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  1. Long story, it's a dispute between the director and writer of the very first F13 movie. Copy right laws says that after 35 years you can file a claim for any material you created and get your rights back especially if it went on to make tons of money. Victor Miller did such and Sean Cunningham is saying that he was an "employee" was paid once and is not entitled to anything more. It went to court and Victor won initially. Sean then appealed the decision and it has been in legal limbo since and Covid happened so it's dragging on and on. The entire future of the franchise hangs in the balance so Sean put a halt to any new F13 merch or anything which in turn affected the developers ability to add any more new stuff to the game so Gun basically threw in the towel since their hands were tied . Readers digest version.
  2. Well as soon as you enter a waiting lobby it is obvious it's a hacked lobby as you can see more than 8 people in the lobby screen. I usually just leave right then and there and it usually says it's a "server". I did stay once or twice and I went straight for the sweater and it was on HHB and the shack was not on the island so I swam out and there is that little tiny shack and hid the rest of the match and survived the night and got 700,000 xp not that I needed it.
  3. Punishments will = more trolls. As I said they will find other ways they can't be punished for and start doing those things.Example taking objective parts and hiding for as long as possible or just hoarding objective parts in general with no intentions of using them. Block you in no escape rooms or corners with either a shotgun or flare gun. Just a few examples of what would happen.
  4. I don't even bother recording evidence now and submitting it. I'm just wasting my time that person will just return within a matter of minutes even IF they get a ban and be hacking again.
  5. I tend to agree PC/Steam is a hackers paradise now and they have a software that keeps them from getting banned now. Almost every other lobby I enter is a hacked lobby with like 50 players. Seemingly NOTHING is going to be done about it either. I don't think I'll be buying any more games from them either if they can be hacked so easily.Jasonkillsbugs is a total joke now.
  6. Umm yeah that's why I said it was almost 3 years ago. It's a click bait thing that appeared on one of the Facebook F13 game pages yesterday or day before. It's old news that just got brought back to the surface just like necro posts that have been coming back on here as of late.Really wish people would pay more attention when they read these things.Just like you'll see a dead celebrity repost that they think just happened and that celebrity has been dead a number of years.
  7. I've heard nothing, that "victory" they mention was almost 3 years ago.It's still in appeals court last I heard anything.Larry hasn't updated any info in quite sometime but I don't follow his twitter either. It wouldn't mean anything as far as this game goes anyway if that is what you are thinking.
  8. It is going to take one of those 2 old guys to die before that dispute is settled.
  9. To my knowledge NO the Salt mines have not been reinstated.They got bigger fish to fry than worrying about rage quitting hosts or rage quitting in general.They need to concentrate on PC hacking.It is almost to the point of unplayable on Steam anymore and banning them doesn't work.They have a software work around the bans and they are back hacking in minutes even if one account does get banned. I've said this countless times that punishing rage quitters be they host or not or teamers will just create trolls. Once they come back from their "punishment" they are just going to find other ways to make your gaming experience as miserable as possible since they can't leave or team without being punished again. Do you really want lobbies full of trolls? Hacking should be #1 priority right now .For those who aren't on PC you have no idea what is going on right now. About every other lobby I enter is a hacked lobby anymore.
  10. Why is this being a try hard? It's a defensive strategy against try hard kill squads.
  11. Yeah It's happening all the time on PC and Seemingly NOTHING is being done about it. I'm about ready to buy the game on PS4 and get away from PC.
  12. I'm at least 85% accurate on the Tommy box but I've spent hours upon hours playing the bots trying to get the spawns down when there is no visual clue in the opening video and I have studied Tommy 86's guide. I'm not so much speaking for myself but for the more "casual" or new players that are struggling against a group of experienced Jason hunters.They don't stand a chance and there in lies the problem.Yeah we more experienced players can handle it.However we tend to turn a blind eye to the "average" player who aren't going to "study" and learn which probably has caused many to refund or never play the game again.We all know there is NO mercy shown to newer players. Imaging you just bought this game and get to be Jason "thinking" you are pretty much unstoppable killing machine and you get in a lobby full of 150 level Jason hunters and you are lying dead with a machete or Axe buried in your head in less than 5 minutes.Most would never play the game again I know I wouldn't. No level matching is one of the major flaws in this game along with no host migration. I was merely making a suggestion to make killing Jason as hard as possible which it should be dang near impossible. Just my opinion.
  13. I still maintain that despite them eventually getting the call off every minute without Tommy gives you more opportunity to "thin the heard" especially of all the females in the lobby.
  14. That is your opinion which I respect, I just don't agree with it. Being bad really isn't the issue, it's the ease of the kill that is.You are not on PC correct? PC totally different animal than PS4 or Xbox. Many kill squads on PC using discord. Almost everyone agrees including yourself that even after the rage and tiny mask durability buff it is still ridiculously easy to kill Jason.You are forced to play defense from the start of the match.What better defense than knowing you have at least delayed or totally prevented Tommy from getting called. It's not like he can't be called at all.They could tank or PK every trap you put on there,which I've had happen. Some teams I've come against are relentless. Jason shouldn't have to play defensively and he wouldn't if the kill was as hard to achieve as possible. My "solution" may not be the best but it doesn't make Jason any more OP really and another buff of some kind would. I kind of liked the all power boxes needing to be fixed before you could call Tommy also but that is basically the same as what I'm suggesting. MUTE discussion now anyway neither is going to happen.
  15. People who get so good at driving they can out maneuver most Jason players and troll him all over the map for 10+ minutes and usually run anyone they didn't pick up over. 2 people on PC are famous for doing this.
  16. I haven't trapped it recently due to all the influx of noobs from the Steam sale which doesn't end till the 6th.I'm becoming more confident. I will trap the Tommy power if I get it first morph which I still try and do or if I'm pretty damn sure that cabin hasn't been touched. General rule of thumb if you don't get the Tommy power 1st morph you automatically assume he's been called unless like I said I'm pretty confident that cabin hasn't been tampered with and that's rare except maybe on Jarvis or Pinehurst. I don't encounter very many kill squads since this sale started..
  17. Bologna! Yes Jason players would morph to the Tommy box first and trap it BUT he couldn't stand around and camp it.That would be stupid for any Jason player to do.The others will just get objectives done and escape while Jason is guarding the Tommy box. It wouldn't benefit the counselors that much regardless if they knew or not. Jason could get the power knocked out faster than they could make the call about 99% of the time. I can get the Tommy box 85% 1st morph just buy playing over 3000 hours and Tommy 86's guide increased my accuracy at least 10%. Even when I get the Tommy box 1st morph and trap it I don't camp it. As you can see I can prevent or delay Tommy a vast majority of the time. You just don't want killing Jason to be any harder. That is really why you you are so much against letting Jason see where the tower is. It's never going to happen but I'd love to see it. The Jason kill needs to be made more difficult and I will maintain that this solution to that problem is a good happy medium. He only has so many traps and he can't stay in that area to camp or risk objectives getting done.
  18. Seemingly not but I'll cut them some slack till Monday the 4th due to the holidays as you can see Matt hasn't chimed in on this thread so there is probably nobody around.
  19. All well and good till you get banned.And YES they were banning people for using these "files".
  20. Yes really bad.I think they released it too early to be honest. I don't have the game but all the reviews are trashing CD Projeckt RED for not properly testing before releasing.They are even offering refunds it's so bad. I guess it's a bit better now after a number of patches but it's too late they already have a big old egg on their face and proved they are no better than any other developer.
  21. Now they are in HOT water and can't really be trusted anymore than all the others with the recent Cyberpunk Fiasco.
  22. On the fence on this. I myself don't have a problem with people using mods say like unreleased kills ,clothing,even Uber Jason if it causes absolutely no harm to the game. HOWEVER on the flip side of that, you are technically stealing from Gun Media who could have charged money for such things and Horror inc would get a cut of that too. Also violating a licensing agreement. If theses "mods" which are in the game files were available to everyone to use no harm no foul then I'd be more OK with it. It's unfair that some have the knowledge to access these files and not everyone so you have to draw the line somewhere. No different than the Savini Jason argument that everyone should be able to access him.
  23. I'm about done with this game on PC.It's become a hackers paradise and nothing is being done about it.JKB is a total waste of time now.They were questionable before the final patch but now ? Forget it. There are at least 2 hackers taking over.I'll try and explain it best I can because it's a total cluster F_CK.They can take over a lobby seemingly whether they are host or not.There are like 50 players in 1 match and they can teleport the entire lobby into 1 spot and all hell breaks loose there are multiple Jasons ,friendly fire works only for the hackers and they have super speed. Hard to explain.. I'm going to 1 time break forum rules and post a video not going to block out players gamer tags,they constantly change them anyway thinking they won't get caught or banned. Really don't care anymore if I get a slap on the wrist by 1 of the admins.
  24. That kind of depends on the weapon being used. Pick Axe being a good example.Combat stancing a door with the pick axe is a pain in the butt at least to me it is. Part 9's axe is kinda that way too and sometimes 3's axe. I found a trick around those weapons using the default animation.You hit once using the default animation and quickly point the view directly behind you and LMB(pc) as fast as possible and it's nearly as fast as if you used combat stance. How to break down doors faster with default animation - YouTube
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