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  1. 1) Ridiculous. No comment. 2) Good Idea. 3) I think, its a bug. Need to be fixed. 4) Its need us. 5) Dont make me laught. 6) Good idea for non speak english people. 7) Optional 8) Optional There are good ideas, but I think developers will ignore it, as usual. I sent many requests on jasonkillbugs.com with suggestion to make good russian localization. There was no answer(as there were no answers on my reports on cheaters).
  2. Bullshit. You are give us more variants of random perk. Rolling perk is born, we need perk constructor. For get nescessary perk fast. When you realize that random in a multiplayer game is bad?
  3. Its good news, but first we need fix car glitch, and fix save modifer (bug, where player can stuck 3 same perk, or get Jason X now).
  4. I forgave you a broken luck, I forgave you a bug with the car, I forgave the inability to fix the bug with the teleport, and the ban on the cancellation of the attack, I everywhere said that F13 is the best game, but now everything is in the past. Developers, you broke the game completely. You destroyed the entire balance, and with him all the fun was gone. Playing for a counselor is not interesting, because even a newbie Jason easily kills you, there are no poket knives, first-aid spray and weapons. To play for the Jason is not interesting, because at the beginning of the game half leaves (they want to be Jason), and half dies too quickly. Do you even know anything about game design and cooperative games? It seems to me, no. PS. Where is vote about this update? I want to rate it.
  5. Developers listen to Noobs. I'm sad for that. Devs broke my favorite game, they broke all balance.
  6. Realy? No... REALY????!!!! Now the game is perfectly balanced. A newbie can not win at once, first he needs to learn. If a newbie meets a good player, he is likely to lose. You go on about players who do not know how to play and do not want to learn, then they want to win. F13 - is my favorite game, I played it for almost 900 hours. My priority is on Jason. And for the leader, and for Jason, my game is the same, I win in 90% of cases. Either I run \ survive 20 minutes, or I kill 8/8. https://clips.twitch.tv/CrowdedSmoggyMallardKippa (1 leaver) You go on about the noobs, and make the game worse. Shame on you.
  7. I hope, Jason's grab not be changed. Now its perfect.
  8. Hi guys! Someone know, what's happened with EU server? No one can't find server, after 4 min search, we find private game. NA and Asia server find at 15-30 sec, but hard to play with this ping.
  9. Oh my good. New grab is realy AWESOME. U need learn, for kill as Jason, and if u newbie, Jason kill u easy anyway. My preference still Jason, and i still kill everyone. People, why u crying about grab? Stop complaining and LEARN TO PLAY!
  10. Its just person, who does not know how to play. And hes want to back old grab range. Kids.
  11. Well, i play in new version a Game. Im glad, for devs make new update, and i like this update. Good: New dress is awesome. Now my favorite Chad like a William Zabka in "Karate Kid" i love it; Tommy spawn with med spray and PK, its realy good. I dont understand, why he spawn without it in earlies; New enforcement kill is awesome (kill with knife - best of all); New grab range is realy good. I play 4 time as Jason yesterday, and all of this game, no one survived. Now shift+grab hardest, but possible. But we have "Bad side": Basebal bat still no have 100% chance to stun; Chad still have 4 hit on Basebal bat (earlies he can 8 hit); Leavers still here; DLC kills only for Jason part 4. Its realy good kils, but Jason p4 is sucks, and 3 new kill its so few for DLC. Anyway 10/10! My favorite game great again!
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