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  1. Ever since the new update, the game is overheating my computer. Is this happening to anyone else? Is there a fix?
  2. Right, but how do you GET the medium blood Savini? What level is it unlocked at?
  3. Where are you getting that information from? Because I have not heard a single other person say that.
  4. Pretty self explanatory. I'm level 139, and I haven't gotten bloody Savini yet.
  5. I can think of several games that sank that didn't deserve it.
  6. Well, I just hope you're right. I play on PC, so that's the platform I'm most concerned about. Sure, it's a little selfish, but I like being able to play this game.
  7. Where are you going to see those numbers, exactly? And if that's true is there a possibility of cross-play?
  8. Looking at the steam charts page for F13, I'm really scared we're gonna run out of players soon. I love this game, and I really don't want it to shut down. Anyone else concerned about this?
  9. I really hope you're right. I adore this game, and this franchise, and I want it to do as well as possible.
  10. I recently made the mistake of looking at the steam player count, and I'm genuinely concerned that we're gonna lose this game. Today we were at 1000 players. To put this in perspective, Lawbreakers has 250. We have four times as many players as LAWBREAKERS! I don't want this game to die. It's too much fun.
  11. So, does this mean we'll be able to hit counselors climbing through windows again?
  12. The more I try to find it, the more I'm convinced I'm having a Mandela Effect moment. Shit, dude.
  13. In one of the trailers, there was a shot of Tiffany wearing shorts that hand a handprint on them. Are these in the game? If so, which clothing slot are they?
  14. Sometimes repairing the phonebox is immediately cancelled out for no reason.
  15. This makes me feel SO much better! I realize that it's a pretty minor thing to be upset about, especially considering some of the other bugs out there, but my OCD is going nuts about it.
  16. So, this is something that's bugged me for a while now: what's the deal with the counselor voices? All the girls have unique voices, but all the dudes except Chad are using Kenny's voice! I bought the virtual cabin, so I KNOW FOR A FACT that there are supposed to be unique voices for everyone. Why haven't the devs fixed this? Actually, why haven't they ACKNOWLEDGED it?! I'd get if they released a statement saying that it's not their top priority, and that they're focused on gameplay issues, but I just want to know that they are aware of the problem. Has anyone heard anything about this?
  17. They didn't take it out. It's a separate game that you could only have gotten by backing the Kickstarter.
  18. It's been in offline mode for months now. It's still usable, but it won't count it if you "beat" the cabin.
  19. The virtual cabin has been permanently offline for months now. Has there been any word from the devs on if they're ever gonna bring it back online?
  20. Neither. I heard it was an official thing the devs put together.
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