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  1. No,you really want this game totally dead don't you? Even increasing the stun cool down would still mean you could potentially stun him the entire match meaning players would adapt pretty quickly and pinata parties would return.I'm about done with this game now on PC.It's hard to get a decent ping now and if you rely on throwing knives which I do it renders them pretty useless.The game already favors the counselors IMO and you want to nerf Jason. NO he's been nerfed too many times over the last 3 years.
  2. UPDATE... Just was on Jarvis map. The rock glitch in the south part of the map has also been fixed!! Only Pinehurst is left to test.
  3. They clearly told you there would be NO host migration, I knew that weeks ago. I don't know why you are surprised by that
  4. Well so far the host has rage quit every match when about to be killed or killed. Good news the 2 rock glitches on Higgins small are FIXED!!!! No more rock climbing on that map. I haven't been on Jarvis or Pinehurst to see if those rock glitches are fixed. I read that Sliding is still possible(go figure) but have yet to confirm whether that is true. The Saving Data Loop is STILL a problem when rolling perks.
  5. Hey I'd be all for that also at least as Jason you'd have a better opportunity to still get to the tower power if you missed it on your first morph because if you miss it now it's highly unlikely Tommy hasn't been called even using part 2 Jason. It would give people more incentive to play repair characters also.
  6. I'm afraid that might be indeed the case and I'm on PC.
  7. They stated many times over countless topics that Savini would NEVER be up for sale even if it meant to keep up the dedicated servers for a bit longer. I don't agree with the logic but it isn't my decision either. It probably wouldn't generate enough money to keep them open much longer anyway, servers are expensive.
  8. OK, those were the main ones people were using especially the big rock formation behind the main house on Higgins Small map.
  9. Did the rock glitch/exploit on Higgins Small, Jarvis, and Pinehurst all get fixed?
  10. I don't know about letting counselors know but as Jason HELL YES I definitely care and I'm no slouch as Jason.This was my suggestion all along to make killing Jason much harder. It never did make sense to me that Jason can see everything but a big tower on his map.
  11. Yeah you can't open source a game with a IP unless you have some kind of agreement with the IP owner and that is still in court on who the IP belongs to.
  12. All you have to do is use your map or look around or see who's left alive.All of these will keep you from being idle kicked.
  13. As I pointed out if I stay and do nothing and go hide what good am I to everyone else? Am I being selfish? Maybe, but I know I'm not the only one. At least I'm being honest about it. I don't like playing counselor 90% of the time, crucify me. I can just as easily commit suicide at the nearest window or get idle kicked.I know someone is going to say go find a bunch of people to play with in private matches who will let me be Jason every time. Easier said than done especially on PC where there is only 400 people playing at peak times. Everyone on here can hate me now. The game is on it's death bed anyway once dedicated servers go away. I won't be playing hardly at all then.
  14. I must be a a--hole then. I've had this debate many times. If the person only wants to be Jason and leaves, yes the rest of the lobby is "short handed" but if that person stays and does nothing what is the difference if they left or not? They are not obligated to do anything and can go hide in tent, outhouse, under a bed until Jason finds them. I know a few players that do this when they are not chosen. The only solution which isn't going to happen is make the offline bots smarter so they are somewhat of a challenge, adding more pocket knives and firecrackers did not make them really any harder. If the bots were a challenge the whole "Jason Main" thing wouldn't be a issue. Penalizing leaving is NOT the answer either, that will just create trolls.
  15. Wasn't the boat startup in the game at launch? I seem to recall it was.
  16. I'd rather have the old combat mechanics where you had instant block and instant slash out of block and meat shielding.
  17. It's been suggested many times that make Rage strictly based on a time factor not damage factor. If Jason receives minimal to no damage as it is now he doesn't get rage until close to the 15 minute mark. Has anyone ever tested exactly how long it is? I'm pretty sure it's longer than 10 minutes but maybe not quite 15. I believe this would be the happy medium.That way the gangbanging Jason players can have their fun for X amount of time and not get him in rage any faster. It would allow players who actually try and fix things maximum amount of time without the worry of a raging Jason in the first 5 minutes.
  18. I could deal with this much change but you definitely don't want the pinata parties to come back.
  19. Not true if you are very detailed in your report and have enough video evidence of definite hacking JKB has been getting better at banning hackers on Steam.I just reported someone recently and they got banned. Again it has to be a true hack, exploits like rock glitches or sliding or abduction are NOT going to get banned.
  20. Amen brother! Sogreth doesn't want to hear the truth. He's always complaining on the Steam discussion board.
  21. Well the rights dispute is still going on number 1 and you can't seem to accept the fact that there is no more content going to be added to this game, it's been too long. We are only going to get bug and exploit fixes and probably not very many more of those .The dedicated severs are going away and in my opinion at least on PC platform will be the nail in the coffin.
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