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  1. Exactly! Definitely think the team should do this to resolve the issue that seems commonly agreed upon about Victoria's style. Also ... seeing as she's only based on Melissa I think she should definitely be included in future clothing DLC packs! Seeing her wearing something other than the pyjamas would be cool. Don't wanna seem ungrateful though. The team have worked hard on this update so for now I'm happy and am ready to enjoy Victoria and single player challenges
  2. They should add a plain black or plain white colour to the trousers to make them look less pyjama-like by combining black/white trousers with any of the tops.
  3. What did they say about the female counsellor voices? Have they fixed them? I do find it really annoying when their voices switch...
  4. I hate crystal lake map. It all looks the same.
  5. For immersion reasons I'd say it's better having more original characters like AJ who are based on characters in the films as opposed to characters like Fox and Shelley. Don't get me wrong I like Fox and Shelly, and personally I would be happy with Melissa being added as herself (if she's coming next), but I'm happy for the next counsellor to be based on her instead too.
  6. If I were to rate this patch out of 5 for what it was advertised as ... A balance patch ... I would give 4 out of 5 easily maybe even 5. The team have done a great job of making Jason powerful again. People are gonna moan, but already the gameplay has been more tense since Jason has been buffed. The next step in terms of counsellor/Jason balance in my opinion would be adding more gameplay interactions, such as new objectives. Also more interaction with the environment would be good. Counsellors being able to turn lights off in cabins to hide, Jason being able to set rope traps that require help from a second counsellor or a pocket knife to escape from. For a general patch I would only rate this patch 3 out of 5. Pinehurst map is a mix between great and too similar for me. The main house is amazing, as is the orange trees and the slightly increased variety inside cabins. The barn is cool but once again the second level has unfortunately not been accessible. And the majority of buildings being cabins was the most disappointing side. Would have liked to have had some caravans, more farm style buildings and a diner even! Roy is a sound Jason as far as I can tell. Scary to play against, although his story being incorporated into it would have been nice. His kills are cool - hoping to see more in a paid dlc pack soon. Overall the team have done a good job with the patch, but next patch I'd like to see a LOT more content, a new counsellor or two and ideally a map that's different to what we've seen already. Thanks Gun
  7. I'm really looking forward to a new counsellor, but Pinehurst is gonna be even better! So excited to see what they've got on the map.
  8. To be fair to Gun they haven't suggested that there would be... But we know more counsellor(s) are coming due to previous posts about the new 100-150 levels. I'm wondering if today we are getting a surprise counsellor? Or if there's other stuff we don't know about coming today? If not I wonder if a new counsellor is coming with Paranoia.
  9. Just to save you all asking ... i'm so excited to see what else is gonna be in this patch!
  10. Shifty tweeted there would be upcoming balance update information coming either late last week or this week. I'm making an assumption that there will be content involved in the update too!
  11. Omg I never even thought of this!!! It's not a reference of two other characters from the movies is it though? If not perhaps you are right and we're getting a female love interest for chad beginning with B...
  12. Well it was revealed they would be talking about upcoming balancing updates this week, so I'd expect there to be some sort of content drop alongside the balancing as per usual to keep things fresh. My ideal would be to see a new counsellor, a new map (Grendel but more likely pinehurst first) and some sort of new clothing pack/kills pack. Would be amazing to get paranoia too if we don't get Grendel. Although a new decent map, new kills and a mean girl would keep me patient for another month.
  13. KM has to be the hero in my eyes! Choice between her and brodski would be amazing but KM is my preference as she stood out more in the movie in my opinion.
  14. Do people reckon this weeks announcement will include the next counsellor (and finally get a glimpse of the mean girl hopefully)?
  15. I just hope it's not a first person mode as slashncast said they think it might be in their videos... It's not hard to find a first person horror video game nowadays.
  16. Did anyone else notice Colleen's reaction when she realises the kids she told to wait in the room she'd left them in had died due to the destruction of the ship. She just kind of sighed and then moved on in a second Probably the funniest scene for me in the whole series. I hope someone else gets what I mean!
  17. Janessa and KM 14 from Jason X would be amazing.My favourite film with Janessa my favourite character (they'd need to do some funny dialogue for her). Melissa is the only option for the next counsellor out of the non-Jason X films in my opinion. She just seems like the obvious choice. To me anyway. If not melissa at least Tamara? An older Male and female would be good too... along the lines of Colleen, Tina's mum and Mrs Jarvis for fmeales and the psychologist or head of the pinehurst centre for males.
  18. This idea is exactly the sort of variety we need in the game!
  19. Just thought I'd see if anyone has any idea when we'll be getting the second of the new counsellors that were announced (Shelly being the first). Surely it seems we're going to be getting a female counsellor to keep things balanced, but I'm not sure who it'll be. Seems very likely it'll be a blonde mean girl type as that seems most requested + the only major obvious trope missing currently (apart from maybe a hippy/arty female) Also, it'd be cool to know which is coming first- Jason X or paranoia with what I assume would be a part 5 based map? I've seen a lot more people talking about hospital/urban based maps which is cool to see the hype and hopefully it will lead to it happening! So does anyone know anything?
  20. It was just a suggestion. Something i drew up in like 2 minutes to express my idea. Don’t see why it has bothered someone so much... dont comment if you have a problem. Or even better make a better version using photoshop.
  21. I think both would be amazing. I'm just eager to see a more urban based map tbh. Cabin maps have been fun but the game needs some more variety in terms of settings in my opinion. Thanks! Yeah I definitely agree it wouldn't be a balanced map the way i've drawn it - I guess the idea I was going for was to show a potential way a forest map could be incorporated into a majority town map (the forest I suppose would need to be partly present for the purpose of Jason's shack - although there could be ways around it). Perhaps in the pinehurst map (which I suspect we will receive next) there will be some more urban elements beyond just cabins. I'd love to see a the trailer park, ethels caravan, obviously pinehurst and the barn and maybe even the sheriff's office and diner that are featured in part 5 as well!
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