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  1. Thank you friend. Oh i have >8( I wish they had some kind of temporary ban though. :\
  2. As the title says, where can i report glitchers? Via the jasonkillsbugs or via mail? Or just wait till the report function? People apparently don't understand that to win you have to play. Staying on a roof for 10 or more minutes isn't playing. It's sick. Also, if a video is needed, can i upload them on youtube or send them as a file?
  3. Well, thank you. I appreciate it. I already found peeps for achievement hunting but because of work, my playing hours are limited. Thanks. Every game for me is good unless i am forced to watch a glitcher for 10 minutes. In the game, i have random Counsellor and Jason because i want to have different playstyles but if i had to, i would pick either Deborah or Chad (xD yeah Chad), but my actual favourite is Kenny. I always help people playing as Kenny and if i find him early on as Jason i just leave him be. Most of the players playing as Kenny are casual players or wanna have some fun, at least it seems as such AND once i glitched really bad as Jason and a Kenny came to help me. Couldn't kill him after that :') . Last but not least he reminds me of myself xD
  4. Or a limited time spawn. Just gather as many as you can
  5. .... that's how I always play xD. Even though others disconnect
  6. Hey peeps. I know you love witcher but...that has nothing to do with the post xD create a new thread or pm
  7. Can't wait to hear the "kill them mommy. Kill them. They hurt me" Pamela and Roy are good characters.
  8. Yes it will since the server will gather all players and try to matchmake instead of a host trying to connect to clients
  9. Any news so far? Maybe it can be done but you'll have a lower chance of bringing him to his knees.
  10. After watching the movies for the first time and rewatching them now, after some years, the only face I'll always remember is Annie Phillips from the first movie. A young lady going to cook for Camp blood. Her journey towards the camp. Her smile. And her fall. Loved her. Too bad she didn't have any interaction with the other campers. Also, I can totally relate to her while playing the game. Oh my new match. Awesome. Let me search here....and I'm dead ....
  11. Welcome!!! I would prefer getting thrown through a window or into a fireplace but let's camp together sometime xD
  12. All I can think of is tr8or. xD Star wars reference aside does anyone know morse code or Braille? Just an idea. Its certainly not host migration because they said they'll have dedicated servers. Maybe reskins of part 2 and 8 Jason....maybe it's a countdown. How long between the 2 pics? Or maybe a tease to new modes?
  13. Nice to meet you campers. I'm new to the forums but I've been playing some time. Casual player here on steam. Sometimes a snitch since I hate glitchers. I'm in Europe and I like making gaming vids... and failing at it. Take care of me
  14. I've been playing the STEAM version. So, it seems awfully common for people to disconnect during their kill animation. That makes it hard (at least for me) to get more than 3 kills per game. I like using the long murders. I hate hack and slashing. I've seen that if a player disconnect the counsellor dies. Instead of this, could we have the character staying idle? It's unfair. I was hunting Kenny for 4 minutes only for him to disconnect. And I even used my favourite kill. FIREPLACE!!!!
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