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  1. 1000% agree. Killing Jason should be a last ditch option for ANY group regardless of skill level. As much as Strigoi wants it to be, the game is not called Safari Hunt Jason although it could be as it stands right now.
  2. If it is a lobby full of experienced Jason hunters then of course killing Jason is by far the easiest win condition. If you think killing Jason is hard,I suggest you go watch some of Slash and Cast's older videos where they hunt Jason and they have faced some very good Jason players. Surviving the night is by far the hardest "win" condition unless it's a totally noob Jason player or by using a map glitch spot that Jason can't get to.
  3. It never got patched or the patch failed to fix it, that was suppose to been fixed in the final patch.
  4. That is really the only benefit is you can go from a very low level to close to 150 or to 150 in 1 match which is unfair to us really old timers who bought the the game at or near May 26 2017. I bought it I think June 7th and it took me until Halloween to finally get to 150.
  5. Everybody craps on Part 5 simply because it's Roy, not a real "Jason" the fact of the matter is if you are good at blocking he is easily top 3 as far as "Jason's" go. The devs in their infinite wisdom just gave Roy good strengths and no really terrible weaknesses and in the proper hands can wipe most lobbies.
  6. It's really not fun at all especially if you get to play as Jason. Really kind of pointless unless you want to be level 150 from a low level very quickly(700,000 XP in one match). I just go straight to the sweater now if I get stuck in one of these lobbies so they can't kill Jason.
  7. Just watch it'll give you a idea of what us PC users are dealing with.
  8. To my knowledge HHS the rock formation behind the main house is finally patched if that is the rock you are talking about. Unless there is a new method using the car.There is another rock glitch on HHS however but it is only usable if Jason's shack does NOT spawn by the barn and I've seen Jason's being able to get up there too but there is a trick to it. I try and keep up on all the glitch spots and how to counter them.
  9. If a Jason player is too lazy to go to You tube to get help with some very good tutorials on how to counter this that's on them. That's what I did. Wedge shift is usually the best counter to this or if you are good at quick toss use throwing knives especially on the long tables. I watched every Jason tips and tricks videos out there if I was struggling in a certain area. The answer to the OP is NO you cannot be banned for doing it.They weren't banning anyone for doing much worse i.e. Packanack roof, under the stairs Pinehurst. Shoot they aren't even banning legit hacking anymore I don't think. Gun has no clue how to stop the hackers IMO.The hackers have a profile generator to get around the bans now.
  10. He knows he's probably gonna lose to Miller again so he's trying to squeeze as much money as possible in order to pay Victor his due. Just my theory he's just being salty because he's pretty sure the appeal is not going to go his way.
  11. I think I'm one of the better Jasons on PC platform but I'm fully aware I have my weaknesses(I don't block near enough) so I don't rub it in unless I get some smart mouth on their mic who tea bagged or danced on me a few times and think they are hot sh_t .I'll adapt and get them most of the time but they'll still say "I kicked your ass Jason" in a message or over their mic.Umm I still killed you dumbass it doesn't matter how many stuns or hits you landed, you are dead.They are the same ones who run medic and thick skin and fast attacker. I know how to use Jason's abilities to their full potential and just because I'm good I get accused of being a hacker A LOT but there are tons of hackers on PC so I could see maybe they have a argument. I usually say in the post lobby If I were hacking I'd have killed everyone in like 2 minutes not 10 or 15. Latency is a major factor now and most players don't take that in account if they "lose" they just accuse you of hacking or just plain cheating.
  12. Can't argue that point and it seems the powers that be could care less. Not good customer service.
  13. In the water by the rope on South East corner not far off shore near the cabin. You can't drown them as the prompt won't appear they are too close to out of bounds. The only counter is throwing knives. Also on Crystal Small South shack location there is a rock glitch but Jason can get up on it by spamming grab . I had 2 counselors do both on me never saw these glitch spots before.
  14. On PC there would be maybe 50 people able to play after a day or 2. LOL Once they come back they will find other ways to ruin your experience that aren't bannable offenses. There are still too many game crashing bugs to implement that kind of a penalty system on PC. You could always claim your PC crashed which I still get fatal errors right in the middle of matches at least 1 a day.They would have to get the game 99 % crash free on PC to do what you suggest or people will be bitching to support saying I didn't rage quit your buggy game crashed I demand my ban be removed. Don't think they want that headache.
  15. Do this all the time,unless they have a pk they are dead meat.
  16. Exactly, it did not do what we all were told or led to believe it was suppose to do which was make killing Jason harder .It kind of actually had the opposite affect.The more experienced counselor players adapted very quickly and equipped the correct perks knowing that while he can't be stunned every hit you land unblocked is causing 100% of your weapons possible damage toward mask removal. If the mask durability were say doubled on top of what it was already increased to then I'd agree there should be no reason anyone should be rage quitting cause then if you are so bad at combat you still get your butt handed to you, you deserve what you get. I will always maintain that going for a Jason kill should be a fools errand 95% of the time but that's just me and it clearly is NOT.
  17. Again Devils advocate. By playing "keep way" they are likely to get objectives done anyway because they know you aren't gonna get too close for sweater range. It's a little more dignified than staying in in the water but the end results are probably the same. They'll just tank any throwing knives because they all are running thick skin, medic, hypochondriac. You can't really compare the movie to the game because in the game the devs decided to listen to all the complaints and made Jason a mere shadow of what he should be. Rage buff did basically nothing and neither did the mask durability to any degree that mattered.
  18. Well playing devils advocate, being that the level of difficulty of getting the kill is relatively easy regardless of the person playing Jason's skill level I can't 100% agree with you. If it were very difficult (more earned) the way it should be then yes. I myself if I get in a near death scenario will just keep morphing or shifting around collecting knives and make them chase me around the map hoping they will slip up but if not the timer runs out but I'm not "letting" them get the kill. Is that just as pussyfied? Maybe but I didn't rage quit. You gotta remember there are hackers on my platform as well.
  19. Doesn't appear to be. Won't be buying another game from Gun again when they won't even reply. Poor customer service. I understand no more patches but at least somewhat support your existing games by policing the hackers.
  20. Old exploit actually,it's been around for quite sometime.They do burn stamina doing this.
  21. Adding ways to kill Jason would not stop the amount of rage quitting that occurs in fact it would just increase the amount because the Jason players would rage quit more often.As I pointed out it's ridiculously easy to kill him as it stands. If anything it needs to be near impossible to kill him.
  22. Umm NO it's already too easy to kill Jason as it is.There is nothing new coming to the game final and last patch has come and gone.
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