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  1. I think these guys should start giving actual dates. They want to always blame it on xbox cert all the time but have been through this how many times now? They need to stop with the excuses they made well over 50 million off of this game and are still counting money. Im for one am feed up with their vague answers and crap
  2. So does this mean the next update will be everything that is there until halloween or what? Or will it be broken up..... These devs have such vauge and annoying responses to everything!
  3. The stun and continued damage was not a mistake and will stay the other repeated stuns is a bug. That will be fixed and the other will stay
  4. I think your wrong, i seen somewhere each character is getting new free outfits, The DLC which you have to BUY is only the bikinis which i dont really care for. In that case you cant "mix and match" a one piece so that makes me know for certain this update will come with new outfits also not just the spring break crap. We can also already "mix and match" the cloths we have now so clearly this is going to come with more cloths.
  5. Isnt each character getting totally diff outfits when this is released? Like 5 new ones or so and plus this DLC if you want to buy it.... I remember seeing that somewhere because i cant see how one swimsuit per person is taking so long. Clearly the clothing options are changing alot. Hopefully i can put jenny in a pair of tight jeans with a shirt of my choice or tank top and have a choice of diff shoes.
  6. I have noticed on xbox that sometimes the characters shoulders look huge and stretched in the game menu when either switching characters or clothing, If you see this then the same will happen in game when they crouch or get scared looking around. To fix it you have to quite the game entirely and restart it. I do not know what causes this but it annoys the hell out of me. Reminds me of female characters high heels stretching in grand theft auto 5.
  7. Im hoping they can bring something like this to PC and Xbox X when its released in nov 17th. They can both have the power to handle more realistic settings like the alpha. It deff looks far more detailed and realistic. Even in the final preview of the game right before release i remember seeing things like bugs around lights that are not in the game now. Its false advertising if you ask me. Also if you host matches you hear sound effects from items being dropped, etc. When you do not host you hear nothing. These guys made a very fun game but were in over their heads with the false videos of gameplay and even went as far and saying it WAS IN GAME GAMEPLAY on facebook knowing they were lying. I truly wish a big company would have gotten ahold of this and made the game. This has prob opened a door to that though. I would LOVE to see a game like this based around the chainsaw killer leather face!!! Big maps on the farm house and to the old shut down slaughter house would be awesome!
  8. Its a game clearly you are taking this way to seriously LOL talk about no life
  9. Has anyone noticed on xbox one that sometimes the characters shoulders stretch when picking a character and clothing area? When this happens i have noticed they also stretch in game, either when blocking or going into a crouch. Why is this...
  10. I think jennys repair should be higher, at least a 5. Its entirely to low and she does not seem like the stupid type i would not mind losing a few composure points for just that. At the end of the day high composure goes away pretty fast if jason is around and the lights are off anyways.
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