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  1. Maybe a new hero is being introduced? For Grendel only? Man I hope so.
  2. I was looking forward to the usual Thursday update. When @ShiftySamurai came on and mentioned he was home with a migraine, i lost all hope for any news.
  3. I like that idea! Maybe even a quick time event, similar to car repair, to regain your feet if you fall down. And each counselor's strength/endurance stats could contribute to how quickly or easily they get up. Great idea!
  4. I'm sorry, what? In regards to @Laphin. Are you attempting to discount his opinion on what could make the game better because he is a streamer? I'm not sure what your motivation is there but a lot of what he has said resonates with me. I love this game for the experience and I feel like we have lost a good bit of that with the niche stuff. You'll never eliminate trolls but you can certainly put in mechanics to punish that behavior. I have seen some ideas float around in the forums that I agree with and would like to add a couple of my own that I think would help alleviate the issues with the trolling emoter crowd. 1 - If counselors are emoting in front of Jason you could have an increased chance for a special Jason rage(different from current rage mode) where he becomes temporarily immune to stuns and receives an increase in speed and/or grip strength to grab emoting taunters and prevents being saved from Jason's grasp. (due to Jason's temporary immuninity to stun) 2 - For the counselors who gang up on Jason for a beat down, incorporate a similar special rage chance that would make him immune to stuns and allow him to have a special ground grab (new mocap obviously) and do a special rage kill. (similar to the kill Jason did in Friday the 13th part 6 when the sheriff was beating him down with a log) This special rage mode would only be available in situations where Jason is dealing with repetitive trollish behavior. The trigger being multiple emotes and/or multiple stuns. There would be a % change to trigger the mode based on which Jason you were using. This rage would have a separate cool down from the current one and will dissipate completely once the pursuit ends or the offender is dead. Just a couple of thoughts I had. I''ve been a member of this community for awhile but rarely post. I get frustrated with the frequent posters who appear to have a sense of entitlement on what is discussed here on the forums and how it is said. This is only my perception and I could be overly sensitive about it but my fear is that this attitude will discourage new members from participating in the discussions on the forums and prevent the community from growing. At the end of the day, regardless of how we approach the conversation, we are all passionate about the game and want to see it succeed. Let's take this energy and passion and focus it on coming up with creative solutions and not attacking or attempting to discredit others. My 2 cents... DISCLAIMER*** I throw my game play ideas out there with no idea how difficult it would be to implement.
  5. ? Anger much? Devs made a great game, loyal to the source material. Balancing is still ongoing and probably on hold till the devs finish the engine upgrade and dedicated servers on console. I'm hoping for a new or revised progression system. I've hit level 150 and am not feeling all that motivated to play as much. I need something to work for. I NEED MY CARROT!
  6. I was HOPEFUL that the update would be release today but... oh well. I think we can expect the engine upgrade and everything else they've announced so far on the games 1 year anniversary. I still remember when they announced the launch date. I was pretty hyped. Hoping the update will capture some of that magic they had 11 months ago.
  7. I didn't read everyone else's ideas before posting mine, so I apologize if I have repeated anything. 1 - I would want Jason's chase music activated only by seeing Jason, not proximity. Would help build tension and fear 2 - I would want a revamped counselor stats, and those stats to matter. I don't think Tiffany should be able to chain stun Jason or 100% prevent Jason's grab of another counselor by grabbing him. So if you have strength 10, then you should have a higher change of stunning Jason that a character with strength of 2. 3 - I would like to see a stun immunity for a brief period of time after a series of beat downs. Would prevent counselors from ganging up on Jason and making it miserable to play 4 - Adding environmental weapons and vehicles for counselors to use against Jason. Wood chipper, tractor(part 5), chainsaw(temporary one time use like shotgun, would cause a fearful reaction in Jason! See Part 2) 5 - More hero characters and new ways to kill Jason. Tina Shepard for example from Part 7. Maybe even make heroes specific for certain maps. These are just a few of my fan boy/gamer preferences. Now I will go back and read what others have said.
  8. They mention disconnect. If you go idle, you will disconnect. A disconnect earns you salt. He is probably ignoring you, like I should, because you are saying the same thing over and over, regardless of what anyone replies to you. You have it stuck in your head that A - Jason wannabe players who don't get Jason will go idle or kill themselves, and B - that going idle and disconnecting won't earn salt. You are making wild assumptions about the player bases' actions in a scenario that hasn't even occurred yet... THEN... this is the best part, you accuse ME of assuming something. LOL! Your entire thread is based off of an assumption. Seriously... Xanax... look into it
  9. Wow, dude... um... take a xanax. How is it any different going idle, and disconnecting thus earning salt, than leaving after the match starts. They will eventually move to the salt mine. And if they commit suicide, there is still a chance Jason can catch them before they do. You can't insta kill yourself. And of course, ALL of this assumes that they will do what you say, which I am not convinced they will. Why are you crying over milk that hasn't even spilled yet? I mean, seriously. Chill
  10. why are you assuming they will go idle(which would count as a disconnect and earn salt) or go suicide? And if they do? So what? I feel like you are making an issue out of something that isn't an issue.
  11. eh? If people disconnect at the start of the match when they aren't Jason, don't they get salt points? That was my impression anyway. It would help if you were more clear in your posts. ;-)
  12. If you are disconnecting so much that you are worried about earning enough currency to go to the salt mines then you have other things to worry about. Like... getting a better internet connection. I don't even know what you are trying to say. What?
  13. Should you lighten up? No. That is pretty bad. I see the occasional questionable situation where Jason, given the choice, goes after me instead of someone else and I find out later they are friends. That doesn't bother me. But what you are describing is egregious. As mentioned in a comment above, report that activity to jasonkillsbugs or whatever it is. There is no place for that in this game in my opinion
  14. That doesn't look like Kane Hodder did the model for Roy. Is it just me?
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