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    I have a youtube named Gamer Diamond there is so many so you probably can't find it so if you want try it will have gta and Friday the 13th on there also resident evil 6

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  1. So i made a post but everyone was mean but does anyone know how to kill Counselors the fastest playing as Jason
  2. I would if everyone would stop replying with ban this lock that when im gonna try to delete it
  3. Thanks for the nice reply everyone else is mean and is cussing i will surely not do it anymore
  4. Guys it wont happen again i just didn't know at the time if yall read the comments im a middle schooler im dumb and young i make mistakes
  5. Im not a troll i really did that and i didn't know it was cheating Okay sorry won't happen again She doesn't care
  6. Idc about cussing i mean you shouldn't cuss ppl out without knowing their age
  7. What does that mean sorry im in middle school so i shouldn't be banned bc i didn't know better
  8. Please i know it was cheating and now were gonna move on stop replying and leave
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