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  1. Three games in a row just now and several times since I've had the game. This obviously various immensely from being Jason to a counsellor, but it's getting beyond frustrating now. Is it anything I can do on my part? Is it the host? I'm fully aware they are currently working on servers but it seems like the easiest option is to try get seven people all on at the same time and play this game together. It's great when you get a good run of games but so many points and kills and matches towards the trophies are just slipping away and it's frustrating.
  2. Yeah, something like that. There has to be an option rather than "I'll set this off and alert Jason to exactly where I am."
  3. In a bigger game with dedicated servers you could have a hunters vs...peasants mode? Names aren't my forte. I like the idea I'm not saying I wanna see it anytime soon. I would like to see 101 other things finished first.
  4. NOPE. If you're level 101 and haven't bought the kills but rolled for perks, keep playing and start saving for the kills. They don't cost much.
  5. I like the idea, but as stated I think the legal trouble of getting the character would be a headache and probably not worth it.
  6. I get Jason has to plant them and they are 'hidden' but surely if you notice them you should be able to throw a stick into them or set them off without getting caught. For me, I have the med spray and use a med spray twice perks so I don't normally mind but it's always so annoying seeing apart 2 Jason picked knowing the fuse box is gonna have up to four traps placed at it. When I say annoying, I'm going off my partner, friends, and not so much myself because of my perks. It's hardly game breaking and not a major issue compare to others but thoughts?
  7. Yeah, or a vote system so that a troll can't be host and just piss people off.
  8. Yeah, as I said, not complaining, it just seems to differ immensely. Like you can't grab a chick standing on your toes but you can pull them to you from half way across the road/be grabbed. I personally won't try argue any canon or horror movie logic stuff because, well the plot demands it in a movie, and this is just a game. A game I have immense fun in playing with my partner and friends but sometimes it's just jaw dropping how crazy the reach grab is. Was just curious if I had to contact my internet provider or not because I'm paying for fibre optic max on a Ethernet cable and wouldn't want screwed over ha ha.
  9. Make it inside a house SAW style then rather than make it to point B within two minutes because I'd rather play PUBG if it was gonna be a timer death match. I'm open to the idea of a vey close map survival hide and seek thing with lots of places to hide (cupboards, beds, etc) and Jason can't really use his sense in the house.
  10. Not only do you have the best name I've seen on a forum but your posts and replies are always incredible, man.
  11. I've expierenced this and even when I've been Jason have had other players screen shot and message me other players locations. Yeah it sucks but I don't think unless it's the last two or three and clearly helping one another and have a video to send to someone that it'll get much done, if ever to be honest.
  12. Ha! That's awesome! Fingers crossed. I would love a bit of character customisation but I wouldn't be upset if it never came.
  13. Has anyone else found it varies immensely in when you can catch/can be caught distances? Does it vary from Jason to Jason? Not complaining, just curious.
  14. It's normally loud American children playing music and talking to their friends I struggle with to be honest. Apart from this one kid, 'Dark_Damian_' on PS4, sounded EXACTLY like BMO from Adventure Time.
  15. HAHAHA! Thank you. I make a rather fetching slave if I do say so myself.
  16. Nah man, strongly disagree. I couldn't fuel the boat because I was team killed. The guys who killed me didn't even fill the boat. Even when I'm a house by myself now people still come in then attack me. The userbase is bad enough without going through everything to be killed by a dickhead less a minute in.
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