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  1. How? You can kill him when he can't be stunned at all currently.That's what current buff was suppose to do was to end the pinata parties and we were lead to believe make Jason much harder to kill which it actually didn't. With my suggestion you could still stun him again after that 20-30 second time period.The sweater stun wouldn't be affected it would work the same.My way wouldn't have totally eliminated pinata parties but it would make players think twice about doing it and the devs wouldn't have had quite as much whining about it.Meat Shielding coming back would have helped a bit too.
  2. All they really needed to do is give him say 20-30 seconds of stun immunity after 1 stun so he had time to disperse a crowd a bit,that may have had the same affect as a permanent no stun.Nobody is going to sit there with a stop watch and say ok it's been 20-30 seconds we can all jump him again but then again I could be wrong on that.LOL HE also needed more stun immunity time coming out of any animation he was in especially the pocket knife neck animation,there are still players who take advantage of that.
  3. Umm he was pretty worthless to begin with IMO.LOL 2 biggest stengths but is arguably the worst Jason in the game regardless. I loved the old argument famous on the Steam forums that "Chain" stunning wasn't a thing or didn't exist. LOL
  4. Maybe it has changed, As I said I only played it a few times.I really don't understand the blood web nor how the perks work on either side and too lazy to learn. LOL
  5. As I recall since it is 1 vs 7 that option was not possible due to the cue times being forever.The few times I've played DBD it took way too long to get in a match if you chose the killer,it's still that way from what I hear.Why I never play that game plus that game is just as bad as favoring the survivors as this game.
  6. I think you were just very lucky. They aren't gone unfortunately. I'm sure there would be a big announcement here if they fixed the problem.
  7. I won't disagree with that but I don't know who actually determines that because I know people on the Steam Friday the 13th game discussion board have been complaining constantly about that very subject. Until IF or When the lobby situation gets resolved (I personally DON'T think it will) the game should be free to play.As pointed out it is illegal to sell a defective product and they KNOW it's currently defective.
  8. Unfortunately it still is a thing in hacked/modded lobbies,rage mode is back to the way it use to be.Whom ever hacked the lobbies reverted the rage buff. As I recall they (pinata parties) started right after the Unreal Engine update patch which messed up combat stance where you couldn't instant block or instant swing out of blocking anymore and it didn't take long for counselor mains to exploit the crap out of that.
  9. I can confirm on PC that rolling perks still errors no matter if you take it real slow or not, another failed fix.
  10. Oh I'm not but they are still selling the game that doesn't function correctly. I know there are laws against selling a defective product.Many people have brought this up on the Steam discussion board.They feel that the game should be removed from being purchased on Steam and I tend to agree with them.
  11. I killed a Jason player not trying.If it were actually as difficult as it should be,we wouldn't be discussing this to begin with.Even a level 1 player with barely a clue should have a very good chance to thwart off a group of 150 level Jason killers but that's just my opinion.
  12. I did a spit-take on that one. NO easy task? ROFLMA it's arguably the easiest win condition for counselors.
  13. Told this many times but I grabbed the sweater strictly as a "insurance policy" on my way to the police exit with NO intentions of killing Jason. Wasn't checking the main map very often but Tommy apparently got called by the last survivor besides myself. I thought I was alone as Debbie with real good stealth perks so I figured I MAY have a slim chance to reach the police. Get within sight of police.Jason morphed there as expected but here comes Tommy out of seemingly nowhere axe in hand.Jason was unmasked. Hit the sweater stun,Jason dead at the police exit. No planning just pure blind luck.
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