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  1. Hi, couldn't really find a specific forum for the this but here we go. I want to make a Part 9 Jason costume but need a little help, I found the Hockey Mask and Face so far. http://dssmasks.com/product/j-goes-to-hell/ https://www.fiberglassmasks.com/9.html In the movie there wasn't a piece of the hockey mask missing by his eye so i looked for a mask like that, let me know if you think those two are good or if there's better out there and maybe some help with the clothes? Thanks!
  2. Thanks, i would do the white shirt, but the bib ( like the chest part ) of the latex mask wasn't long enough so I had to keep the shirt buttoned all the way.
  3. They should make Jason slightly taller and the counselors taller. But still that was a big ass van in Part 3 and Jason was the same height of the van. He was like 6'5 in the movie. Plus the boots which is like 6'7.
  4. If your on PS4 then you'll just have to sit back and wait a little, they're working on it. If your on Xbox, trying joining private matches, ( joining posts ).
  5. Thanks : ) I'm big into Halloween so I feel like customizing my own.
  6. well, it's pretty damn hard to get the EXACT shirt from the movies, the ones we recommend are definitely good enough.
  7. Thanks man! Remember when I recommended that Part 2 Jason Mask from Darksife Studio for your costume? I got the head from there, he makes some good masks! Also R.I.P Richard Brooker, great Jason. Oh and I can show you a picture of the head for more detail if you want.
  8. Hey, I decided that I wanted to get into Mask Making ( Latex ones ), like what Tom Savini does, obviously I'll never be nearly as good as him. But any help on getting started? I'm only 14 so I'm on a slight budget. Thanks!
  9. I don't think you need to worry about the pattern, as long as it's similar, it's perfect. Just the simple square pattern is what you need.
  10. Yeah, I use my motocross elbow pads for my Part 3 Costume, but cut the straps to fit on my shoulder to act as pads, it doesn't even look like I have shoulder pads on and makes the costume look way better.
  11. Darkside Studio has a sack, a good one too. Ebay as well, there's a ton on Ebay, or get a pillow case and rope and get the pillow case a little dirty.
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