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  1. I find it extremely annoying when both objectives are in the same area, it just gives a reason why Jason should just stay there. I mean teamwork does help unless your team doesn’t use any source of mics then your screwed. Maybe just seperate them more? This ends up being boring because everyone is just hiding because they don’t want to risk getting caught.
  2. I got a few ideas for new perks: - Engineer: Skillchecks are % more easier, repair is % slower. - Pace Yourself: Jogging and walking is % faster, sprinting is % slower. - Indoors man: Fear resistance is % increased when indoors, stamina regeneration is % slower. - Hiker: Fear recovery is % faster when outdoors, stumble chance is % increased. - Troublemaker: Firecrackers have 2 charges also regain % stamina back when stunning Jason with firecrackers, noise increased by %. - Duck and Roll: Getting in or out of a vehicle is % faster, fear resistance is % decreased. - Authority: Fear resistance and recovery is % increased when police is called, fear resistance is % decreased if not. - Extreme luck: Stun chance increases by % based on overall fear, overall stamina % decreased.
  3. Im super interested in this gamemode and teaser. Also got some real potential profile pictures.
  4. It would be great if there was a ingame option for host to turn on or off friendly fire when in private lobby.
  5. If your interested on voice dialogues I found a video on hitting Jason. Also massive apologies in my previous post, just got a little upset and all.
  6. But almost everyone in this fourm is a good player, I trusted that this forum will take notice of youtubers that secretly send out videos behind gun media’s back. Some just show the how to do it video but never send it to bug report, that’s very suspicious.
  7. Keep your eyes on this youtuber, make sure you send every glitch video to gun media cause this is giving the game a bad rep. Also about 80% of the commenters are possible exploit users. I don’t have a vendetta against him I just want the game to have a good community. I mean he does say he doesn’t want people to abuse this... but hes showing how to do it. Same with every video.
  8. Removing random perks in favour of a perk level up system? WE TOTALLY NEED THIS!
  9. I have a new idea featuring a new game mode. In turbo mode everything is faster and the timer is shorter. Councelors have infinite stamina, stamina stat is converted into decreasing stumble chance. Easier skill checks for repairs. Jason moves 40% faster (Walking, Speed Walking, Running). He also reduces all cooldowns by 50%! Timer reduced to 12 minutes. Car speed is increased by 15% Jason gains even more speed when raged. (10% more) Coming out of a hiding spot is 75% faster.
  10. He has one benefit however, because he has low stamina he recovers from exhaustion much faster because everyone regenerates stamina at the same rate depending on situation. More Stamina: Run longer, Exhausted longer. Less Stamina: Run less, Recover faster. Recommended to stay near buildings as borrowed time. Take in mind your slow as hell...
  11. Ahh Jenny punked you real good. (Yeah the radio makes a false counselor presence.)
  12. What if each councillor had a ability passives that would make them each of them unique? Ideas: Everyone is unique in their own way other than stats!. Jenny: Can still sprint when injured at a cost of using 10% more stamina! Also since she's the main girl protagonist she gets a very unique health regeneration! (Heal 4% health per 5 seconds) (The Sprint and Regen were meant for Jenny's survival) Chad: +15% fear resistance when cops were called and/or he's inside a car. Vanessa: Running on roads reduces her noise blips, also she can vault windows +25% faster. Eric: Nearby car parts within 20m are highlighted only for himself. (Makes Eric more viable!) Deborah: If she finds the phone she marks it on her map, can mark for other councillor if she meets up with one within 5m. "Hey I found the phone". -Deborah's special line towards others. "Damn it's broken!" - Her line when she finds the fuse box. Adam: Gets +1 repair if he holds on to a wrench and drives cars with +40% more acceleration. (Escape driver role) Brandon: Increases stun chance by +30% if he hits Jason's back. (Rescue encouraged) Also he reduces damage from frontal hits by 15%. A.J Mason: She will not talk at all if she's hiding, she can also get out of hiding +20% faster. (Yay hiding encouraged) Tiffany: She will not light up the cabin for Jason as easily. (He needs to come closer to make the cabin glow, can slightly reduce rage mode's sense effectiveness) Kenny: +1 stealth and speed when outside, +1 composure and luck while indoors. (Not so average Kenny) Mitch: Reduces half of his fear and a quarter of other councillors fear when he repairs a light generator, however because he's so good at it the lights are brighter giving more faster fear recovery. (They have to be inside the blackout zone for initial fear reduction) Okay what are your thoughts about this?
  13. I have to admit Jason’s grab is real weird, some times it manages to grab people far off the side or grabs someone with “THE FORCE” and it’s not lag. Better hit detection is required.
  14. Yeah the dancing may ruin the atmosphere but it gives gags or a reason why Jason should keep chasing. I mean a speedo Chad just pisses off Jason at sight, imagine him dancing after he stuns him.
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