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  1. The ability to slash /Break windows without prompt...... I miss this so much...... it just felt more fluid.... for Jason gameplay. parts not showing up on the map when picked up.....I still feel this was better as it created a more “is there a part in this cabin feel to the game..” damn Trolls for taking away our nice things.... and for this that changed for the better... Part 7’s original strengths and weaknesses...... they sucked glad they changed them. trap stacking gone....
  2. Thanks for posting this @Dragonfire82877 thats one more item checked off the check list for this release!!! I can’t F****** wait !!
  3. As long as they don’t tell us he is on hold indefinitely I will continue to hope for the best and keep my fingers crossed that they come thru for us. They have built up quite a bit of hype for this release with the promotional pix so please Neca don’t let us down..... Always Appreciated Play!
  4. Great post @Killer Franchise its has been an Extraordinary ride with amazing highs and lows.....and I agree 1000% It is still my absolute favorite game! And I am truly thankful to have Been a backer of this Fantastic Fan project made By the Fans for the Fans.....the love for the franchise truly bleeds from this game from top to bottom..... I consider myself blessed to have had and will continue to have so many memorable moments from this Killer Game pun intended!! Thank you GunMedia!
  5. We can ask @mattshotcha if this was an area the team looked into.
  6. Well with this being the last patch the Rage Mode as is will be the game’s final version. This is not the topic thread for this type of discussion and it’s been talked about to death at this point.....but your statement is not true there are many ways other than firecrackers to regain stamina......nor is it the only way to escape......Counselors have more than enough options.......low endurance or other wise, play to their strengths and manage their weaknesses. I fixed that for you again........these items have a limited use after Jason has Rage Mode....like I said I wouldn’t have a problem with it but I also don’t have a problem with them not stunning him either.....I have learned to adapt to the changes and adjusting to the strengths and weaknesses for each counselor. those two items whether they stun or don’t stun isn’t the end all be all for counselors.......there are plenty of opportunities available to escape/ survive / or kill Jason.......without them stunning Him.
  7. I wouldn’t have a problem with flares or firecrackers stunning Jason during rage.......but just to point out they are not useless during the second half of the game just limited in how you can use them......firecrackers can still be used to distract Jason with the sound pings and the flare gun can be use to mark Jason on the map for others to see. @mattshotcha thanks for the patch notes!! it’s been a Hell of a ride!!! Thank you and the team and everyone at Gun for me!!! I love this Game and forum!! I hope for nothing but the best to Gun Media and it’s Future endeavors.... This FAN project has been a dream come true for me! For everyone else even if this is the last patch...... This won’t be the end....it will never end..... “There's a legend round here. A killer buried, but not dead. A curse on Crystal Lake. A DEATH.....curse.... Jason Voorhees's curse. They say he died as a boy, but he keeps coming back. Few have seen him and lived. Some have even tried to stop him. No one can. People forget he's down there... waiting.“
  8. Oh my GOD!! I could not stop smiling while he played the Lazarus Experience it was so god damn good!!! ”Baby Jason is a good guy!”😂🤣😂🤣 Truly magnificent piece of work even not completed.....you could see what was intended the love these Guys (Gun Media) and the Modder’s put into is just heart warming. And man a single player first person game could be such an incredible game!
  9. This is a modded build of the game made by F13 fans they have added the kills /Pj packs and “finished” the Grendel Map......but I am pretty sure they have been working on this build for a very long time to get it to the point it is in the video.
  10. Completely agree!!!! Thanks for posting these glad to see it with my own eyes in action.
  11. Wow......... Speechless..... straight up F13 geek-gasm When he walked into the holo deck room...
  12. Going to go there today!!! Thanks for the heads up! I picked up Biff and Doc 2 weeks ago. and “Darth Vader” Marty and Part 2 were the First ones I picked up in the series.
  13. “ Poor poor Icarus you flew too close to the sun.” I really hope they come thru for us here that figure needs to be in my collection. in fact I need multiples of him!!lol
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