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  1. Why is that? If you are Jason you can prevent Tommy from coming and also them from killing you, and if you're counselor can call Tommy for help.
  2. When I am Jason I want to know where the Tommy house is to stop him from coming, and when I am counselor I want to call him for help.
  3. It's very annoying when I mute toxic players and they don't stay muted.
  4. Sometimes when I am chasing someone in the car they just sit there and I can't stop the car because they just reverse immediately or vice versa. Jason has not counter for this at all, and this needs to be fixed. I can't count how many times this tactic has screwed me over.
  5. This is cool, but Legendary perks should have no negative, I hate rolling a Legendary only to find out it has some stupid side effect.
  6. Hell fucking no, especially after they said they would not release new content even if the lawsuit was settled tomorrow, plus never gave us Uber.
  7. Wow that really sucks, at least finish and release Uber Jason and the Grendal before the lawsuit starts.
  8. Yes please this is very annoying that you can't play with friends anymore.
  9. Yeah of course games end, but this one just fucking started and we are pissed off about it.
  10. Change the gamma just makes the colors looked washed out, stop spreading this fake fix.
  11. It's so annoying after a match, it drops you in the main menu and you can't play with the people you enjoyed playing with before.
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