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  1. Depends on the eye of the beholder, I was trying to see if he is as "squeaky" clean as he claims.😉 If he is he wouldn't even use that, see what I mean? Some do consider it a "exploit" or a "crutch" as he put it.
  2. You can honestly say you never used combat stance to chop down a door faster?
  3. I figured it wasn't true,don't know where they get these rumors from. However Matt you need to get that department on it's toes as I've submitted a few videos and only 1 person has received a ban out of the 3 people I've caught. about to upload another to YouTube. All players having un-selectable characters as either their Jason or counselor. Mostly Uber/Jason X but the one had their counselor as Tommy Jarvis.
  4. It's not 10 minutes if he doesn't take hardly any damage it's 15 minutes been tested. They only "boosted" it once and the ones that are complaining are the same ones who cried and moaned that Jason was too OP at game launch that the devs "listened" to them and kept nerfing Jason almost every update either directly or indirectly until he was a pinata.The previous rage mode basically didn't do much other than allow you to get through doors/walls faster.If those players actually concentrated on working together and getting objectives done the rage buff wouldn't be that much of a factor.Perfect example happened to me just recently and I'm no slouch as Jason.The lobby I had took advantage of Jason's biggest weakness. He can't be at 2 places at the same time.I hate to admit it but this group was good.They managed to tank all my traps get both cars going and while I was trying to stop the 4 seater they pocket knifed the phone trap and got the cops called. Now if every lobby did this Jason doesn't stand much of a chance. I think they were using Discord to communicate which IMO is cheating but..... I'll tell you the biggest indirect Nerf Jason got was allowing objective parts to be shown on the map after they have been found.Makes it way too easy for counselors IMO.
  5. I read either on Facebook or Steam discussion board that Jason Kills Bugs will no longer work after the 1st of the year. Is there any truth to this? If so then they might as well make the game free to play because hackers are running wild on PC version, I may have to switch to PS4 if this is the case. I don't think many have hacked the console versions.
  6. I've submitted 2 videos of 3 people with Uber Jason/Jason X as their selected Jason in waiting lobby fairly recently and so far NONE of them have been banned. I was afraid of this once the servers went away and the final patch was released that the hackers will have a hay day and it is seems as if I'm correct.
  7. Somethin, Brock666 is quite correct as I can attest to this as well. It errors even if you go slow. It's way to picky at least on PC it is. You can buy/roll 1 perk sell it and roll for another and it will error most of the time. It shouldn't be that picky but at least it doesn't lock up the game like before. It still needs to be looked at but it probably won't.
  8. Yep, throwing knives are the key to slowing those bothersome Vanessa players.There are a few good tutorials on quick tossing on YouTube.
  9. They have been gone for a month it's peer to peer connections now and bots while I'd like them to be better are low priority as they are still looking into things that were suppose to be fixed with the most recent patch like sliding.Bots are unfortunately never going to get any better.
  10. Rights dispute is not over so they couldn't if they wanted to.
  11. Oh I 100% agree on this one,if part 4 just had neutral shift he'd be a total beast even with 3 traps. Savini who?
  12. Well the dedicated servers were definitely the cause of the random counselor/Jason glitch. I have YET to see that happen in P2P, no more fubar Jasons or counselors you didn't select.That's about the ONLY good thing that P2P was good for. I am glad that all the rock glitches are gone as well especially the HHS rock behind main house.
  13. So in your opinion 9 and 7 are better with only 3 traps? I can't agree with that. 2 more traps makes up for any "weakness" 8 has compared to those 2. IMO
  14. I very rarely go less than 6/8 on PC regardless of who is in the lobby unless I'm having a bad connection.
  15. Well not everyone has Savini so IMO 8 is probably the closest thing to him but 5 and 3 I agree they are pretty close to each other depending how you play. It just seems 5's abilities come back quicker to me than 3's do.Just maybe a Jedi mind trick the cooldowns are probably the same.I prefer the longer stalk and I was deadly with knives till P2P kicked in. 5 just gets poo pooed because it's not really Jason which I don't care. 4 IMO is total garbage unless you do nothing but slash.
  16. Well you are only going to use the new account to buy and play F13 and nothing else. You can still use your original account to play anything else you may have in your library.You probably aren't getting that ban removed regardless.
  17. That won't matter with a new Steam account. I had to do it due to my stepson. Once you have a brand new Steam account there will be no bans what so ever on that new account.Just buy the game again.I know it will suck with no weapon swap or no perks and have to earn all your badges and stuff but...
  18. Most if any macro progams are NOT detected by EAC and it is nearly impossible to prove if someone is using one especially on the E key. It is humanly possible to be as fast as most macros,there are plenty of You tubes to prove this. They sell custom mice with macro buttons now, I know people are using these now. Doesn't matter if the video is gone off You Tube or where ever it was as long as JKB saw it before it got removed. What ever you were doing must have been pretty obvious or you wouldn't have been banned. If it was just getting out of grabs quickly due to the macro I'd say you may have a case especially when you can buy turbo controllers or special mice that can do the same thing.The terms of service says 3rd party software but NOTHING about hardware like special mice or controllers. As I said you MAY have a case. Game is only 15$ now anyway,just create a brand new Steam account with a new E mail address and buy the game again and start at ground zero.It probably be easier than debating with support.
  19. If you received a ban, it was for good reason and it must have been pretty obvious on video evidence or if you used a 3rd party cheat program like a lag switcher and it got detected. I let my stepson have access to my Steam library via family share and he used a lag switching program which ended up not only him getting banned but myself as well because I am responsible for anyone who I allow access to my Steam games. I had to create a whole new account and buy the game again and start from scratch.That is probably your only option too.
  20. Like I said, take it with a grain of salt.I told him to go to Guns HQ and help them out if he is so knowledgeable. LOL He only lives a few hours away from Lexington KY. ANOTHER UPDATE on known exploit spots. Pinehurst rock glitch by east side boat exit has also been fixed!! You can no longer get on the slab of rock there. So to my knowledge there is only 1 map exploit spot that Jason cannot get you and it's on Pack large map.
  21. According to a "programmer" who claims he knows Unreal 4 engine on the Steam forums says a believable Jason AI is NOT as hard as Gun is claiming it is and basically saying Gun is lying about that and a number of things and are just plain lazy.Take it with a grain of salt but that is what he claims.Copied and pasted from Steam forum...They're lying, it's not hard at all, especially for programmers that they *should* have for a game of this budget. I work with UE4 and it's not difficult to make an aggressive AI even to have the behavior trees and bp's necessary for the Jason abilities e.g. He also claims host migration is very easy to implement also.
  22. Well unless exploit finders found a new method to get up on the rock formation on HHS behind main house NO I haven't seen any and I've actually tried to do the old method on both HHS and Jarvis and was not successful. I haven't checked Pinehurst yet and there is 1 exploit spot on Pack Large that wasn't fixed.
  23. Not on PC trust me.There is a certain player on PC that I encounter quite often who uses a macro to do it from the start of the match till the end. I will not violate forum rules and name and shame but I can supply a partial video of this player if you want in a private message.He also uses hacks as he gets out of grabs with no pocket knife instantly and he is still not banned as I submitted my evidence to JKB.
  24. That was fixed either previous patch or the one before that,If they aren't moving now then this last patch must have messed it up again.
  25. Umm Yes they did. I tried to get up on it post patch yesterday and I couldn't unless there is a updated method of getting up there. I could see the change they made to the rock where you spammed crouch to get up there. I tried the spamming crouch method to no avail . If players are still getting up there,there must be a new method to do it. The rock glitch over by the barn has also been fixed.
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