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  1. Yeah he announced that after he experienced a modded/hacked lobby or 2 he was ONLY going to post videos of him playing OFFLINE against the AI counselors.You are breaking forum rules by the way by attempting to name and shame him. I have Jason X too but ONLY offline in a modded version of the game. It won't let me play online at all. I'm a stickler for banning hackers too,like I've reported and have gotten unauthorized Savini players banned before only because he is a viable Jason online and he is only meant for backers of the game. It's unfair for others who don't have him even though a quick search on a certain video hosting site will instruct you how to get him easily. It's rather pointless to ban anyone at this point now until they fix the hacked/modded lobby issue which IMO they won't be able to fix unless they change their stance on diving into the code which they have expressed they aren't going to do. The PC version is officially screwed right now.
  2. It was pure luck.I've tried just about every region. I heard Turkey was a decent region and I did find a few normal matches but my ping is horrible and still I ended up in a modded lobby after a few normal matches.
  3. Someone needs reminded that this was a kick starter game at first.How many kick start games end up being a success to F13's magnitude? Not very many. Wasn't even initially called F13 until they were offered the license. It was loosely based on F13 before then. Someone's expectations are a bit too high, that is part of the problem and I'm guilty of that as well to an extent.The license could have just as easily gone to say CD Projekt Red, Ubisoft, Bethesda, you name it but it didn't.
  4. @mattshotcha I apologize for any kind of problem voicing what was being said over on Steam but that board to be honest seemingly gets ignored and lots of folks get the impression their complaints or concerns aren't being read. The PC community is also extremely toxic so take that into consideration. I am just as guilty of getting frustrated at the situation but I understand it takes time to fix issues others are not as patient. To initially issue a "blanket" statement that the game is too far into it's life cycle to delve into fixing a issue was maybe a bit too hasty as you can see the severity of the issue got a ton worse to the point where you can't play the game online as intended. I've done as much as I can to provide evidence and information regarding the alleged person who is claiming responsibility for these issues.
  5. @OCT 31 1978 well Zombiefest(Dev that announces stuff on Steam discussion board) has pretty much put out that guys fire over on that board .He was spewing all kinds of things and throwing Matt under the bus. He really doesn't understand how game development works or refuses to accept how it works.He claimed he couldn't join this discussion board for some reason to voice his concerns on here he could only read it.
  6. Devils advocate this was his response when this problem was first brought up here. So one COULD get the impression they are "unwilling" to fix the problem as that person has read this discussion. Now the problem has grown into a HUGE problem as the game is unplayable online unless you jump through a bunch of hoops to do a "work around" which is a pain in the butt really. So here we are. I think they have to address this problem now regardless if they weren't going to before. Don't think they have much of a choice . They can't be selling a defective product knowing there is a problem.
  7. Ok this is copied and pasted from the Steam discussion board and NO it's NOT me. I'm seeing a LOT of this being spewed on there. The natives are getting restless. Moderators can remove if need be. The lawsuit isn't stopping Gun Media from fixing their game's code.Only laziness and an unwillingness to do the work to FIX THEIR STUFF is.That is 100% on the developers, now. Don't apologize for Matt Shotcha being lazy.
  8. Just a matter of time before the hackers catch on to this and disrupt this method also seeing what they are capable of. They are going to see this video and figure out a way.
  9. Someone has tried most of the regions and China is about the only one that seems relatively free of modded lobbies but they also don't recommend using China region for some reason.
  10. I agree they almost have to do something now or lose all remaining credibility plus as you say it is still for sale on Steam.As you pointed out I believe there are guidelines they have to adhere to.Steam needs to remove it from their library IMO.
  11. I have no video evidence to prove anything does that matter?All I can provide is the person's Steam URL. On top of that he is just claiming this stuff he could be full of BS but I know he is capable of hacking.I'm following him on Steam to keep track of his gamer tag as he changes it often.
  12. @mattshotcha Totally unplayable online just checked again after changing region, I'm in Ohio by the way.
  13. I suggest you go to the topic Hacked Lobbies but I have bad news the hacked lobbies are not getting fixed.
  14. wall2211 is 100% correct it is totally unplayable now online. You can't avoid a modded lobby now.You leave and you just get put back in with a character you didn't have selected it's usually Chad or Shelly. I can provide the Steam profile of the person who boasts that he created these "Servers" if you need it.Problem is he claims he is using a 30$ spoofing program to hide his true account. If he can be traced down he definitely needs a HWID ban.
  15. EAC from my understanding isn't designed to catch anything in the games files as far as actual manipulation of the game files which is what the hackers are doing. It only detects outside influences like trainers, Cheat Engine ,lag switching programs ,things of that nature but you are correct it's crap.DBD also uses EAC and they still get hacked but the difference there is they have a very good dev and support team to catch hackers relatively quickly and are quick to ban people.If anyone can shed more light or if I'm incorrect please feel free to correct me.
  16. Is it finally fixing "sliding" aka swing teleport? That was one of the main things the final patch was suppose to fix. Not that it really matters on PC anymore.Hackers and modded/hacked servers are far bigger pain than sliding but something is better than nothing. PC it is nearly impossible to find a "normal" lobby now.
  17. It's sad that they are just throwing in the towel after the "quick patch".If they aren't going to fix the modded/hacked server problem,I think the hey should at least track down the hackers and give them all a HWID ban on PC.From what I hear there's hardly anyone playing on consoles anymore either.
  18. I main part 5 and even though he may not have weapon strength he's almost as good as part 3(IMO)some think he's better. Anyway I get in this one group of 150's who just can't accept the fact they got outplayed.Everytime I kill either all of them or most of them at least 1 will claim I'm cheating or hacking.I got accused of using a aim bot last time I played against them and they threatened to send the evidence to Steam.I said go ahead I have nothing to hide. It's like they sit there with a stop watch and if they think you used shift too quickly they call you out. I said look if I was capable of hacking,I wouldn't be using a aim bot. I'd be giving myself unlimited abilities and throwing knives and unlimited traps and I'd be wiping you guys in like 3-5 minutes instead of 15-20.
  19. On PC format it really doesn't matter anymore.1 or 2 modded/hacked lobbies and you are at level 150 if the host or whoever is controlling these "servers" leaves. Once you get to 150 who cares? I'm getting to the point of not playing on Steam anymore.It's nearly impossible to find a "normal" lobby now. I don't care what Matt says. The hackers have completely taken over the Steam platform of the game and nothing is going to be done about it. I wish I had the ability to track these people down and Hardware ID ban their ass. Make them spend big bucks in order to play the game again.
  20. Biggest indirect nerf was allowing counselors to see objective parts after they have been found so if a counselor dropped say the keys or fuse in the middle of nowhere they could find them where as before the had to come across them by pure luck if nobody called out where they died(which was normally the case) gave Jason a little advantage. The biggest direct nerf was the grab by far which changed at least 2 times. Then the next one was where there were up to as many as 9(proven) and possibly as high as 12(reported never confirmed) pocket knives on a map. Luckily that didn't last too long. The change in combat stance whether intentional or not that happened when they upgraded the unreal engine.
  21. Well if were on PC which I know you aren't I'd say it was a hacker. Maybe the hackers have found a way to hack the consoles now as well. You can't blame lag on shifting too quickly after he just used it.
  22. Look I see your point but this is the game that put you on the map so to speak and it wouldn't be so dead IF they could control the hacking situation because that is just driving players away from the PC version of the game and gaining any potential new players because everyone is well aware it's a hackers paradise on PC. There won't be no next time for me. I'm DONE even with no rights dispute they couldn't fix major bugs and it took months between fixes or attempted fixes which usually caused more bugs. I will not buy another Gun Media game,they have lost any credibility they had with me. It's a shame because really without hackers the game is really not that glitchy or buggy anymore relatively speaking. Most of the map exploit places are limited to 3 maps now where as there were at least 1 on every map a few patches ago.
  23. @mattshotcha I apologize for sounding angry but it's due to frustration on PC platform. I don't think you realize the severity of the hacker problem. If they can create these servers and it does say official servers when you enter one of these lobbies how are they accomplishing that? Are they actually paying for a server? I'm no coder or hacker so above my knowledge. I can tell you this that if you threaten to report hackers in lobby chat they just simply laugh at you. They say go ahead My profile is hidden the one you see is just some random Steam person who may not even own the game. I'm using a VPN I'm invincible. It is harming Guns already bad reputation by not supporting their own game even just a little bit. I understand the way it works .I myself will never buy another game produced by this company because there is no guarantee the next game might suffer the same fate. I'm not the only one who feels this way.IMO it's not good business practice just to simply throw in the towel.
  24. Well not to sound out of line BUT 666 kind of has a point even if all of what he said is a bit over the top. This is the first time I've seen you respond to this issue on this forum and it has been a issue for quite sometime.Sorry I don't use Reddit or Twitter. It is a MAJOR problem on PC and what you suggest is good in theory but if you leave these "hacked" lobbies to try and find another normal lobby you more often than not get sucked right back in that same lobby, it's a vicious circle.The hackers have taken over the PC version they are nearly impossible to avoid now. According to you basically nothing can be or will be done about it.I've given up reporting hacker with evidence because they use "FAKE" Steam accounts so they aren't really getting banned it's just some random account that gets banned.They are using a Steam account generator to get around the bans.
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