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  1. Hi guys now if your person like me finding some things a little odd with the game but really like it than listen what I have to say. Now when the new lit DLC came out it was he best so far we know Gun Media has a lot surprises up their sleeves. But When your wearing spring break cloths like the sexy tiger skin underpants that six ab chad wears and you equip a walkie talkie and spawn with a flash light its not attached at all to the counsellors its floating in the air please Gun Media fix this it would be cool if it was actually attached to the underwear, Also one more thing when the counsellors equip the shot gun it's floating on our backs it would be lit if we could hold it on our hands while moving that would be cool now if you have any suggestion please respond to this thank you all for reading and have a fun life killing counselors
  2. prove me wrong on my topic lets say you drive the car straight ahead to the exit and some person jumps in front for no reason and reports you. Which thick headed person does non other than that starts cussing at you calling you a f@ggot or a Retard its not appropriate for the people in the community. we need this to stop right now Gun media should monitor all games that have reports and watch the clip carefully and if its a false report ban the person who sent it. Thank you for reading all this and have a happy Friday the 13th journey.
  3. So as we all know the new DLC is fire ? but their are a few things that ruin the cloths for example when you equip the walkie talkie it looks like it's floating in the air and not even attached to counclers cloths also including the flash light. One more thing this will be fire ? if you equip the weapon like the rifle could we please hold the rifle in our hands while moving cause it also ruins the dlc on chads back when he's got on his underware on thanks F13 for this beautiful journey keep up the good work
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