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  1. It boils down to how easy it is to kill him.Even a totally new player should have a relatively decent chance to thwart off even the most experienced kill squad IF the kill was as difficult as it should be just my personal opinion.I'm taking teaming out of the scenario. 1.333% chance was established way back at the beginning by the actual programmers who would know all the ins and outs of the game. That was before any nerfs happened of course but in my opinion it should be no higher than a 3% chance regardless of skill level,I guarantee it's more around 15- 20% or higher now.

  2. Because to be brutally honest the way they went about this game left most everyone with a bad taste in their mouths.Even before the rights dispute it was months between patches or fixes when it should only be a couple weeks or a month at the most. Who is to say they won't have the same problems with their next project. I myself lost all faith in them.I hate to say that but just my opinion. Their inability to thwart hackers speaks volumes.It is impossible to play online on PC as intended and I'm almost 100% sure the issue isn't going to get fixed.

  3. @Strigoi you are missing the point which seems to be another problem you have.Matt and the forum moderators have been locking all threads recently that has anything to do with that other "edition" of the game.So mentioning that here is just going to get this thread locked also.Again it's blatantly obvious they don't want it discussed any further so stop bringing it up. Pretty simple.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Fatal Error said:

    I try to report the people who host these lobbies on steam, but it doesn't seem to have any consequence.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the "host" of these lobbies are host in name only and NOT necessarily the person responsible for creating the "hacked" lobby because if my memory serves me correctly when I entered one of these lobbies I was "host" but had no control over the map or anything. Most if not all incoming players are being routed into these servers instead of being matched peer to peer and it just randomly selects a "host". At least that is my theory.

  5. Servers cost money do they not? They aren't real cheap either from what I understand. So they are paying to keep servers up 24/7 just to disrupt normal game play and to punish people who reported their hacks? Isn't there a way to trace these servers down and see who is paying for them and shut them down?

  6. 14 hours ago, gettodachappa said:

    game needs to be balanced so a counselor escaping should be 50%

    Totally your opinion. I don't agree with it. I got this game a week after release knowing full well that as a counselor, I was going to die a LOT not 50% of the time. Granted the game today is no where near what it was back then as there have been many nerfs indirectly or directly to Jason since then. So the pendulum did sway more toward the counselors until the rage buff and puny mask durability buff. If you truly expect you should survive/escape 50% of the time, again you bought the wrong game.

  7. 6 hours ago, Strigoi said:

    Jason should not be beat or slapped around like some sort of joke.

    Well really he shouldn't be that's the whole reason why rage mode was enhanced.Before rage buff I saw plenty of reputable good Jason players take a butt whoopin and there was little they could do about it because block is not 100% effective, combat stance is garbage and kill squads knew exactly how to exploit all the animation delays that Jason gets stuck in especially the pocket knife animation.You still can get 1 free shot on him if timed right to this day. You are suppose to die at least 80% of the time. Don't like it find another game.

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  8. @Strigoi treading lightly here but the mods and videos you are seeing are from a independent group NOT associated with Gun nor Horror Inc. The official game is DONE PERIOD.NO more content coming so don't be ASSUMING things and spreading your assumptions which you have a REAL bad problem with. If there was ANY plans at all they would have kept the servers going.Also I wouldn't hold my breath on those independent people. They've been shut down every time shortly before their project  even saw the light of day. I will be very surprised if they are successful this time.

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  9. I'm surprised that this thread has gone this far as Strigoi pointed out. The sad part is these people claim to have solved or got around the modded  lobby/server problem and claim to have a better anti cheat system and will have zero tolerance for True hacking.I don't consider anything these people are doing a "hack" per say.They are just doing cosmetic enhancements which they are seemingly better at than Illfonic or Black Tower could do. How come they can fix the problems with the matchmaking with no financial support that we know of? Gun should be hiring these guys they are doing this out of dedication and out of their own pocket. They seemingly have no trouble manipulating the game code and it seemingly is not a "Pandora's Box" .

  10. They are making some bold claims such as a much improved anti cheat system and they claim hackers will be handled with much swifter bans and they are claiming no "hacked/modded" lobbies/servers. I know they aren't charging anything for it but it is still technically illegal regardless.

  11. This is like their 3rd attempt to release a complete "alternative" version of the game. Their last attempt was suppose to be back in November.Every time it comes close to time to release Gun or other powers that be managed to shut their Discord channel down and their version of the game never got released.I'm not holding my breath on it.They claim it will be released on the 4th anniversary of the game May 26.

  12. The patch is not addressing the matchmaking/hacked lobby situation that is a separate issue of it's own. I myself don't think the hacked lobby problem will be solved.I know they'll try and fix it but to no avail. Unless they change their mind about diving into the main code of the game which Matt has made that pretty clear they are NOT going to those lengths to solve the problem. I hope I'm wrong and they can find a solution but I'm not holding my breath.

  13. 2 hours ago, I'm Not a Goalie said:

    temporary bans for leaving early aren't and likely never were a thing

    Well the Salt mines were in effect for a short period of time but failed miserably.They were easy to get out of.There are still to this day bugs that cause 'fatal errors" and crash the game. I get at least 1 a day so they could never enforce a policy like that anyway.

  14. I agree and as I said I don't condone hacking in a online environment if it's giving the person a unfair advantage.I have NEVER seen a Jason X online in a match with the stats he is suppose to have.I've only ever seen a Part 8 with Jason X skin way back a long time ago. tyrant666 has a excellent point they'll have to ban Slash and Cast also who have won content creator awards on this site.They have recently shown all the unreleased content as far as kills and they have shown Jason X on the Grendel map. We are kind of splitting hairs here.Should these content creators get banned showing unauthorized content in a OFFLINE setting? I guess if you want to follow the letter of the law. They don't enforce the 13th point AT ALL or they would have pretty much nobody playing the game as it basically says if you purposely rage quit too many times you are suppose to receive a temporary ban .I've never heard anyone getting  a temporary ban..  IMO until they use these mods online and it gives them a advantage, I don't think they should be banned. Let's leave that up to the powers that be.

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  15. 15 minutes ago, gettodachappa said:

    they dont ban anyone

    That's 100% wrong,They do ban people with video evidence.Before the modded lobby situation got worse my submitted videos got at least 4 people banned, one of them keeps harassing me on my 1 you tube video I had to disable the comments.

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  16. 4 hours ago, The Rain said:

    hey I don't say profile or anything.

    Umm yes his name is on the video it doesn't matter if you provided his Steam URL or not it is still considered naming and shaming so YOU are guilty of breaking rules yourself so it's the pot calling the kettle black. He is causing NO harm to anyone, technically YES he is using a modded version of the game and IF he was using those mods to gain a unfair advantage in a actual ONLINE match then YES I agree he should get banned.He most likely will now that you raised a stink about it and sent a report to JKB. I myself don't think he should be for now.I have NEVER seen him use any type of actual cheating in any of his past videos in fact he gets upset if he comes across a hacker or someone using a map exploit and if someone rage quits so he doesn't approve of actual "cheating" himself. I suppose you are gonna comb You Tube now because there are content creators showing not only Jason X but the unfinished Grendel map too which you can't do unless you "modify" the game files.

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