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  1. I live to play Jason in this game I actually don't like playing the counselors so much it gets boring and old. While Jason you are up against 7 to 8 people all with different skill sets and experience so every kill is a very satisfying feeling to me. Especially if you are taking them out fast it makes you feel like a beast and scary.
  2. Im not so sure about this. It gives the councelers a easy way in to get items and a easy way out especially if it's by the car and the phone
  3. I Hope this will be the case because if not he'sjust a worse version of part 2 and 3 nothing to him that stands out. I'm not asking for a full on Olympic sprint but atleast make his jog or run be faster so it will be hard to get away
  4. I Think part 9 is one of the best in the game. His music and looks are intimidating next to Savini his shift and stalk mean real trouble if one comes across someone that has mastered him well I just think he's great all around
  5. IT just won't be different if he ran faster than the other two but he does not which will just be part 2 pretty much just with way less traps and not good morph sounds very underwhelming to me.
  6. Jason part four aka the legend ted white is already looking bad. So he can jog and have negative shift? That is wrong. He already sounds worst than part three which is a good Jason but we wanted something to stand out with part four now he doesn't sound any different but worse actually that's ridiculous and a slap in the face to Jason players. He sounds like a mess imo atleast let him sprint or move a tad bit faster he has nothing good about him besides destruction. Can run is a cop out excuse for a perk.
  7. Bullshit he should be faster because he has negative shift
  8. Also we see him run and walk in the trailer what does this mean? Is he able to gun faster when used?
  9. Do he can't sprint but is negative shift? I don't understand why is he walking and running in the trailer does that mean his speed is faster when used?
  10. I Think his composure should be low as hell think of it this way you are stoned as hell at a camp all of a sudden you see Jason come out and start killing people you start to get psychotic scared and anxious I'd definitely freak out in that position too
  11. You are supposed to shift ahead of them so they can go right into your grasp doing it before will fail everytime especially if they are sprinting.
  12. FVJ isn't canon to the original series why can't people see this? Part 1-4 are the real canon period Jason was ment to be alive he lived off the land as a Hills have eyes/wrong turn esque type mutant hillbilly that didnt want anyone on the camp grounds because it was sacred to him. That's why in 2-4 the films take place like days after one another because people kept showing up and Jason wasn't having it and which is why at part 4 he was extremely pissed and then he died have you seen the cut scene at the end of part 4? He was alive still and killed Pam but they took it out because that was it. Obviously to because we would of not got Roy if they didn't want to kill off Jason it just wasn't in people's interest so they went back to milk Jason even though part 6&7 are very good films it's not the real jason
  13. It depends I've been very into running jason's lately and do damn good with them I do good with most of the jason's actually but I had gone back to part 8 which was my favorite and id really do well with him but this time I completely flopped bad. I'd miss every shift I'd do I felt awkward I was getting schooled with the in and out of window counselors it was a complete mess. It was embarrassing actually since I'm use to doing so well as Jason. Idk i honestly though prefer the runners can't wait for part 4 to me that's what Jason was ment to be like a humanish mutant that had slacks a button up shirt and a hockey mask no thrills about it just a crazy madman that is chaotic and nonstop brute
  14. This is definitely a problem with ps4 and what upsets me the most is that it seems to always pick the bad Jason players idk if that's just me. And the people who want to play him just get screwed. Here are some things I hope they implement. a no Jason option so that should definitely help out the players that strive to play as Jason and are good at it or looking to get better than just screwing around or whatever. Another would be the idle issue taken care of idk how this could be put in but someone that is in idle not even on their game should definitely not be Jason I've had this happen a bunch of times its a waste and boring why is your game even running without you playing while someone that's active can be Jason and make the match exciting.
  15. Another good tip is listen to counselors and their communication I can't count how many times they screwed up giving away positions of their little plan and then wonder why it all failed lol this is probably my favorite justified kills because they were to stupid to not realize that I can hear them. I have had some say I'll try to distract Jason while you go put so and so on hahaha obviously I'm not going for you anymore pal nice try though
  16. I Think less speculation and more patience is key here it's gonna come people relax
  17. That is a sign of a bad Jason. I'm all over the map and will only stay on a counselor for short amount of time if you are lucky enough to survive for that little time then I'll be off to another player strolling around outside but will be back. You have to play Jason using your head too people forget that for some reason
  18. I Don't understand why people keep saying that the population of the game will rise from psychical sells. Like I can see a bit but I highly doubt in this day and age that most have not found how much easier it is to just buy digital and most of the sales for the physical will be from collectors that already own the game. Like people said I don't see the hype I honestly don't care at all and a bloody Jason doesn't get me thrilled either. People act like it's gonna sell another few million lol its 2017 I'm pretty sure most don't live under rocks
  19. can you like give up this idea? It's stupid and if you literally came to this site to post about something that majority of people just don't care about or overlook you need more things to do.
  20. I had a bad glitch happen last night with two counselors that were in idle I went up to them swung at them and they flew and ended up under the map? Not to mention five people left the game for being killed. Like what is wrong with people these days it seems like no one stays till the end anymore.
  21. Why am i now starting to see three people with shotguns in a match instead of the normal two that have been consistent for months?
  22. Any one else know why when the match starts you go to a cabin as Jason and you can knock out the door fast like with three hits with a Jason that's not supposed to do that then once you find a counselor in a cabin it goes back to its normal five hit damage to take out the door
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