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  1. The second Gameplay video makes mention of a stamina system which gave me some ideas for that system. Obviously, counselors have stamina that gets depleted through strenuous actions and possibly slowly recovers over time. It'd be great if the counselors could also do some sort of contextual rest action to fill their stamina faster, such as: *using a sink to splash water on their face *resting at a campfire *resting while trying to call for help *resting while leaning their back on a door So while resting the counselors field of view is diminished or locked so that they risk not being able to see where Jason is coming from. This would allow Jason to stalk a counselor until they stop to rest, at which point Jason knows they won't see him from certain angles of attack. Being scared while resting could also ramp the fear meter to the max and break them from the resting state. On the flip side, I think Jason should also have a stamina meter. It would be much larger than the counselors and would refill much slower if he tries to rest, but refills fast when he gets a kill. We haven't heard much about how to 'take down' Jason, but I think it'd be cool if when Jason is taken down that this also his 'rest' state. So the Jason player can choose to 'stay down' longer to refill some stamina, then they can do the Jason 'pop back up' whenever they want. It would create that tension of wondering how long is Jason going to be dead without needing to create some fixed timer system. Just wanted to throw those ideas out there, thought they could come in handy with creating so many of the awesome horror movie cliches we know and love.
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