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  1. I've been thinking of doing this, but molding the cheap mask and casting a higher quality fiberglass & resin version -
  2. Totally does - doesn't speak either! Never put the two together, good catch!
  3. Kane Hodder - The man, the myth, the legend... He always seemed to be a more intense Jason to me - His body language, and breathing really set him apart from the others imo.
  4. If the pumpkin means pumpkin spice lattes, then that new clothing before it has gotta be ugg boots...
  5. Possibly repaired it though - as the roof is flat, possibly a cabin Steve never got around to repairing or ignored because of extensive damage like the roof caved in. Which would explain the flat roof.
  6. I dont think he built it, I believe you would be right, it looks similar to the cabin Alice is in when she finds the snake, I believe theres a small bathroom in that cabin, as Alice appears to have just bathed in that scene -
  7. I play on steam, I have never played a private match, I find people not using mics will sometimes use their flashlight to signal you. In completely quiet lobbies I have had people with mics that don't talk unless they find something, need help finding something, or repair something. There are a few toxic players now and then - but, they tend to give themselves away, its easy to mute, ignore, or find a new match. Sometimes I can't find a radio - but I will talk if I run in to other counselors. I usually don't talk as Jason as its not in his character. I think a great way around this would be a party browser or a public match browser with dedicated hosts - essentially what a private match is now but available to everyone - That would allow party or match searching on the users end, and players who do use mics can have that option to find hosts that are mic only etc, and find hosts with good pings.
  8. Not sure where Jason having hydrocephalus comes from - but, Jason was probably home schooled by his loving mother, and probably got a better education than most kids of his generation in public schools. Also, with him hearing her voice all the time - probably spent the winters reading all the great books laying around those cabins. Prime example would be the 12 foot long bookcase in Part 3. There really wasn't a shortage of learning material for Jason -
  9. I found my first tape at level 14 or 15, Tape #4 on Packanack in the first cabin I searched that game.
  10. I saw a guy do this last night - Placed a trap inside a cabin in front of a window "Hesh will tickle his insides with all of Heshes fingers!"
  11. Trash talkers, Rage quitters is about all I have experienced - I'm all for some clever banter from the counselors - but, it's usually just tactless babble ("Suck my *&%^..." "You suck..." etc.) I wouldn't be aware if a counselor was glitching, probably should educate myself on the subject though.
  12. I have had bad experiences with McDonalds, I always go with the flame broiled option...
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