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  1. I have a 5th additional suggestion. Pocket knives are incredibly hard to come by, especially if you play a low-luck character or are in a game with item hogs. I think making it so that you have to use a pocket knife to disarm Jason's trap is just too much. I'd personally prefer to sacrifice a hand-held weapon than something that I so rarely have. Also there have been so many instances of someone playing Jason putting 2 or more (usually 3) traps on the phone and there is no way to disarm them all or even survive setting them off. I believe that is clear abuse and just sucks the fun out of the game so easily.
  2. I'm certain these have all been mentioned in other threads and I apologize in advance if I've missed these threads as I didn't feel like checking through each and every one posted. But these are my personal suggestions for changes: 1. A reporting system for players on console that could include a "create a clip" option if you're in spectator mode. There have been so many instances where I've wanted to report people attempting to or successfully exploiting map glitches or someone purposefully leading Jason directly to other counselors. Obviously, this won't stop someone that could be in party chat calling out locations of counselors if they're dead and spectating as well or not walking Jason directly towards a counselor, but there have been many times I've encountered a counselor sticking by Jason's side as they lead them to others. 2. A reporting system on consoles in general that might have safety measures implemented so it cannot be abused.. such as not allowing a single account to report another more than once. 3. I have seen this mentioned and commented on other threads suggesting a "vote to kick" feature. This would be very handy, especially if made so the vote cannot occur until after the round is over so it wouldn't be abused to just kick Jason and receive free survival XP. 4. Something i haven't seen suggested yet- I have pretty trashy internet. Not bad enough that it affects me playing in other lobbies where the host has more adequate internet, but bad enough that I'd rather NOT be made a host of a lobby when I'm trying to find a match to play in. I'd love the option to opt out of hosting a lobby. I feel like this could make it easier to find lobbies with open spaces rather than being put in a lobby alone where I am host... 5 times in a row. I understand it could make my matchmaking experience take longer, but I'd be willing for that wait in order to avoid having to re-queue every time I need to close a lobby where I am made host.
  3. This would be interesting, although as Daimyo mentioned.. probably difficult and very time-consuming to implement. What your post made me think of, however, is a nice feature to report surviving players if they are exploiting or cheating in some way. If you catch someone leading Jason to other counselors for example, hit a button to create a clip and submit it as a report to the team, especially for PS4 and XB1 players since screenshots can be difficult.
  4. I agree that for Tommy's shotgun alone it would make sense for him to have at least 3 shots. I think 5 is a little excessive but for those players who have trouble aiming especially when Jason is zig-zagging back and forth.. it'd be helpful. But if given too much extra ammo then I imagine it'd be incredibly frustrating for Jason as I believe up to 2 shotguns can spawn on maps. Perhaps if the stun cool-down lowered slightly for each shotgun blast Jason takes, that could give more equal ground and not make Tommy look like a tool for only bringing one shotgun shell when he got a radio call about Jason being back.
  5. I think this would be a great idea, as well as making sure it's only done after a match ends/while in lobby. I would also love to see a report system on PS4 or XB1, though it would be difficult as I'm sure trolls would abuse this to get someone's account suspended or banned. So I'm not entirely certain how that could be implemented so false reports wouldn't be so prevalent.
  6. I can understand the reasoning behind removing TK. However, I have shot someone before for purposefully leading Jason to me (as they were obviously in a party and the person was walking with Jason to me.) It actually makes things a little easier on trolls.. as they can lead Jason to you without consequence and now follow you around maps just smacking the hell out of your character. The difficulty with putting a red indicator on a traitor is people may confuse that with Jason's red indicator. Also, how would you solve the issue of someone being marked as a traitor if someone gets attacked but kills the traitor and then they become marked as traitor? I think a vote to kick or just leaving it without TK is the easiest solution to trolls. Also a reporting system on PS4 or XB1 would be amazing.
  7. I think my favorite is between Part 2 or Part 3. Part 4 isn't too bad, though, and first intro to Tommy Jarvis via Corey Feldman.
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