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  1. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday Hockey Mask Sells For Over $200,000 At Auction! Its extremely in our case as F13/Horror fans that this made it so high for any auction!
  2. I am hoping on all of existence its released August!!! like come on!!!
  3. My most popular TikTok video is now uploaded on my Youtube Channel! The original tiktok video that blown up: The Original TikTok Video
  4. Here is my Horror Meme! With your machete right? What is yours?
  5. Its own original design I believe for a haunt.
  6. I played the game for so long and didn't even realize that.
  7. Excited to state that the website growth in activity/views is simply amazing! we are almost at 100 members mark and I hope to reach it this year!
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