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  1. This will be fine. Its Friday the 13th and its Jason, the game should not be balanced. I always felt that this game should never have been about Counselors vs Jason, but more a semi co-op experience to just try to survive. Now counselors will have 10 minutes to get their ducks in a row and decide if they will kill Jason or escape. No more matches that go on forever with counselors stun locking Jason till the timer goes out. Sadly this patch does not turn Jason into a unstoppable killing machine, but at least it’s a step in the right dimension.
  2. I agree, once Jason gets his rage ability he should no longer be stun-able. Sort of like a soft enrage, if you havnt taken jason down by mid game it will be much harder once he starts raging.
  3. Well couod they chatge money for already released content? What I mean is, if they get pressed for revenue, couod they actually sell Savini Jason since its already released content?
  4. Thank you. I wanted to kinda put more focus on the skills of a counselor. Make them play out their horror movie archetypes a bit more. so everyone does not just pick the person who can stun Jason, or everyone pick the counselor that can repair. this wait people put thought into how they make their counselor play out. Keeping the Jason role always random will maybe cut down on people trying form game plans in the lobby , Such brainstorming should be done on the fly as you meet up with people and done very fast.
  5. Hi, my idea is a simple concept with big impact with as little new game mechanics that wouod have to be made. My conceot just takes a lot of what the game already does but tweaks things from slightly to a whole lot. Hardcore Mode (name can be changed to whatever but Hardcore Mode for now describes it well) In this mode, the game will shift its focus from Counselors vs Jason to Counselors vs Counselors. This would mean that the focus is to do whatever you can to escape with your life. If you choose to do so with help from others, that is fine. If you choose to go it alone that is also fine too. Now you might think it wouod be too easy if everyone just works as a group to get out. Well that brings me to another change in the mode. Jason (player always picked at random) will be over powered by a obscene amount. some key features of this mode are as follows. -Jason shouod no longer be stunable by anyone under a strength of 7 or higher be it by a counselor’s normal stats or stats raised by perks. -Jason will no longer have music played while he is close by. -Jason will still show up on a player’s mini map but only if marked by a flare or if he is stunned in a player’s vacinity. (This will of course fade after said effects wear off). -Jason’s footprints can still be heard normally (stalking would silence them) so stalking wouod still be viable as a tool for sneaking in for the perfect kill -All other Jason abilities work without change. -Fixing things will not even be available to Counselars without a repair skill of 7 or higher (just like with stunning Jason, you can use Perks to up your counselars base stat to work) -If a counselar has a high luck stat, they have a chance to be able to stun jason and/or fix things without the required level/perks -Working together as a group will up your chances of finding a way to survive or at least fending off an attack by the Jason character. However in a large group, you will make more noise and be found by the Jason player more easily. (Likewise a player who is more of a lone wolf has a higher chance of not being detected but will have to figure out an escape alone). Choices to help can bring up some interesting questions I feel. Do you help others to escape? Or do you think other players will just get you killed?Can you trust those you helped to make sure you escape with them? or will they give you up as a means of their own escape if Jason is barreling down on your group? This is just a rough templet of what I feel this game mode should be. This is a horror game and lately it just has not felt like it. Jason should not be a push over, more of a unstopable force that if you see him your first thought shouod be franticly trying to see if you can get away. The role of the Jason player will always be to kill as many of not all the counselors in his camp. So keeping Jason as a “always random” person (no spawn preference) will make it so that even if you hate playing Jason in the normal game, the odds will be in your favor in Hardcore Mode. Eventhough this game throws balance out the window, which let’s all agree a movie monster like Jason shouod not be balanced, if a team of people that are great with teamwork and on the ball, escape is possible and even a Jason kill is possible but very unlikely. The idea is to play things safe when trying to escape with your life, if you try to fight Jason, you more than likely will die trying. I have a passion for this game and that is why I want this as a game mode and not a total change to how the game is played. So if players want to have fun and play normally they can. if you are a true fan of horror though, and like the thought that Jason couod be right behind the door you are about to open OR even already in the darkened room you just came into thinking its safe. Then this mode would be for you. You would die a lot as a counselor player but points will always be rewarded as a conselation prize if you are killed. Half of the XP rewarded for escaping should be given to players that die. Again this is all just a rough bunch of ideas, and I am sure it can be flushed out better by the devs should they look into it. Thank you all for reading my idea.
  6. Hi, just introducing myself here. Been a long time fan of the f13 series since I was a little kid living in the woods of Pa. I love the game and stream it regularly on twitch under the same name. I am anxiously awaiting what the future of this game brings.
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