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  1. When councillors see someone get hurt or murdered then they should respond by being like “Tiffany no!” And say their name or like if you are playing Eric and you’ve been wounded and Deborah is nearby he might shout “Deborah please help!” But the dialogue would be different if it was Tiffany, for example, because she might not know Deborah. Also this could lead to some pretty cringey/sad interactions like if AJ died infront of Adam he’d say like “Baby no!” Or something like that because In the game they are together. This would be a good way to show character development and establish each councillors personalities and relationships with eachother.
  2. Actually no.. Chads stats are pretty different to Tiffany in terms of strength, stealth and composure. And maybe speed as well. Plus Tiffany is attractive and Chad isn’t, we need an attractive male counsellor
  3. I think it would be good if one of the new counsellors coming soon was basically a male Tiffany, similar stats and stuff and that he would actually be handsome since atm kenny is the best looking male.
  4. look at the video mine went as far as letting me control the person that got in the car
  5. So i would usually just send this in jason kills bugs but I absolutely feel like I need to say it here its so strange and weird I have no idea how it happened. (I recorded it too so later I will post a video in the comments) Basically me (kenny) and deborah where driving away and we made it to the exit, I stopped the car because i didn't want to escape yet and i would let her leave. However when i got out of the car I couldn't move my character at all and jason grabbed him and died. Then instead of showing spectate mode it was just showing the car normally and I thought it was still on spectate mode until i realised i could still drive the car but it was locked to that camera position and nobody was in the car, then i tried to run over deborah as she was still in camera view and I thought what else can I do but she managed to get in the car HERE IS WHERE YOU WON'T BELEIVE IT UNTIL I POST THE VIDEO as soon as she got in the car the game broke and i swapped to her character and I was controlling her! No joke i was controlling her character and it looked liek she couldn't even control her anymore. I even went up to my dead body and everyone else in the session did not find this weird. Creepy.
  6. Kenny and Adam... Umm no its kenny and chad m8 Edit: and sometimes Jenny if he's drunk enough
  7. The fps dropping was when I originally pressed the "Xbox record that" feature but then I looked back on and saw he was dying I was like omg that's even better so I recorded it again
  8. It must be the shadowing or something but it literally looks like Tommy Jarvis has no eyebrows.. it's skin colour. I don't get why people find him so attractive in this game also.
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