks like from the tralier for part 4 jason he can sprint faster than the other Jason's. What do you guys think?
  11. Does anyone get kicked mid match with an error message saying "connection timed out" ? It happens to me a lot I'm on PS4 btw.
  12. Hey I'm a new f13 player I have a question about when playing as Jason what does it mean when Pamela starts saying "jason they are coming for me" ?
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