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  1. An ellipses is three dots only. Apologies, wrong section. I'll take up self harming as a way of balancing trying to have a discussion on the internet. Rookie mistake. That's essentially the game...
  2. I'm under the belief that when you use stalk you can still physically see Jason, it just doesn't play his music? When shifting you are moving, the idea was not to be moving like shift AND invisible.
  3. I thought this was the discussion part of the forums? Where people discuss things in the game. Mental idea thinking it wouldn't have assholes.
  4. Apologies, as I've clearly not made my point clear enough. Essentially the stalk ability without being visible to the players.
  5. Already said I don't like the other Jason's. No, not like shifting because I don't want to hurl along at a ridiculous speed. Essentially Stalkinh but invisible to mimic the classic horror movie 'appears beside tree/vanishes on second look' thing.
  6. Nor does my point just because you state "The end." It's not whining, which is why I asked for thoughts. It was for a discussion, which I'm having with someone else who agrees. "Lmao", "DUH", "the end." Mmkay? Mmkay.
  7. Thank you, BetsyPalmer, an intellectual. I'm almost ready to unlock Part 9 Jason but I'll only go him once to get the trophy for playing as each of the Jason's as I really don't like the others personally. Part 2 is good but I prefer 3. Yeah, the door breaking is annoying. I normally press and hold the strike the button to try avoid the wild swings. Will try the combat stance approach too. Yeah, I use my sense a lot. I normally have no problem as Part 3 Jason, capturing and killing between five and seven each time now but it's when you've laid traps at the windows or have a few well armed councellors waiting for you so the second the door is broken through; firecrackers, flare gun, shotgun, bear trap, and they jump out the window. I've never been hit through the door before to be honest as I either get a run away or as mentioned above the ready for battle type. They have tried to hit me through the door but either due to the animation or the door they haven't been successful.
  8. I don't mind smashing the door down to be honest. A mini-game of grabbing the councellor which could result in an execution or something would be pretty cool but I'm more than content with a couple of hits less on the door.
  9. You spelled 'wookiee' wrong. 

  10. Right, for starters I'm not whining, you're not sorry, and you're*, twice. If you're grabbed you're not screwed. You have pocket knifes, other counsollers, and you have the chance to break free. Nor did I state that you should be able to walk through in one like in rage mode, I said less hits than five. "DUH."
  11. It's brutal, man. Especially when you're having a good game.
  12. That's comforting to know, at least the trophies will pop if you get that close! The badges are really more of a sad boasting thing as the better half and I are completionists. Thanks for the info though man! :-)
  13. Yeah, I've had a go or two of each of the Jason's and settled on Part 3 for myself. It's rare I get Jason and rare I finish a match due to the host quitting. Re-attach that ass because no, I don't think there should be no way to avoid being caught but it should be really difficult. Essentially in fleeing if your stamina runs out or you're injured, you're dead. If you do not time your attack correctly on Jason, you're dead. For example, in Star Wars: Battlefront when you got a hero or villain it's all about being OP and that's what makes it fun. Jason should be the same, not taking ages to knock down a door. Even a grab struggle through the door when it's half broken in would be more fun than just waiting. It's like the long run around the tables.
  14. Perhaps it's just me, but I find when I'm Jason an taking my axe to the fortified door it can take five to six LONG hits and to go through all that for the counsellor to just jump out the window and run away or even see the waiting flare gun/shotgun/melee attack/bear trap waiting is just underwhelming. Granted you can normally catch up and catch them or put traps down at the windows but I would love it (from the POV of Jason & the Counsellor) if Jason had more power and a surprise appearance ability. Like he can go invisible (an in the interest of fairness be unable to attack) then suddenly appear and smash the door in with two to three hits, causing panic and excitement. To me, Jason can't really be to OP. Thoughts?
  15. Fair play, man. There's a lot of reading on the forums and I'm catching up with a lot of it now. :-) They are doing an awesome job of listening to the userbase and interacting so they have my full patience and support.
  16. Nice. This will vastly improve the game. What an awesome forum keeping the userbase up to date. Some of the previous forms I've been on have been brutal so kudos to you guys! Great game and keep up the good work!
  17. I really wasn't that bothered with what I could and couldn't do with the counsellors customisable options but this awesome!
  18. Yeah but I don't expect them to have that anytime soon. Even have new counsellors join so that the game can continue longer. Maybe even a double or nothing for your experience if you escape and wanna try again. Yeah, even a player vote to pick a player to play as Jason. (You can't vote for yourself) That's an ace goal time to aim for, fingers crossed.
  19. Right? X amount of time passes and I've been the guy killed after ten seconds and 19.59mins and still saw the game out to the end. I've been Jason chopping down a door (which takes way too long by the way) and the person inside has just quit. It sucks.
  20. BigRed


    Thanks DamonD7. I'll be sure to check it out.
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