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  1. I hear you, and respect your opinion. I like some of the costumes though. Not all of them, but some. I'd argue that Tiffany's devil costume is the LEAST slutty outfit she has, haha.
  2. not in those matches. It probably is just lag, Jason was probably closer to me than I realized. It was just something I had not experienced before. Another new one from the same night (was not a good night really , lol) I was driving the car out and the animation started where it just pulls you out and puts you in spectator mode. It pulled the car hard right, into the side of the exit, and flipped it. (this was on higgins small) - My body got thrown from the car. I watched Jason kill my body, the passenger in the car was stuck and could not exit and Jason could not get to them. I never got a "you survived" or "you died" I was just stuck, staring at the exit. And then got kicked for being idle. So did the passenger. Once Jason killed the final counselor, he had to wait 4 minutes while the timer expired as the game was counting us both still there and alive. ( I know because I went back in after being kicked). This game sometimes is very frustrating lol
  3. with regards to the Halloween costumes breaking immersion. Part 1 - one counselor was dressed up as a native American, hamming it up, for no reason other than "dumb teenager" Part 2 - scary mask and spear used to frighten other counselors Part 3 - Shelly - 2 different masks , fake knife or axe in his head, can't remember which. My point is, is it really that hard to image a group of older teens/early 20 somethings hamming it up before the psycho killer got there?
  4. I won't claim I never get a lag spike (especially on this game), but I usually run around 120. I have spectrum's 300 mb/s package so I'm usually good (should probably plug in instead of wireless though, but it's across the room and I don't want a cable across my living room floor)
  5. So I was playing the other night, and in 2 different matches, while running from Jason I was taking damage from an unseen source. Checking behind me, Jason was not nearly close enough for melee. A good full cabin length behind me. So I thought, Knife. So I'm like, well I got a few seconds before the next one and I'll be at the window, but no, the second one came right on the heels of the first one ,and then a third and then a fourth and I died. I'm not talking, hit . . . . . hit .. I'm talking hit hit hit hit dead. No sound from slash, no visual from throwing knives, but blood spatter was happening. It happened twice in about 10 rounds, with 2 completely different players as Jason and 2 completely different Jasons. One was part 8, one was part 6. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Is It a new bug or exploit? Is there a way to avoid? Please don't start with the git gud. I've played almost 900 counselor rounds. This was odd and out of place. Forgot, this is on Xbox 1
  6. I was recently playing after have a few, and I was driving, very badly, and said something to the effect of "don't drink and drive kids" right before I accidentally ran over someone .. the entire room was rolling.
  7. I agree with that Lucky, I wouldn't care if the death counted against me and for Jason
  8. I don't disagree, and if they did something to curb it, I wouldn't care. And if I'm playing seriously I don't do it, but in the crap show that is quick play sometimes, when 2 people quit as soon as they aren't jason, 1 guy is afk, no one else is doing anything but trying to speed loot for pocket knives, I immediately go to "let me see if I can get Jarvis" this next part, isn't to say I'm great or anything, just to give you an idea of why I'm frustrated with the badge and resort to odd measures. I am level 111, I've only been Jarvis 68 times. I've played 848 counselor matches. The thing is, I'm not awesome, Ive died A LOT, and I've died early A LOT, but I never get Jarvis. So I started resorting to shenanigans to try to get him.
  9. I suicide sometimes to get tommy, like if I see one person die, then quit, and I see that tommy has been called, I suicide to get the guaranteed Tommy because I still need to play him like 50 times to get the final badge.
  10. I think the current state of the game is uninviting to new players. Every time I see a low level Jason, I know at least 3 people in the match are going to be out to troll him as much as possible. So first time as Jason you're all "yay!" and then 5 or 6 tea bags later, especially when they are just hanging around the cop exit doing it, when they could just leave, and that player quits and doesn't come back. I see it happen all the time. Especially with high level people needlessly trolling low level Jason's. It is sickening really and is stunting the growth of this game.
  11. Thanks for the insight and for the welcome. I do wish that were the case, but they are most definitely locked. I've been keeping a close eye on it since I noticed it. Also, on Xbox1, (not sure if other platforms do this), It keeps a count of Jason kills, times killed by Jason, doors broken and hours played. None of those have moved either. I guess this is something unique to me as on several forums no one has encountered it. I've sent messages to Gun, but no one responds. Not a huge deal, I know they have their hands full with actual game breaking stuff to fix so I'm not salty. Just wish I could find a fix. Here's to hoping for the hotfix to do it (lukewarm fix by now lol)
  12. Its everything. I have most unlocked, except the phd. Which is bugged. And the higher ones for kills and matches played.
  13. thanks Alkavian. Unfortunately this is day 4 of it. I reported it 2 days ago, no response yet. Guess I'll just hope it fixes it self at some point.
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