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  1. Well it's kind of hard NOT to see a big red and white tower with a red light on it and it shows you in a lot of the intro videos to certain maps if you know where to look in the video.There are only 2 maps that don't show it in any intro videos and that is Pack small and Jarvis. You play enough hours and you can guess it about 50% and someone took the time to research the % chance on all the configurations where it possibly could be and issued a guide. You can't stop that. I suggest you re watch Part 8 if you think he has no abilities.
  2. It boils down to how easy it is to kill him.Even a totally new player should have a relatively decent chance to thwart off even the most experienced kill squad IF the kill was as difficult as it should be just my personal opinion.I'm taking teaming out of the scenario. 1.333% chance was established way back at the beginning by the actual programmers who would know all the ins and outs of the game. That was before any nerfs happened of course but in my opinion it should be no higher than a 3% chance regardless of skill level,I guarantee it's more around 15- 20% or higher now.
  3. Because to be brutally honest the way they went about this game left most everyone with a bad taste in their mouths.Even before the rights dispute it was months between patches or fixes when it should only be a couple weeks or a month at the most. Who is to say they won't have the same problems with their next project. I myself lost all faith in them.I hate to say that but just my opinion. Their inability to thwart hackers speaks volumes.It is impossible to play online on PC as intended and I'm almost 100% sure the issue isn't going to get fixed.
  4. How will we know any progress on modded lobby issue once the forum is shut down?
  5. Nope to my knowledge Salt mine died along time ago, It was a waste of time anyway IMO. Punishing quitters just creates trolls, if they can't leave or be punished they will resort to trolling once their punishment is over.
  6. Reports of sliding still happening but not confirmed.
  7. So the question remains this group of hackers is paying to keep X amount of servers up and running 24/7 is there not a way to trace where these servers are and possibly block them or shut them, down?
  8. @Strigoi you are missing the point which seems to be another problem you have.Matt and the forum moderators have been locking all threads recently that has anything to do with that other "edition" of the game.So mentioning that here is just going to get this thread locked also.Again it's blatantly obvious they don't want it discussed any further so stop bringing it up. Pretty simple.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the "host" of these lobbies are host in name only and NOT necessarily the person responsible for creating the "hacked" lobby because if my memory serves me correctly when I entered one of these lobbies I was "host" but had no control over the map or anything. Most if not all incoming players are being routed into these servers instead of being matched peer to peer and it just randomly selects a "host". At least that is my theory.
  10. Didn't I warn you about making assumptions and speculations? I guess some people never learn.This topic will be locked now. I predict they will get shut down,just wait and see. They obviously aren't tolerating any discussions about this project on here just drop it!!!!!
  11. Servers cost money do they not? They aren't real cheap either from what I understand. So they are paying to keep servers up 24/7 just to disrupt normal game play and to punish people who reported their hacks? Isn't there a way to trace these servers down and see who is paying for them and shut them down?
  12. Totally your opinion. I don't agree with it. I got this game a week after release knowing full well that as a counselor, I was going to die a LOT not 50% of the time. Granted the game today is no where near what it was back then as there have been many nerfs indirectly or directly to Jason since then. So the pendulum did sway more toward the counselors until the rage buff and puny mask durability buff. If you truly expect you should survive/escape 50% of the time, again you bought the wrong game.
  13. No just common sense,you mess with the bull enough times eventually you get the horns.Just sayin. I never suggested ANYTHING, see there is your problem. You read into things that aren't there and you make assumptions.
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