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  1. Team kill is in private matchs... Which is what I'd hoped we'd be playing in... I ain't doing the game mode anymore tho, not enough people...
  2. Man... Thats sad and depressing^^... But, just like what everybody else has said @deathbat96777: talk to someone about your problems.
  3. Fixed a spelling mistake for you... See ya then.
  4. Ha! Good reference to "I'm going slightly mad" their Fred. Jesus Christ! Its Jesus Toast!
  5. Ran out of likes... So true, especially if it was EA who were developing a slasher game.
  6. Wouldn't work, you'd still be playing as Jason... Not to mention the maps would still be in the game...
  7. Really sucks to see that your leaving... Of all the members to leave, I would've never expected you to go... Take care of yourself man, Maybe we'll meet paths on another game...
  8. I am trying to put together a trouble in terroist town style private match... I need about 8-10 players for this... The 8th player will not be playing the game, but. Will be hosting a party chat were, you will invite three players to be the traitors(Dont be a dick and tell everyone who the traitors you have chosen are btw)... Once that match is over, end your party chat... And you will swap out with another player for each round... I can only choose who that person will be each round... Fyi: Looking for anybody preferably 18+. But, age doesn't really matter... Lowest ill go, is 12 years old... Mics are preferred... Don't repair any of the objectives, just survive the night... Ok. Here are the roles you will play: Jason(detective)- your job is to gather as much evidence up, to work out who the three traitors are and to also protect the innocents... I will play the role of the detectives for the first few matches... Detective rules: You cannot kill anyone until they are proven to be a traitor... You can use your throwing knives to injure the traitors, but! You Can't use your traps... You have to play as either: Roy(Part 5), Part 3, or Part 2... Once yor mask is knocked off by the traitors, you're eliminated from the game... Once you're eliminated, DON'T give away who the traitors are... You can use yor abilitys and you map... You can open doors, and break down locked ones... Innocents: Your job is to help the detective figure out who the traitors are. And too also survive the match... Innocent rules: You Can't use maps, only your mini-map... You can't use shotguns... You can call in Tommy to act as a second detective(Yes! He can use his gun)... You can only use health sprays, melee weapons, Radios, and the flare gun(to only let other players know where you are)... You can't close and lock doors... Only open them, but you can climb through windows... Once you are dead, join the my party chat where you can give the me SUBTLE clues... Don't give me clues that are an obvious give away though... Only kill when you are certain that player is a traitor... Don't kill the other innocents on purpose... Traitors: Your job is to kill all of the innocents and to not be killied yourselves... There are three traitors... Traitors rules: Traitors have a house to themselves... They can only enter that house... Traitors can use guns, firecrackers, pocket knifers, and health sprays. Along with maps... Traitors can't use Radios, until the match has reached the 5 min mark... Traitors can open, close, and lock doors... Traitors can use bear traps... Traitors can go through windows. But not open them... The traitors Can't kill each other... Traitors can hide melee weapons from the innocents... When down to the last 3 mins of the match, the traitors have to reveal themselves to the innocents... Don't try to kill Jason please... Just knock off his mask to eliminate him from the game... Overall rules: Don't team up with the traitors(If your playing as a detective or an innocent)... Don't troll/glitch... Don't take this seriously! Just, try to have fun... Joking is fine, but. Don't take the jokes too far... AND JUST FOLLOW THE RULES!!!! RP is fine, just. Don't make it weird... If you break any of these rules, you will be kicked... Ill be hopefully starting this tomorrow night... Send me a friend request or message... See you soon...
  9. I'll try the SP challenges, but. Thats about it. I don't care for anything else in this patch, except for the SP challenges and maybe weapon swapping.
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