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  1. My partner and I rated one another for this Composure: Reduces the rate that fear increases and make it easier to break free from Jason’s grab. Him: 7 Her: 3 Luck: Increases weapon durability and gives minor increases to many other stats. Him: 1 Her: 5 Intelligence: Increases repair effectiveness. Him: 6 Her: 4 Speed: Increases overall top speed. Him: 2 Her: 3 Stamina: Increases overall stamina pool and reduces the stamina cost of actions. Him: 10 Her: 8 Stealth: Reduces the amount of noise generated and Jason’s ability to sense. Him: 6 Her: 1 Strength: Increases attack damage with weapons and reduces stamina cost of combat actions. Him: 8 Her: 6
  2. Hey all! I didn't see this in previous posts but I may have missed it so apologies if it's a previously discussed topic. So, is it possible for a future patch down the line that regardless of the host quitting you don't lose your kills/repairs/points etc as it's beyond frustrating trying to grind towards the trophies and badges for the host to just quit and you're back to square one. I'm a fairly competent Jason averaging about four to five kills each turn and the amount of times I've lost those kills due to the host quitting is infuriating. Perhaps even a punishment for quitters like Gears of War used to have once upon a time? (In GoW2 I think...) Thoughts?
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    Hey everyone! Hope you're all well and loving the game as much as I am. EDIT: It's fine, I got it Anyway, as it currently stands my partner and I play Friday The 13th on PlayStation 4 and like to try Trophy Hunt and collect as much as we can in game so we'd love to game with you guys if anyone else fancies that? Just send me a message for the gamer tag or send me yours. Have fun guys and thank you! BR
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