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  1. Can someone tell me how I delete my attachments I have used 84% already thank you
  2. Hey people hope your well my topic today is what do you guys think about a NEW Nightmare on elm street game ? They have done The amazing job of The New Friday the 13th game And Micheal Myers in Dead by Daylight. But no love for Freddy Krueger I would really love if gun media made a Nightmare on elm street game in a few years time what are your thoughts ?
  3. Ok so Halloween is almost upon us and I have to admit this time of year is without a doubt my favourite time of all seasons.What are your plans ? What are your Routines on Halloween Evening ? Mine is watching the Halloween Boxset with my lights off and lighting my candles in my room.
  4. I thought I would share this iconic pic of Friday the 13th part 4 the final chapter to keep us all in the mood for the new Jason part 4 DLC enjoy
  5. Hello Everyone I hope all is good I I'm intrigued to know what is your prediction on the Jason part 4 and Jarvis house release date ? I am really excited about this map and Jason.
  6. I stumbled across this rare Black and White Photo from Friday the 13th part 4 the final chapter the size of Jason's hands covering the twins head is fantastically Frightening no wonder Doug had his head crushed in the shower in the matter of seconds !!!
  7. I took this photo from my Tv and turned up the brightness you can clearly see robs dead body with wounds !!
  8. Thank you for the replies i have always wondered how jason killed rob it was to dark to see anything even now the haunting screams from rob "oh my god his killing me"
  9. It's ok I have the Pamela Tape now all I had to do was reset the game I found Tape 7 ?
  10. I have been playing Friday the 13th the game from Day One and spend 4 months searching for a Pamela Tape I found one today !! But the host left the game making my game crash so I did not keep my Pamela Tape I feel mega pissed off ? It put me off playing now I am really annoyed has this happened to anyone else ?
  11. So my beginning theory could be right Jason's shack is from a old cabin from crystal lake looks like the bathroom were (Marcie) died in.
  12. Hello people I hope all is well with you.Me and a friend was discussing the topic on Jason's Shack in Friday the 13th part 2 my friend seems to believe that Jason had built the shack from various sources in the woods but I disagree and this is why in the beginning of Friday the 13th part 2 Sandra and Jeff are only a few miles from crystal lake and they are trespassing in crystal lake grounds due to it being shut down so my theory is Jason is using a old cabin (bathroom Cabin) from the original crystal lake property Jason did not build his shack Jason's shack is in fact the old bathroom cabin in crystal lake ( were Marcie died ) also you see a toilet in Jason shack and a shower cubicle so my guess is Jason is living in a old cabin from crystal lake Jason did not build his shack. Your thoughts please ?
  13. Oh my mistake I apologise is there a way I can delete this post ?
  14. Apart from Friday the 13th and Halloween and A nightmare on Elm street I have fond memories of other slasher movies that I think are underrated my top 5 underrated slashers are 5 My Bloody Valentine 4 The Prowler 3 Sleepaway Camp 2 Silent Night Deadly Night 1 The Burning. What are your top 5 ? ?????
  15. Question - In Friday the 13th part 5 what (black and white film) are Robin and Jake watching on the TV ?
  16. I would say Tom McLoughlin ? Friday the 13th part 6
  17. Thank you all for the replies fantastic choices ?
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