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  1. This is a difficult thing as said before, what's the difference between someone leaving intentionally or someone's game crashing? are we going to time out people for having their game crash? most people that leave are just trolls that want to ruin the game by leaving just as Jason grabs them after t-bagging him, just to laugh at them. A fix in my opinion would be as soon as the game registers a ragdoll being made, as in when someone leaves or Jason kills someone, Jason automatically gets 100 XP and the kill reward for their death, even though they've left, so the T-bag and leavers won't have as much satisfaction knowing they still got killed by Jason technically.
  2. If I see Santa Chad and Grinch LaChappa in the future, I'm going to doubt my existence.
  3. Through my time playing, I couldn't help but notice the actual lack of variety in the endgame scenes where Jason walks into his shack and confronts his mother who congratulates him for his job well done...even if no counselor's were killed, which got me thinking: What if there were unique endgames for each map that could possibly fit Jason's character, here's the idea: At the end of the match, the game registers the final counselor labeled as 'murdered' or one of the varying methods of death it shows up in the leaderboard and uses that model in one of possibly many cutscenes where it details Jason killing them, and then bringing their body over to his shack like it was shown in part 2 where he brought back a few bodies. Here are a few examples of what could happen, all of these are using with Chad in mind, seeing as he's basically the second most important character with that speedo. The Counselor is about to exit a cabin through the front door, acting frightened since he would probably be the last one on the map. As he turns the knob, a branch breaking outside is heard with a few seconds of silence following up, before Jason comes crashing through the door and grips the counselor by the throat, turning aside and impaling him on a coat rack like a pretty often context kill in the game with coat hooks and 'Hanging' players. After this, a fade to black and then the traditional "Mother is proud, come home" but with the counselor's body hoisted over Jason's shoulder, the body on the floor next to the shine when in the final panning shot. The Counselor is attempting to repair the boat, nothing unusual is happening, they mess up the repair and look around with drought before Jason comes out of the water and pulls the counselor down, keeping them down to drown them, fade to black, shoulder hoist and their body in the camera shot. (imagine this part after everything.) The Counselor is running through the woods with the stock running animation for that counselor before being clotheslined from Jason hiding behind a tree with a weapon to decapitate the counselor clean. The Counselor is climbing out a window, but then Jason comes up from behind and grabs their hair or shirt, pulling them back and repeatedly slamming the window into their gut until it just breaks, the counselor getting killed by the brutality of it straight to their midsection. The Counselor finishes climbing out the window, but then Jason comes up from the side and slams their head onto the window sill, quick and clean. The Counselor is about to try and sneak up on Jason, hiding behind something like a rock with a shotgun in hand that they found. They peek out and have it aimed, but Jason's gone...until he reappears behind them, they turn around, take a shot that Jason grabs the shotgun to stop from hitting him and then slams the gun right into and through them, so the butt of the gun peeks out their back. These are just a few ideas, and another nice thing would be when Jason kills no one, his mother still praises him for a job well done when he didn't do his job! some varying failure lines belittling and degrading Jason for getting no one could be nice, such as: "What's gotten into you, Jason??! Has mommy taught you nothing? I'm ashamed.." "How could you, Jason..they were just kids, Jason! KIDS! I thought you were loyal to mommy.." "They got away, Jason, they got away from you, from us...How could you let them.." These are just ideas, and I know that these could be difficult, but they could be something in the future.
  4. Now, odds are that Jason from the 2009 movie can't be put into the game, period, but here's a small idea or template just incase: Stats: + Can Run (or a new ability type, 'Sprint' - Jason runs just a tad slower than Lachappa can sprint for a limited time, but he can still run normally, his sprint lasts for a huge amount smaller than La Chappa's stamina, perhaps half the time. To activate sprint, the run key must be pressed twice quickly in order to activate it, stop moving, attack, use an ability or press the key twice again to deactivate sprint. This would give Jason his own sprint meter just below his ability selection, the regen for sprint is slow to keep balance. + Grab Strength (This Jason was seen to be a powerhouse and an absolute beast in the movie, killing people left and right like the badass Jason is, this could help that transfer into the game, difficult to get out of his grasp. + Traps (In the opening, Jason used a beartrap to trap a camper and then used this to capture (I THINK her name was Ashley) someone after killing the camper he got in the bear trap. This is the first time in the movies that I know of Jason's ever used a bear trap and most likely where the inspiration to give Jason bear traps spawned. - Stun Resistance (Jason, in the few times he was attacked in the movies, was actually quite vulnerable, as his capturee was able to knock Jason down with a kick when he was pursuing her, meaning he isn't the strongest.) - Shift (IF SPRINT ISN'T A CONCEPT, REPLACE THIS WITH -WATER SPEED) - Weapon Strength Weapon: Machete - The majority of Jason's kills in the film were from a machete, he could use different kills from the normal part 7 machete, and here they are: Jason takes the counselor by the shoulder and swings his weapon into their side, making them turn and fall to their knees, Jason would then slam his machete down into the counselor's head, it coming out their mouth. Jason then slides is weapon out of their head and kicks their body away, or just lets it fall down. (movie kill) Jason turns the counselor around and drives his machete through their back, so much so it comes out the other side of their chest. Jason then grabs the part that came out of the counselor's chest and starts to grind his machete upwards, lifting them off the ground before shoving them off of his blade, keeping the grip of the handle and turning around to continue his killing spree. A normal machete stab, but instead of just a little bit, he drives it ALL the way, making sure it goes through them and out the other end before sliding it back and letting the counselor fall flat on their stomach. I will add more detail to everything here in an hour or two after I post this if it's not taken down or locked.
  5. This is probably already in the game, (or there's a thread for this already and I just couldn't find it), but I just haven't noticed it but I think there should be bonus XP if you're the driver of a car with people in it, perhaps +150 per counselor that escapes with you. I've seen way too many games when Jason is absolutely nowhere near and an AJ drives off completely alone in the 4 seater when they pass everyone without even teasing pickup. This could promote more teamwork instead of some actual little kid saying 'LOL bye' and passing by everyone.
  6. I agree with this idea, Tommy is (from what I've heard) supposed to be 'The Savior' of everyone, the person whose meant to be the bane of Jason, the guy who stopped at nothing in Part 6 to get Jason back to where he belongs, in hell. He's not the guy that runs into the cops when he spawns next to them after saying 'Jason belongs in hell, and I'm gonna see to it that he gets there'. This would inspire people to possibly play Tommy as a way better distraction with his all 10 stats and truly sacrifice himself by distracting Jason enough to where he'll eventually meet his demise, but having bought counselors time to say, get the phone up and running, escape with the car or boat, all while Jason's too busy trying to kill his in theory arch nemesis. Maybe +50 every counselor that escapes when marked 'Alive', not 'Murdered' or 'Escaped'
  7. I agree that the game loses it's fear factor due to the idea of knowing Jason is most likely around the corner, but stalk is meant to be a jumpscary type thing, such as initiating stalk, walking in through a broken down or unbarricaded door and waiting for the counselor to open the door, spook them with the sudden music, and then kill them. So it's a very skill based, well, skill to incite fear. But it is pretty on and off whether you know that your music is playing or not as Jason, so that's a bit of a letdown. which will probably be fixed in the future. I'm neutral+ on this idea.
  8. I actually think these would be REALLY helpful, it's a pain to signal 'come here' to the person with the gas to try and get it in the boat while the car already has gas and they have no idea.
  9. This would be a great emote to taunt Jason with...before he cuts off your flailing arms.
  10. Thanks! I was aiming for kills that weren't TOO flashy or bizarre, but to keep them brutal with some having a slight sense of stupidity to them. also bumped for context kills.
  11. its not like in the intro to every game the counselor's see jason kill rob dier, that's a perfect time for fucking imo.
  12. I'm pretty sure it's a glitch now. If you listen closely when Jason hits a door with his weapon, the sound of the door breaking plays twice, which I'm pretty sure isn't supposed to happen. This basically halves the amount needed by 2, meaning Part 2, 3, 4(if destruction isn't a + or - of him) 6, 7 and 9 can now break down doors in 4 hits instead of 7, but it also appears to be completely random for me. Sometimes it'll break in the normal 7, but others (and often times) it'll crumble at 4 hits. In my opinion this is good, because people abusing the combat stance door takedown now have a reason to actually just break the door down most of the time since it's a good chance it'll break a lot faster than them trying to combat stance the door, since a lot of the time the combat stance will make Jason hit the top of the door, rather than the actual door, making his breakin much longer than normally breaking it down in the first place.
  13. Weapon Kills - These are kills I've thought up of in my spare time, a lot of them are either impossible with the developer's skill level (not an insult) or just outright not fitting Jason,but they're ideas, ideas aren't demands. Part 2 Jason takes the Counselor by the throat and throws them onto the ground, stepping on their chest and bringing his pickaxe overhead, only to slam it down straight into the Counselor's forehead, digging it so deep it nearly comes out the mouth since it goes in at a slight angle where it enters the forehead straight on. Yanking it out with the counselor's head following slightly, but staying attached to the body. Blood could be spewing out of it during the animation, but stopping once the animation ends and the counselor enters ragdoll. Jason kicks the Counselor onto their knee, one knee on the ground and the other in a right triangle shape, yanking on the Counselor's head (meant to look like hair) to make them face upwards, Jason moving his grip to the near-top of his pickaxe as he sends it into their jaw, disconnecting it from the head and leaving them to squirm on the ground before Jason stomps on their head to end their misery. Jason sets the Counselor down, bringing his axe back and swinging it with powerful force to the Counselor's gut, lifting them up slightly with the pickaxe slightly showing on the other side, Jason then pulling it out and making the Counselor fall onto their knees. Next, it'd be a similar swing, long and drawn back straight to the Counselor's gut again, this being the fatal blow, he pulls it out again and lets the Counselor fall straight on their stomach. Part 3 Jason forces the Counselor onto both of their knees like Part 6 does with Spear Impale, stepping back and giving a broad swing to their upper head, digging clean into their eyes and then kicking their body away to get his axe out of their cut head. Jason holds them up high, just like in Choke or Heart Punch and then swings his axe firmly into their mid-section with one hand, struggling and squirming start before Jason puts a hefty pause to their struggles when he brings his axe overhead rather from to the side to strike their neck, the limp body being dropped by Jason as he turns around to continue his mass murder. The more sluggish tone to Part 3's weapon kills contributes greatly to this one. He sends a punch to the Counselor's gut to make them fall over, which he then walks up behind them slowly and menacingly to only send a double handed axe strike straight to the back of their head, decapitating them and sending their lifeless body plummeting with their head rolling. Part 4 THIS IS ALL BASED ON IF THE PIG SPLITTER IS INDEED PART 4'S WEAPON. Jason turns the Counselor around and swings an overhead strike to the Counselor's shoulder, grinding it harshly until the arm comes clean off. Jason then kicks the counselor's feet to make them get on both knees, which Jason proceeds to send a powerful strike to the other shoulder, repeating what he did with the other and grinding it off painfully. And with the arms finished, he sends a POWERFUL overhead strike to the middle of the Counselor's head, going straight down the head until the nose is cut in half, watching the corpse fall forward and then yanking the weapon out of the victim's skull. Jason sets the Counselor onto their feet, but keeps a hold on their shoulder to keep them from running. He then raises his weapon up and then crashes it down into the Counselor's chest, ripping it down to let his blade be free. He repeats this with the other side of their shoulder to split them in half (if the game could allow it, but for now it'd just be bloody marks down their body similar to what Part 7 causes with Eviscerate). Stepping back and letting the torn up body fall infront of him. Jason kicks the Counselor away and flings his splitter straight to their leg, making them kneel in pain, maybe the Counselor can even pull the weapon out and try to attack Jason, (if this would be a possibility, Jason would stop the arm of the counselor and make them stab themselves in the throat, driving it deep and then taking back the weapon he just made a counselor in theory kill themselves with, perhaps it could be a randomized feature that sometimes a Counselor will try and pull the blade out and attack to add some randomness to the game in attempts of keeping it fresh.) but if that's not a possibility, Jason would come up and bring a firm hand to the Counselor's head, pulling them back and ripping his blade from the Counselor's leg to give a clean cut to the counselor's throat, or maybe a throat hack to decapitate them with it. (no news has come out for a part 5, skip.) Part 6 Jason kicks the Counselor onto their back and drags their arm up to match head level, then he impales the counselor's and with the spear deep into their palm. After this, Jason grabs the Counselor's head and pulls on it so their neck is viciously yanked against the dug in spear, aiming to decapitate the Counselor, which he does do successfully, pulling it off with excessive force. Jason sets the Counselor down and lunges his spear right into the torso of the counselor, lifting them up and throwing them backwards like Darren in Part 6: Jason Lives, a short kill that could give comedic effect if the ragdolls keep how they are, but maybe a bit too fast, people already consider part 6 overpowered. So to add some length to the kill, it's a basic reskin of the Savini Pitchfork Lift, watching them struggle on the spearhead before being flung back, but this may go back on the exclusitivity of the Savini Jason's kills, so this one may be a hit or miss for people. Jason pulls the counselor against his chest and starts to choke them out with the spear, similar to the way in Manhunt (2003) with the bat's red execution, pulling on their throat until they can't see straight due to the loss of breath from the violent choke, Jason then stepping forward and shoving the spearhead end right into their mouth, going through the corpse and out the other end, pulling it out with some jagged trouble. Part 7 (my personal favorite) Jason sets the counselor onto their feet and does the machete stab animation, but then he twists the blade into a more cliche stabbing position, yanking it out and repeatedly stabbing the Counselor viciously, stab after stab after stab, each heavy and drawn out before the final stab stays in their torn up stab wound, letting the counselor drop before being pulled out of the wound of the downed counselor. Possible blood effect of hiding spots could be applied here, the way blood slings onto the blade and up into the air from being stabbed (bed). Jason takes the Counselor by the throat and keeps them lifted up high, driving his weapon into their stomach, digging it up slowly and agonizingly until it comes out the torso of the counselor, before being dropped with the quick death. Jason tosses the counselor away, but not onto their back, giving them space to run before the accuracy of Jason's throws gets him to chuck his machete bullsye for the Counselor's head, going right through it as they fall to their knees. Jason coming up behing them slowly and gripping the hilt of his blade to pull it out quick, the excessive nature through making him whip it out in a way to instantly send it to hack at their throat until their head is cleanly chopped off. (this part is optional.) Part 8 Jason turns the counselor around and hits the back of their neck with the blunt end of his fireaxe, brining an arm around the Counselor to slit their throat quickly, causing the counselor to fall onto his hands and knees, clutching his bloody wound before Jason sends a crushing stomp to their head, wiping off his foot with the dirt below. Jason punches the Counselor's gut to make them bend over, and then sends his axe straight up into their torso while bent over, digging it deep until he yanks it out and flings the sharper end right into their back, aiming to puncture through the exact same wound the straight axe hit was in. Jason kicks the Counselor away and throws his fireaxe straight for the counselor's leg, aiming to knock them down and off their balance. Jason then walks over and yanks his weapon from the Counselor's leg with a foot on the leg that was stuck, staring down at the counselor before swinging with a double handed overhead strike straight to their head, some struggle when yanking it out aswell. Part 9 Jason turns the counselor around and gives an overhead swing straight into the counselor's back, holding them by the head to keep them upright as he pulls the axe out with force and flips it in his hand to hook it right into the counselor's head, the non-bloody side getting a taste of horny teenager blood as he yanks the axe free from that part alone. Jason sets the Counselor down to dig it right into their gut, shoving them down onto their back. He steps a bit forward and gives a violent kick to the handle of the blade to fling it out and get caught clean in Jason's grasp, only to be flung back down right into the neck or head of the counselor. This is all I could come up with for Part 9 Savini Jason kicks the counselor onto their stomach, the Counselor tries to crawl away desperately, but Jason catches up with them and puts a firm boot on their head, but not crushing it, instead he brings his pitchfork down and begins to repeatedly stab their back, a total of 6 times with the 6th being a heavy dig and blade-twist before yanking it out and crushing the counselor's head to make sure there's no way of survival. Possible bed hiding spot blood effect on the stabs. Jason sticks the side of the Counselor with his pitchfork and lifts them up, letting them dangle there and dying from blood loss, only to be flung off of his weapon in a direction.(now, I know this is likely going to be already coming out, due to mo-cap footage being released of an obvious long weapon holding up a counselor, but it's something I've been thinking of once I first saw Savini's weapon, and I need filler.) Jason stabs at the leg of the counselor to make them drop onto both knees, he'd then take a step back and ram his pitchfork into the counselor's head with an angle to sling them up, a traditional side head cock as the lifeless counselor hangs head first from his pitchfork, before dropping them casually. Context/Environmental Kills Cars - This is when Jason is near a car that's started, broken down or unrepaired. UNREPAIRED - Jason takes the counselor and slams their head into the engine of the car, slamming the hood down with violent force to crash their head into it repeatedly for a total of 8 times of repeated, fast slams. STARTED UP/BROKEN DOWN - Jason kicks the Counselor's feet out to make them kneel, slamming their head into the car window and then opening the door and slamming the counselor's head into the door, basically the door slam kill but with the car door, it shocked me this isn't in the game already. STARTED UP/BROKEN DOWN - Jason can throw his fist into the window of a car to grab at the throat of a counselor, not letting go no matter what, making the car undriveable (while the animation is going) until he rips the throat of the counselor in the car out, possibly having counselor's drag that body out (with a fear based repair minigame) if they need the seat. Wilderness - This is when Jason has someone grabbed in the woods, we ALL know how pesky it is to deal with a grab kill in the woods of a map. Higgins Haven By the map location there is a set of chopped wood by it, Jason could throw the Counselor into the stump of where the wood was being chopped at, grab a piece of wood and repeatedly bash the counselor's head into the stump until they're limp and lifeless. In the barn, there are a few static props just there for decoration, how about they're used? example, the pickaxe just in the hay, perhaps as the same with the Packanack Small intro, Jason digs his weapon into the ground and gives a strong punch to the Counselor's head to make them stumble, picking up the axe and giving a quick swing into the wall, pinning them there with a bloody mess on the ground, possibly coming out the other end of the barn. Crystal Lake The toolshed could use some more purpose, perhaps Jason could throw a Counselor around in it, beating them up enough to kill them using it. The archery range has a lot of comedic possibilities to it, and one could be that Jason pins a counselor to one of the archery ranges using throwing knives (3 required for the kill), pinning the counselor with both to the range, stepping back and flinging a knife straight into their head, taking the two knives that pinned them back. Another archery range kill could be simply being bashed up against the deck of the range until they're a bloody mess. I don't see that any good things on Packanack that isn't a repeat kill. There are A LOT of repeated kills for context kills, so some variety: on context kills where Jason either punch decapitates or squishes their frontal head into mush against a sign post, (the one with 'SPRINGWATER CAMP' and a logo on them, etc etc.) Instead, he knees them in the gut, and bashes their head against it until they're straight up sent through it, head poking out the other side as the bloody mess of counselor drips for others to admire. For context kills on the tables just outside Packanack with the firepit, Jason would slam their head into the table multiple times, four total hits before tossing them aside after the bloody mess of a table is used up instead of the just singular head smash. For the context kills on the windows, there could be some variety in them. For double windows, Jason could toss them sideways, making their bodies fling and break both the windows with more logic to it since both windows break at the single touch of a counselor. Or maybe a small knee to the gut and then chuck into the windows, singular windows stay the same. For the firepit kills, there could be some more variety aswell. Perhaps sometimes it'll do the fireplace kill on it, and other times it'll do the deepthroat kill. I know there are certain campfires and firepits that have varying kills, one will be the fireplace kill and one will be the deepthroat, I understand, but having some more consistent variety would be lovely.
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