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  1. I played the game for so long and didn't even realize that.
  2. Excited to state that the website growth in activity/views is simply amazing! we are almost at 100 members mark and I hope to reach it this year!
  3. Is there any background for such information? @mattshotcha
  4. 😭 That's a Major honor! I even took pictures with C.J. Graham himself while I was there! https://www.friday-the-13th.net/gallery/Cosplay/Part-6-Jason-Voorhees-CJ-Graham-and-Jason-Todd-Voorhees-Me-pic_34.htm
  5. Part 6 Jason Voorhees Protecting A Child from a Clown Part 1 Part 6 Jason Voorhees protecting a Child from a Clown Part 2 Two Videos of me at Carolina Fearfest (1st time/Last Con), didn't realize I was recorded until Facebook tags happened!
  6. My F13 website def has a section for writers!
  7. Again before everyone forgets my forum is 100% open to any and all former members!
  8. I pre-ordered TWO of them! So YEEAAH! One is gonna be opened and the other signed by Kane himself! and yeah I forgot to mention they changed the date! https://www.friday-the-13th.net/p1038537-ultimate-part-7-jason-voorhees-neca-figure-delayed-yet-again ^ I was busy asf 😭
  9. Someone should ask if playing offline is fine than online.
  10. This is really a complex situation because it hurts the online aspect of the game but does it hurt the offline if people use mods?
  11. @mattshotcha anyway to have this pinned somewhere for others to see?
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