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  1. I have about 55 hours on steam and about 80-90 hours on PS4 for this game. I believe ps4 has a higher player count for the game but with that being said the community for the game on playstation is somewhat toxic and lacks teamwork. I find more games on steam version more enjoyable considering there's more people using mics more so and seem to actually have some sense of humor when either RPing as a counselor or Jason. Gamers on the playstation version rage quit more often in my opinion than that of the steam version and with all due respect in regards to the playstation community of this game but honestly there's a shit ton of little kids playing with mics and when something doesn't go their way they leave the lobby. As an above user said as well, its harder to find (and even fill lobbies) on playstation version. From now on i stick to the steam version whether or not if community is smaller.
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