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  1. Ok let's stay on topic here the pam badge gets removed then place on a pedestal?
  2. Another thing when Tommy Jarvis spawns in he usually gets stuck openin and closing a drawer in the Cabin unless you hit or grab him.
  3. Counselors are now able to check their map to find the location of Repair Parts that have been dropped New Tommy Jarvis has a spray and a pocket knife with him. I support this game since day 1 and now but you guys are making it to easy for the people that suck at this game.
  4. New kills as well nice. I have no problem supporting the game. It is going to be funny when people on FB page find out they have to pay for the new kills.
  5. Been having trouble as well with it.
  6. New Map is a breath of fresh air I love the design of it. Still getting the feel of the layout. Allot of running in wide open spaces that's for sure.
  7. Cant wait... what is the 411 on the Bloody Jason Variant for digital version? We know hard copy is getting a bloody variant and new clothes.
  8. New Jason is coming out with new kills so I'm sure we will waste CP on that then we have new counselors to look foward to.
  9. Messing around with the gear what about a Michael Jackson inspired "Thriller" jacket for Bugsy apart of the Halloween DLC that would be dope.
  10. I've seen it on the PS4 you get a blue screen with an error message. Then it closes the app.
  11. I would be cool wit a DLC pack new map, Counselors and Jason 10 to 12 bucks.
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