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  1. It was Very necessary. Was it the only option to fix the growing problem…..? No.…….. but necessary.……… and it did Fix a Huge problem the game developers created with all the buffs to Counselor Gameplay and Nerfs to Jason Gameplay.
  2. This movie was and still is the movie I am most looking forward to in 2021. I can’t wait to see it…… but I will not watch the trailer for the movie as I feel they give away way to much of the movie. Going in completely spoiler free!
  3. At least they are continuing to look for solutions..... Gun didn’t create the issue PC players are dealing with.....other PC players did.... if people played the game like it was intended we wouldn’t be in this situation. Thanks @mattshotcha and Gun for the continued support.....even after active development has reached its end. I am hoping for the best out come for PC players with this situation.
  4. @Deano78 The game will sometimes create a lobby with you as the host and no one will Join.... it’s a random bug and have had it a few times. if no one joins the lobby within 3 or 4 minutes I close it out and search again. hope that helps.
  5. I haven’t played it yet but I did pick it up. I just restarted playing the entire series on PS4. just finished the original and I am starting Resident Evil Zero.
  6. Happy Slash-A-versary!! Hopefully the good times will keep on rolling for quite a while longer! I looked forward to all the amazing Kane Hodder motion captured kills we were teased with prior to launch..... and the killer sound track by Harry Manfredini..... Nothing felt better than getting that first Environmental kill on a counselor..... Skewered by the camp fire.....😍
  7. Wow what a mouth full of a thread title..... Well @Strigoi you weren’t wrong when you said this is one of the most exciting threads we have had in a while.....but I don’t think it’s for the reasons you hoped for. And while I do agree that there could have been a ton of content to add to the game......Some topics have run their course on the forum......we have numerous threads about all this stuff..... We have come to a point where the forums will soon be Archived...... And all topics closed for discussion. Our time here is limited so trying to “poo poo” on other topics because they bore you and force others to discuss what will entertain you is actively wasting yours and others time that is left on these forums. The good news is some of what you want to talk about will eventually be discussed on other forums like @Jason Todd Voorhees awesome fan forum...... or on The official forums of Guns next Project when there actually is a next project to discuss about.
  8. Here is the latest info on Hacked lobbies from our Community Leader. They are still investigating. I hope good news will come when they have updated Info for you PC players.
  9. The ability to slash /Break windows without prompt...... I miss this so much...... it just felt more fluid.... for Jason gameplay. parts not showing up on the map when picked up.....I still feel this was better as it created a more “is there a part in this cabin feel to the game..” damn Trolls for taking away our nice things.... and for this that changed for the better... Part 7’s original strengths and weaknesses...... they sucked glad they changed them. trap stacking gone....
  10. Thanks @mattshotcha hope to hear back from you soon.
  11. Thanks for posting this @Dragonfire82877 thats one more item checked off the check list for this release!!! I can’t F****** wait !!
  12. As long as they don’t tell us he is on hold indefinitely I will continue to hope for the best and keep my fingers crossed that they come thru for us. They have built up quite a bit of hype for this release with the promotional pix so please Neca don’t let us down..... Always Appreciated Play!
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