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  1. I would pay for a backpack for sure. I'd like a backpack in game so you could carry more items!
  2. The one minor trolling instance I did which the video speaks for itself was on the account that I can still use.... so your point?
  3. Don't miss the point guys. I have 2 steam accounts both ShogunGamingLLC and ShogunGamerz. They are my two account for two different pc's. She plays on the not so expensive pc and I play on a higher end one. So as far as anyone knows her age is 11 because I disclosed it. But both are my accounts and both I paid for all the games out of my pocket. She saw me playing one day and asked if she could play too. So for her birthday she was able to join me. That's not the point here. The point is she was banned and not a temp ban like they been talking about implementing with people rage quitting and things of that nature. But a PermaBan and I want to know what she did that was so wrong she's not allowed to play. I love this game and I'm not here to bash anyone. But I need to know what she done PERIOD. I deserve as a paying customer to know why my product is now invalid. I need to know what ToS rule was broken that a kid can no longer play a game... Cause if i get a new account and re-buy the game for her I can't have this happen again for no good reason at all. I've seen people get away with so much bs and drama it's unreal. So much trolling and usernames and language is just beyond me. Thats why I play with her. That's why we mute people. That's why we will jump from lobby to lobby to avoid harmful people. Sorry for the rant. But I did promise I will let everyone knows what happens with the higher ups. I will be open and honest with the community. And I just hope I have video of the gameplay they say the misconduct or whatever was in. Because I have about 150hrs on my 2nd harddrive! Thx shadowplay!
  4. Look closely as I get in the car. My daughter is DarkShadow like I stated previously. She took a backbreaker from Jason and ultimately allowed me to escape by dying. So I do a minor "Chad is a D move" which is an achievement btw and she does nothing and Boom BanStick
  5. Thx to all in support of this inquiry. I will without a doubt report back when and if I hear from the powers that be. A few things I would like to address. First my shogun video was shot with my ShogunGamerz acct not my daughters DarkShadow. And to be honest the game is played in a funny manner I did no harm to others in that video. And if you watch my other videos you will see that is pretty much the silliest thing I've ever done. Once again different account. She plays on my steamacct shogungamingllc, and I play on shogungamerz. Second about my daughter playing this game. She lover survival type games. She has played a few games, like dead by daylight, resident evil (a couple of them), call of duty (Zombie mode), and I think state of decay. She is a very witty gamer. She lover survival horror type games. I would rather her play a game that I'm 100% aware of what she is experiencing due to me having nearly 400hrs logged. Third... I work from home and she is in middle school. She only plays with me and when I'm in office. Where the computers are kept. She goes to bed at a decent hour and the only time she is allowed to play is when I'm there with her. I want to monitor the types of lobbies we join to avoid very bad language. Not that it matters but she loves playing as counselors and makes it her goal to beat the bad guy and escape every game she can. Its a fun and interactive challenge. And as an adult and her parent I'm not going to tell her she can't do it. Cause when I was a kid I grew up on these movies.
  6. Hello Everyone, I have a major issue. My 11yr old daughter has been banned from F13. We have two computers that sit in the exact same room. We both play with each other pretty much on a daily bases. My account is fine... ShogunGamerz. Her account is perm banned ShogunGamingLLC in-game known as DarkShadow. I record almost every single one of our matches and upload them to youtube. Both her and I conduct ourselves in a proper manner. We both have not violated any of the TOS, or Code of Conduct. The only thing we are guilty of is occasionally leaving a match early when others are trolling or helping jason kill others. I believe we are owed an explanation of the ban and with proper proof. She's 11 years old and I bought this game for her on her birthday a couple months back. I'm not trying to play a sympathy card, but since she woke up this morning with a ban she has been in nothing but a tearful mess. She keeps asking me what she done. She doesn't troll, doesn't use inappropriate language or behavior, she doesn't use glitches or exploits. I'm 100% certain that she has played no different than her friends and I have played for quite sometime. I have almost 400 hours logged since release. And I have quite a few terabytes of video footage of us playing. It's an injustice really. I'm not going to scream refund or any of those words if I'm provided with a legit reason. But she's done nothing wrong I'm 110% certain of that. Please contact me with an explanation of what she has done. Once again her account is ShogunGamingLLC and her in game name is DarkShadow. You can contact me I guess on here via PM, or email me at [omitted] Thank you for your time. Please do not delete this in an attempt to hide my inquiry. Sincerely, Derrick W.
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