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  1. lHeartBreakerl okay thank you very much for the help
  2. Okay? This is a general chat? It's general, shouldn't I be able to ask for help on a general chat?... my problem has to do with this game.. but I can't ask for help... okay then.. yep, you make perfect sense... you closed the forum..
  3. A little while ago I updated my AMD Radeon HD8970M driver, after opening Ark Survival Evolved the game was all blue and distorted. Thinking I installed the drivers wrong, I reinstalled them but it didn't fix the problem. Later I noticed that the problem occurred in only Ark and Friday the 13th, every other game I own works fine, I don't know any links between them besides both made with Unreal Engine. Later I contacted AMD Support and asked for help on the AMD forums, I was told on the forums to try a factory reset, so I did. After the reset was done, the problem was still there, so I thought it could be a bug or a compatibility issue with Unreal Engine and Radeon Settings. The person I was talking to at AMD Support told me otherwise, he said it was a problem with the game and I needed to contact the devs, I sent out a bug report but I just wanted other peoples opinions, Could it be the drivers? the game? I thought it could be something wrong with my graphics card but why would it only effect some games? Wouldn't it effect all of them? I don't know much about computer so that's why im asking for help.
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