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  1. Hey pal let me give you some solid advise not everyone likes the stuff you may like? Am I gonna force you to like cheese cake when you don't like it? No so don't force me or anyone else here to be into something they don't agree with or just don't like or care for. People have opinions maybe mom and dad if you had one didn't teach you that.
  2. Part four is a beast if you know how to use him aggressively. Part two use to be good but he's the only Jason where I was seconds away from almost getting killed by a group of councelers luckily I was so persistent and not willing to let it go that they couldn't pull it off. We're extremely close though
  3. Why am i attending a ball in North Carolina when I should be attending one in South Carolina?
  4. Why when I do a grab kill every single time the player I kill shakes uncontrollably?
  5. Glitching exploitations bad lighting it's all there and not fun even had me playing as Jason in rage mode he walked through the door like a ghost didn't even break it down I was lucky too get 8/8 last was a guy cheating by trying to get up on top of one of the desks in the cabin I had to use combat stance and he stunned me got out tried to use spray it didn't even work on him either what is going on?
  6. Too high the only thing imo that should be that high now is Jason x and uber Jason
  7. Part six the spear makes it very awkward and his kills take way too long to do.
  8. Its not a skin it's Betsy Palmer aka Pamela Vorhees.
  9. Just give him destruction morph and shift + and have him at level 150 unlockable that way you earn the epic uber Jason
  10. Part 9 forsure he's a monster that will destroy the whole lobby you don't need any more traps because once he's around you are pretty much screwed out of luck second would be part 4 but you better do good early on or else you will have a hard time
  11. I see some Chad hate here the only thing I've noticed that people do when playing as him is trolling in the game sense not quitting or raging but leaving in the four door without taking anyone else, running over others that run on the main road locking doors on others set traps by the cars so the other players step on them hiding parts in a closed room with the door locked running into a group of hidden councelers while being chases by Jason and I find all these things hilarious doesn't make me mad but get a vanessa rage quitter or host that's annoying and stupid
  12. Dont really care. Some of the group members were acting like they just won the world Cup congratulations eachother on making it happen like if it was some God sent thing.
  13. THere is no proof or any evidence that suggests Jason is getting beefed up.
  14. Looks like Jason went to Vietnam and came back as a ptsd maniac killer
  15. Part 6 Jason was all go no show he came in and ment business without looking too crazy and radical like 7 or 8
  16. NO love for part 9 yet he is one of the best jason's
  17. Cauldron - endless ways Stacey q - two of hearts The matches - the ride(karate kid)
  18. Let's be honest you are what's wrong with this game. Leaving it would make it alot better so we don't have to deal with trash polls and complaints like this. Get over it kid and as I said in that last post you made go play overwatch if you don't like it. Or better yet go play Cod so you can get your points and kills every game so you can be happy in your little comfort space. You are a joke.
  19. I'd rather have shepherds house map and party house then camp forest green it atleast stands out more with a large pier two big houses like Jarvis house next to each other add in that dark forest with a bunch of dead trees everywhere with a very dim lit background like the movie was it even has a barn. This would be a good chance to redo part 7 Jason give him the weed Wacker as well
  20. Much more balanced then what it was Jason feels scary again and trying to get out is a real challenge if the Jason is atleast decent. Less items also makes things hard I've already seen large groups try to gang up on Jason one being me didn't work as it use to they got a few hits but they all died rather soon. This is the best patch since early October forsure and a big change in the right direction.
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