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  1. Dedicated servers...lmao!! All hands on deck...stop everyone..this is priority! .This is most important...was proclaimed! We’re working on them, another false lie. They were started LAST year, yet we’re all still waiting...since launch!?! That doesn’t make sense?!? So...that was a lie. As much as the devs and Daniel proclaims this will happen...another lie...it sadly won’t happen. Too many false promises..broken patches, after every update...after a year?!? Yet Daniel...the fans are mad and rude, with Gun? You expected another reaction? We all paid for a game to work correctly. I can understand a few glitches or bumps, yet new bugs and not fixing these things aren’t a priority?!? Time after time, after every update..oh here everyone...here’s a new issue? Are you serious man?!? Every patch got worse! Yet, the fans and casual player, who doesn’t follow social media, should wait for a shitfix, I mean hotfix patch?!? I’ve never experienced a game, with so many problems...after a fix. The fans, or whoever just bought this game, has every right to be upset...being a fan of FRT13TH, thriller or horror game. Paah!! The last hotfix, I mean hotmess. I didn’t want to be that guy or go off. Yet this shit is ridiculous!! Too many lies/failed promises. Dedicated servers...lmao!
  2. Yes...I will keep playing. I enjoy the game a lot. No new content, was a big downer, yet, I’m hoping that this game gets fixed. They keep clarifying that dedicated servers will come, yet I’m doubtful. Who knows. We shall all find out, down the road.
  3. Wow...this is definitely sad news. From what I’m reading, concerning the recent update is sad, yet they still want to make it right, gameplay wise. Which I appreciate very much! How long that will take...no one knows. It’s great, that the devs will continue to fix the game, add dedicated servers to consoles...etc. No one knows, how long this case will drag on...I’ll still be playing it though. We can only hope for the best right now.
  4. Wow. Thank you both, for the feedback@JasonVsWindows and @F134Ever86 ! I spent some time, going though various threads. This hotfix is not looking good. It happens every time...it’s sad to see. I love this game...yet why things aren’t fixed correctly, without more errors...just baffles me. Thanks again!
  5. Well that’s not good news. I was kinda looking forward, to having the hotfix. What issues are you experiencing. Didn’t they fix, what was stated in the patch notes?
  6. Xbox players getting screwed again!! This week was stated...now next week...wtf?!? I tried to be patient, keeping pretty quiet on complaints. After waiting months for an update...get excited to only see new problems introduced and now a delay on the hotfix?!? I’m trying to be positive...yet this is getting old. Hopefully this hotfix won’t get skipped....like the last one did. (For Xbox users.) ? It’s not right...we all payed for a game to work correctly. Issue after issue...I’m pretty frustrated. I don’t like to leave rants...yet this did it. Also yes...I did expect this...which is sad. All better...rant is over. Have a good day everyone! ?
  7. You might be correct. You are getting your point across...yet I believe that many people that play the game...might have little or no ties to social media. They see a game that intrigues them. Then run with it, possibly learn how to play, find out whatever helps them, with every situation. While in chat or if they learn on their own. We all learn through gameplay....whether it’s good or bad. Sadly at times...it is what it is.
  8. I just purchased it, on the Xbox store. Any Jason, with this new kill pack (pick axe weapon option)...looks great! Looking forward, to more Jason kill packs! Why it wasn’t publicly announced...not sure the reasoning. Oh well...many people know by now....enjoy it! ?
  9. I would like an answer too @ShiftySamurai Yes the salt mines are a thing now, yet if it punishes players...even if they don’t quit, or a random crash happens, because that’s what the update has done/host quit (penalizing all players)....it’s not right or fair to the player base that doesn’t quit!! It sounded like a good idea, yet if the system punishes people, no matter what...with these occurrences....this seems to be an error. What was stated from your team and what happens, it isn’t making the correct decision. How will this be rectified?!? Xp given back and no salt, for players that play fairly? Or I am wasting my breath...to only see it ignored?
  10. I agree with you. It was a big list of issues. They are fixing a good chuck of them...pretty quickly. It’s a good start and I appreciate their efforts.
  11. Thank you! I understand that. The flashlight clicking...going on and off, didn’t seem right..hearing it during the whole match. That’s not supposed to happen. Am I wrong? Hmmm...?
  12. Hello @ShiftySamurai ! I’m not sure, if this was mentioned. I was playing Offline bots, Packanack small with Jason part 8...on the Xbox one. The whole match, in the background, it sounded like someone was turning on/off the flashlight. I looked around and sensed no one. When I found the counselor, they were on the other side of the map, with the flashlight not on. Seemed a tad odd. Wanted to mention it. Thanks!
  13. I agree 113%. Lmao... I had too. Yes, after the current...massive...take the time to make everything right patch...(which caused even more issues) It needs to be fixed! We’d all like more content, yet they still have to address the ongoing issues, along with the new ones. Will that happen...no one knows.
  14. Part VII got the changes, that he needed. I think that, all different variants are pretty much even. Yes, their’s an advantage/disadvantage...to all of them. I’ve played many matches and watched many different people play as Jason. In the right hands...any version, of a particular Jason...can demolish a room. It doesn’t mean that one is weaker, to me...people practiced and learn the play style. That’s just me though.
  15. Thanks for responding! Oh ok. I play on Xbox. Hopefully those numbers, continue to dwindle. I’ll jump online this weekend...not sure how it will be. Lol.
  16. I hope that’s the case! I want to play qp...yet I’m hesitant.
  17. Packanack small. Offline bots. Kill all generators. Counselors...environmental kills.
  18. I agree. Both sides, have expressed how they feel...nothing has changed. 113. It is what it is.
  19. Yes I agree, it’s a tad high to earn, yet not impossible. I’m only a 107 rank. I quit playing qp, a long time ago. I changed it up and tried certain tactics offline. @Ghostboy20 info has helped me. I’ll get there soon. It’s not impossible to earn. I’ve been playing since launch. When I play...I earn what I can.
  20. I understand what you’re saying. The whole situation is frustrating. I haven’t posted in a while....come back on the forums and it’s a shitstorm of complaints. I know that everyone is frustrated...about whatever...I’m in the same boat as everyone else. It’s just sad to see at times...I really do enjoy this game and hope the best for it!
  21. I agree with you. That seems to be the reacurring trend. I’m not too happy about it, yet those are the cards, that we’re dealt with. Over and over again.
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